Brothers and Sisters in Christ: Meet the REAL Ariyana Love. She calls herself a “Doctor” perhaps she is a witch doctor??

For almost a year, I have been posting “New from Stew” videos on this Word Press. I believed that Stew Peters was a brother in Christ. I never had reason to doubt it.

But recently I was notified by a brother in Christ that Stew Peters interviewed Aryana Love, and the topic of the interview was that Israel was responsible for many of the horrific things happening in our world, i.e. the death shots.

But then the plot thickened as I found out that ‘fake’ doctor Aryana Love was a rabid Jew Hater and works closely with the Palestinian Authority, and writes horrid things about Israel and the Jewish people on her blog site.

I believe that Ariyana has inserted herself into the “Covid” world of Videos and interviews for a much more nefarious reason than touting her ‘expertise’ about the Jabs. -Don’t believe it folks – EVERYTHING she speaks about concerning the Jab has already been covered and documented by experts such as Dr. Zev Zelenko and many other true experts. She simply repeats what has been said, and then presents it as her own.

I believe the reason that this woman is showing up on Stew’s show and many others is because it gives her a perfect platform to disparage and demonize JEWS.

ARIYANA LOVE IS A PHONY but more than that, she is the most despicable Jew Hater who I have encountered in a very long time.

After you watch these two videos of this woman spewing her Jew hatred, please read what she posted on her Blog site. And if you need proof that she really said these things, I will (as I always do) publish the web address of her hateful site.


Here is the web address of Love’s blog site ambassadorlove.wordpress I encourage the readers to go to her site and read the vicious words of this woman towards the Jewish people.


Ariyana Love also writes for the “Renegade Tribune”

From Ariyana Loves’s Blog Site:

Ariyana Love Racist or Irish? SAP Israel Redefining Anti-Semitism

Updated: October 6th 2021

By Dr. Ariyana Love

Why is a multi-national IT company harassing me? 

SAP Israel, headquartered in Germany, has employee’s gang stalking me online and offline. Dozens of defaming blogs have been written about me by SAP Israel employees, since 2018. They have done this with the malicious intent to damage my reputation and earning power. 

When anyone looks me up in search engines, my name appears in the titles of dozens of libelous blogs which are assaulting me with the false accusations of anti-semitism, Jew-hatred and racism. The purpose of this technique is to damage people’s perception of me and incite hatred and violence against me. When people read the blogs they want to hurt me because they have been presented with the wrong view about me. The slander is also designed to divert people’s attention away from the message I deliver in my articles. 

SAP Israel is also stalking me in my country, in Finland. Their employees have recruited Christian Zionist politicians loyal to the Israeli state who are within the Finnish Government, to terrorize me and my family for the last four years. My two Finnish sons and I have been persecuted and our basic human rights violated according to Finnish Constitutional Law, the Rights of the Child and Geneva Conventions. SAP Israel’s defamation has been used as a weapon and a justification for Finnish-Zionist politicians to torture my family and deny our basic human rights. 

SAP Israel is weaponizing “anti-semitism” and attempting to change it’s original meaning of Jew-hatred to include anti-Zionism. Israeli cyber terrorists are also targeting and canceling dozens of human rights campaigners, Journalists, politicians and individuals worldwide, who’ve been critical of Israel’s Crimes Against Humanity in a massive campaign to crack down on dissident voices. By doing so they are attacking everybody’s freedom of speech and press freedom. 

Dissident Voice reports:

For the last two decades, the Israeli state launched a worldwide campaign to criminalize criticism of Israel as anti-semitism. Advocacy for Palestinian rights is well on the way to being curtailed and even criminalized as “hate.”

The world has witnessed the oppression and ethnic cleansing of Palestinians since the founding of the Zionist state of Israel, in 1948. 

Dissident Voice continues

“For many years, numerous respected organizations have documented Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, including killing of Palestinian civilians, abuse of Palestinian children, torture of Palestinian prisoners, confiscation of Palestinian land, and other cases of systematic violence and oppression. Detailed reports have been compiled by Defense for Children International, the International Red CrossAmnesty InternationalForeign Service JournalPhysicians for Human rightsChristian AidHuman Rights Watch, the National Lawyers Guild, Israel’s Public Committee Against Torture, Israel’s B’Tselem and others”.

During ‘Operation Protective Edge’, Israel dropped 2,500 lbs. bombs from F-16 fighter planes onto civilian homes, wiping out entire familiesand their bloodlines. I worked with Palestinian media professionals to document and report 51 days of bombing and the horrendous Genocide conducted by the Israeli state, in 2014. 2,310 people were killed and 10,895 were maimed, including 3,374 children.

*****I think that the reader sees clearly that this woman is a bona fide Jew Hater.

She posted this picture on her blog site:

Palestinian child found mopping up blood after his entire family were killed in an Israeli airstrike on his home, Gaza 2008

A total of seven UN schools were bombed during Israel’s assault, killing pregnant mothers and children despite that UN representatives gave their coordinates to the occupation authorities multiple times. 

The evidence of unprecedented carnage was determined by the Russell Tribunal on Palestine (2014) to constitute Genocide, Extermination of People, War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Murder, Persecution and Incitement of Genocide during Israel’s military operation in besieged Gaza.

These repeated bombing campaigns provide an opportunity for the and US and Israeli Arms Industries to profit from testing internationally banned weapons on unarmed civilians. Weapons that are already tested in the field are worth a multitude more than untested weapons. This is the main reason I oppose Zionism because they are killing for profit, in the name of God. 

In response to the unforgettable carnage of Israeli state in 2014, people rose in protest against these atrocities. In order to keep up their illegal arms trade profits, Israel has to win the public relations war. 

Zionism is an oppressive ideology. They flip everything around using psychological warfare. They paint themselves as victims while demonizing the people they are destroying. The dehumanization of Palestinians is made possible by the 3-6 Israeli-Zionist companies which now own over 96% of the world’s media. This is how Israeli Zionist’s control the narrative. However, their atrocities are so extreme that monopolized control over the world’s media isn’t enough to conceal their Genocide. Thus the Israeli state established anonline troll army to steer public discourse and dissuade you from empathizing with the Palestinian people or caring about international laws. 

The only narrative people are allowed to hear in the mainstream media, is a Zionist one. A lot of people still believe that Palestinians are to blame for Israel’s atrocities. The truth is deliberately inverted and flipped around so that legitimate resistance to the illegal military occupation of Palestine, is portrayed as an act of terrorism. 

70% of the Palestinian population has been ethnically cleansed from their lands and refugees. The majority of the indigenous Palestinian civilization has been ethnically cleansed from their land in violation of international laws, since 1948. Hamas is used as the convenient scapegoat to divert attention away from Israeli offenses. 

Hamas is purposefully portrayed as an illegitimate resistance movement. Hamas rocket fire is conflated as an act of terrorism against the Israeli state when it is in fact, it is Israel who is slaughtering innocent civilians, women and children and using Palestinian children as human shields, a practice long documented by the UN

The media never explains that Hamas is firing their rockets at illegal Israeli settlements and outposts built on occupied Palestinian lands or that Hamas rocket fire is a legitimate form of resistance. When arms profits are valued above human life, our opinions of Hamas are of no consequence. As a truth telling Journalist my emphasis is on human rights and international law. I do not discriminate against anyone who’s rights are being violated. 

According to the 4th Geneva Convention, “a militarily occupied people have a ‘duty’ to defend themselves” and this includes by the use of force. Palestinian Resistance is in fact legitimate resistance according to international law because all people have the right to self-determination. It must be pointed out that Hamas and all Palestinian Resistance groups have never attacked or threatened to attack any nation or group of people other than those who are illegally occupying their lands. 

Further, no court on Earth has ever ruled Hamas rockets as illegal. Palestinians have no army, no navy and no air force. They are a besieged and occupied people, therefore this is a very unjust situation for them. In addition, there is really no comparison between the damage caused by the Palestinian Resistance rockets and US supplied Israeli F-16 bombs.

 The truth is anti-semitic

Israel sought to redefine people’s definitions of “antisemitism” to include criticism of Israel, and to insert this definition into the bodies of law of various countries.

Classical anti-Semitism has always been aimed at the Jewish people or the Jewish religion but the “new anti-Semitism” would be criticism of Zionism and the state of Israel’s war crimes atrocities. 

In 2013, Israel announced it would “take the gloves off and implement a coordinated counteroffensive against anti-Semitism.” Their strategy was to convince people that criticism of Israel is the same thing as Jew-hatred. 

Through the lobbying efforts of AIPAC, federal lawmakers in the US introduced resolutions in both the Senate and House to condemn boycotts of Israel, in March of 2019. Human Rights Watch revealed that these new laws enabled Israel to target and destroy responsible US businesses who support Palestinian rights. Fabricated claims of anti-Semitism were used to silence their support for the occupied and besieged Palestinian population. 

Political Party’s and individuals were also targeted in Israel’s weaponized campaign to redefine Jew-hatred. For example, a bogus anti-Semitic report was used to destroy Jeremy Corbyn’s career and the UK’s Labor Party. 

The weaponization of anti-semitism is not new. In a 2002 interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now, former Israeli Minister Shulamit Alon, reveals that accusations of Holocaust denial and anti-semitism is a trick the Israeli’s always use to silence criticism. Please watch this eye-opening two minute video clip below.

Israeli Minister “We always use the anti-Semitism trick or bring up the Holocaust”

Read rest of Love’s RANT HERE

STEW PETERS: I hope and pray that you are reading this article. Unless you repent and come on your broadcast and denounce everything this woman says about the Jewish people; and promise that you do NOT share her views on Israel and the Jews – I WILL NEVER publish any of your shows on my Word Press.

I will also share this article with every Conservative and Christian news outlet, so that all will be aware of Ariyana Love and her HATRED of Israel and the Jewish people!

God help you to get right with Him!

21 thoughts on “AN OPEN LETTER TO STEW PETERS About One of His Favorite Guests ARIYANA LOVE: LOVE is NO Doctor but she IS a RUTHLESS JEW HATER

  1. robinlinaz

    It is very difficult to even listen to this woman. She is so filled with hate toward Israel and the Jews that it turns my stomach.

    We know eventually Israel will be without a single nation in the world as her friend, but to witness this kind of hateful, mentally unstable vitriol toward the Holy One of Israel and His people is quite unsettling.

    Who does she think Jesus is talking about when He marks 144,000 Jewish men from the 12 tribes of Israel in the final days, to evangelize both Israel and the world?! Or His 2 prophets, who does she think they are?!

    This is full-blown derangement…the mind of Satan on display.

  2. saintsnotaints

    Too sickening to listen to her whole diatribe of b s. Its sad people believe this garbage. The synogogue of satan was at one of the 7 churches of asia well before the khazar empire and over 1500 years prior to any jewish banker dynastys so its not them. Dont know for sure who they are but it may be those claiming to be litteral jews by coming to Jesus. In Jesus they grafted into israel but still are not jews.i think replacement theology christians black or white are the synogogue of satan. Often its the haters who are what they accuse of.
    There are cut off by God ex jews like bad bankers who still claim to be jewish but thats another category. And there is the rabbis after Jesus that in mixed family switched seed of abraham to seed of sarah in war against Christ. But they couldnt do the change of dad to mom for cohens. All the hokus pokus has evidence of the crime in inconsistancies to deep thinkers.
    Am not a stew peters fan as i dont like his style but have always liked his guests and praised him for that. Hope he corrects this lunitic from not coming back.

  3. Mark V

    Only Israel gives warning before returning fire from Gaza terrorists. Only Arab terrorists hide behind children and families. Palestine is not a nation of Arabs but the name given to the land of Israel by Rome in 130 A.D. Judea and Samaria is the ancestral land given to Israel by God who owns all the lands, seas, and heavens. The Arab theives build iilegal homes, uproot Jewish fields, shoot, stab,& burn innocent Jews. In Gaza they don’t pay their electric bill to Israel, they destroyed the free infrastructure given to them in 2005, and refuse to stand up to the tyranny from Hamas. But it is fruitless to argue with fools.”Pray for the peace of Jerusalem. May they prosper who love you.”

  4. duabe


  5. diane

    I just wrote to you and it was not picked up. The essence was Stew Peters is all over the place and not on Kosher sites. I am way older than you and har to learn the hard way.. You have to investigate everyone, and who they interview…it is getting crazy out there more than ever before..aand it gets to the point where you don’t know who the Believers are??? Thanks so much for alerting us with all the laters, using all your energy and strength…I sure do appreciate all you do. Look forward to all your articles…..there is more and more antisemitism out there!! blessings

    1. adaughteroftheKing

      You are correct, Diane, we must check out everthing we read or hear with the word of God. If what is being said is not in line with Scripture then it is from Satan. This woman is spewing lies from the pit of hell.

  6. Dale Vernon

    I agree with ur “action plan” on this but I would be interested in knowing how & why she was given a platform on Stew’s program in the 1st place. Is Stew on the Global Payroll now? He doesn’t come across as a Jew hater so maybe someone goofed up on the screening process. I would temporarily give him the benefit of the doubt IF he acknowledges the error in letting this person on to run her antisemitic mouth. Even if he got snookered he should have cut off the “conversation” immediately & explained why. If he is sincere then he should run a lengthy retraction & heavy duty apology + add more “firewalls” or whatever to make sure it doesn’t reoccur. However if he does agree with her rabid vitriolic comments then ur right to say bye bye to Stew & remind him he is giving support to the enemies of the people that are the apple of God’s eye. He’s inviting judgement from a God who won’t let this pass w/o sincere, prayerful repentance. Thanks for letting us know & keep us posted. In my book no comment from Stew on this is just as bad as blatant encouragement for this garbage.

    1. Brother, I am hoping that there was a lapse in the vetting process with Stew or his staff. If that is the case, I am hoping that he will come out with an apology and assure viewers that he does not agree in any way with Ariyana Love’s hateful anti Semitism!

  7. Yvonne Renee Knickerbocker

    I try very hard to read all your posts and watch all the videos, but I don’t recall EVER seeing that woman. I can’t watch any of those videos listed above because stress is my worst health problem. My body just doesn’t deal with it at all. I’m very thankful that I missed seeing her interview. Blessings to you & Tim, with Love in our LORD.

  8. Brenda S.

    Hi Gerri, Just wondering if Stew has replied regarding the interview with Ariyana Love earlier in January 2022. Praying wisdom and discernment for you as you continue to share your posts.

    1. He did not respond, but on one of the last updates with Stew, he talked about the Holocaust and the Jewish people. I got the feeling that he did this intentionally b/c Ariana Love is a Holocaust denier. Maybe Stew has learned to vet guests better than he did with this Jew-hating woman.

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    1. Dear Ariyana,

      I just finished reading your open letter to SAP, accusing them of harassing you. I posted a comment on your blog, making it clear that I have no ties with SAP or any other Israeli Company. I have been writing for a little over 7 years. You stated that my site is phony and you stated that my readership is phony. You also need to apologize to the readers who you called fake and you disparaged them. These are real people (as I am) and it was very irresponsible of you to accuse them of being phony.

      And your comment that a Jew cannot be a Christian was priceless. First of all JESUS is Jewish. Secondly there are thousands of Jewish people who have come to believe in Jesus (Yeshua) as Messiah. Even in Israel there are Messianic Congregations who worship Jesus. I came to Christ in 1983. I am an Ashkenazi Jew from Ukraine. You have stated that Ashkenazi Jews are not “real” Jews. You said that we are not true “Torah” Jews. GIRL – you are so confused, and whoever is giving you this baseless and unfounded information – my suggestion is lose them as a friend.

      So, Ariyana…..I would recommend that you get a Bible and study it. Did you know that the Bible was written mostly by JEWS?

      I am praying for you and I mean it. If you do not know how to get right with God and be saved, here’s a link:

      Keep your eyes open for another open letter to you, because in MY article I will post your blog accusing SAP of being the perpetrators of my ‘Absolute Truth from the Word of God’ Open letter to you.

      1. robinlinaz

        The devil is a liar and the father of lies. He certainly doesn’t like having his minions confronted over their own evil machinations. When they lie, confuse and accuse they are doing the work of their father.

        Keep up the good work, Geri, Jesus is the Truth

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