AWAKEN BIBLE PROPHECY with Gary Ritter January 5, 2022 – Prep for Antichrist: Mass Formation Psychosis (VIDEO)

 One of the most important aspects of these Awaken Bible Prophecy Updates is that we connect the dots of what’s going on in the world with the prophetic Word of God. Sometimes, however, we have to identify what those dots are before they can be connected. That can be a challenge in itself. Another thing that’s extremely important in the Updates is to bring subjects forward that you may not be aware of. These items can be issues behind the scenes that may not have crossed your path up till now. There may be other things that you may have avoided for any number of reasons.

We try not to miss these issues if at all possible in the Prophecy Updates, especially if they have some association with end-times events. Sometimes, we have to talk about uncomfortable subjects. Regardless, we need to be faithful to God’s Word, and its range is pretty broad – so we don’t usually lack for something to discuss. Of course, there’s so much going on in the world right now that keeping up can pull us in a lot of different directions. One thing I’d appreciate is if you think there’s something it would be helpful for me to address, then let me know. First take a look at the various topics on the Rumble page that I’ve dealt with over the last year to make sure I haven’t covered it already.

Over the last couple of weeks, Dr. Robert Malone has raised an issue – that in studying it – I’ve found fascinating. All of a sudden, this issue in the news is all over the place, so it’s obviously pertinent. Dr. Malone, as you may know, is the inventor of the mRNA vaccines, who has spoken out against them because of their misuse by the government in this whole COVID fiasco. Just recently, Dr. Malone was permanently banned from Twitter for speaking “misinformation.” Isn’t that something? The censors at Twitter know more about mRNA and how it works than the man who invented the technology for the vaccines.

Dr. Malone had come across a concept called Mass Formation Psychosis that a psychologist and statistician named Dr. Mattias Desmet in Belgium has been studying and speaking about. As it turns out, I watched a couple Youtube videos last fall on this very subject and squirreled them away for future use.

Mass Formation Psychosis is a very real phenomenon that is affecting a large percentage of people around the world. It explains much of the extremely odd behavior we see surrounding COVID, masking, lockdowns, the vaccines, and even the vaccine passports that are being ramped up for use. More importantly, for our purposes, it shows us exactly how and why the world is being conditioned to accept the Antichrist.

Because of all this, this idea of Mass Formation Psychosis is being pooh-poohed by the mainstream media.

Those of you who have watched my other Prophecy Updates know that I am a fervent pre-Tribulation Rapture believer, and that from all the converging Biblical signs, Christ’s return for His beloved Bride, the true church, is very near. This will occur before Antichrist comes on the scene and the wrath of God is rained down upon this unbelieving world. Despite that, God has made it clear in His Word that He wants us to understand the times because we will endure trials and tribulations to some degree – just not THE Tribulation. We can only see clearly by reading ALL of Scripture and looking at the world through a Biblical, prophetic lens. Our worldview needs to be rooted in the reality of God’s Word if we want to remain faithful and useful to Him until He comes to snatch us away from this alien place.

Our subject today is deep, and yet you’ll probably say to yourself, “I saw that!” or “I knew that!” Still, it’s the putting of it all together that helps us to deal with it and the people affected by it. I cover a number of angles with it that you probably haven’t seen from other sources. As a result, this video is longer than many of the ones I do, but in order to do justice to the topic, it is what it is, so please hang in there. I think you’ll learn a lot.

Robert Malone – Mass Formation Psychosis

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Jeremiah 32:8 – The Right of Possession

Gary W. Ritter

(Jeremiah 31-32; Titus 2)

During the Babylonian siege of Jerusalem, the Lord told Jeremiah that he was to make a puzzling purchase.  God said his cousin was going to approach him with the opportunity to buy a field in his hometown.  And so Jeremiah 32:8 records this:

Then Hanamel my cousin came to me in the court of the guard, in accordance with the word of the Lord, and said to me, ‘Buy my field that is at Anathoth in the land of Benjamin, for the right of possession and redemption is yours; buy it for yourself.’ Then I knew that this was the word of the Lord.

The circumstances were bleak because of the Babylonian siege.  From all appearances this would be a useless acquisition.  Surely neither Jeremiah nor his descendants would ever be able to take physical possession of this property.  But, the prophet was obedient to God and made the purchase.  Upon his doing that, God gave him a subsequent command in Jeremiah 32:14-15:

‘Thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Take these deeds, both this sealed deed of purchase and this open deed, and put them in an earthenware vessel, that they may last for a long time. For thus says the Lord of hosts, the God of Israel: Houses and fields and vineyards shall again be bought in this land.’

I’m sure Jeremiah’s response to all this was something like: “Okay, Lord, whatever… So, You say Israel will again someday retake this land for its own – really… ?”  That’s how bleak the situation was.

In the midst of this exchange, Jeremiah questioned God.  He couldn’t comprehend how there could ever be a good outcome.  In fact, Yahweh reiterated to him in an extended passage why He was allowing the Babylonians to overrun Jerusalem.  Here are some pull quotes:

Jeremiah 32:30

For the children of Israel and the children of Judah have done nothing but evil in my sight from their youth. The children of Israel have done nothing but provoke me to anger by the work of their hands, declares the Lord.

Jeremiah 32:31

This city has aroused my anger and wrath, from the day it was built to this day, so that I will remove it from my sight… 

Jeremiah 32:33

They have turned to me their back and not their face. And though I have taught them persistently, they have not listened to receive instruction.

Jeremiah 32:34-35

They set up their abominations in the house that is called by my name, to defile it… to offer up their sons and daughters to Molech… 

And yet, despite all this that Israel had done against the express commands of God, He would have mercy upon them.  He promised in Jeremiah 32:37-38:

Behold, I will gather them from all the countries to which I drove them in my anger and my wrath and in great indignation. I will bring them back to this place, and I will make them dwell in safety. And they shall be my people, and I will be their God.

And so He did.  Twice.  God brought them back to Jerusalem after their seventy-year exile in Babylon, and again following their further disobedience and dispersion after rejecting Jesus as Messiah and God.  Since this second time on May 14, 1948, God has graciously blessed Israel, even though she remains secular and far from Him.

We’re all aware of the various land disputes since this regathering after World War 2.  There is an Arab-Islamic presence in Israel in the Gaza Strip, and what is known as the West Bank that the world always wants to use to divide God’s Holy Land.  The West Bank, by the way, is actually Samaria and Judea, also encompassing some of what was originally the tribe of Benjamin.

As noted earlier, the field that God had Jeremiah purchase was in his hometown of Anathoth.  This is located today in the town of Anata and is identified as Palestinian in the West Bank.  That whole area remains disputed as though “occupied” by Israel.  Regardless, numerous Israeli settlements have been built to reclaim what should belong rightly to them.

I’ve never been able to verify this, but I heard a sermon some years ago by – I believe – Tommy Barnett, which I’ve obviously always remembered.  He said that at one point in an archeological dig, an earthenware jar was discovered in a field in what used to be the town of Anathoth.  That jar held the very deed to the land that Jeremiah had purchased so many years prior.  If the account is true – which I have no reason to doubt other than my inability to confirm it – then the dispute with the so-called Palestinians should in reality be no dispute at all.  That land was previously the possession of Israel, and the deed proves it.  It never belonged to any other people group.

This is good news for Israel and for us.  The Lord will fully restore that land and all disputed property that He has promised to His Chosen People.  God’s Word is true, and we can take it to the bank.  Just as he brought Israel back together as a nation, so He will cause them ultimately to glorify Jesus Christ as Lord.  Just as He has promised His church that He will keep us from the wrath that will come upon the entire earth during the Tribulation, so He will.

We can trust God.  Truly, He is our hope and confidence.  When He makes a promise, He will keep it.  Let us praise Him, for His Word is true and He is good!

The Lord has put it on my heart to always read completely through His Word at least once each year.  From that practice, it resulted in my producing the Awaken Bible Study Notes, a 4-volume set correlating with each quarter’s readings.  This is the link to Amazon for Volume 1 covering January – March (Genesis 1 – Judges 5; Matthew 1 – Luke 7):

Awaken Bible Study Notes series Volume 1

Following that year’s efforts, God gave me the “assignment” of writing a daily essay on what I had read.  That produced the 4-volume Awaken Bible Commentary and Reflections series.  Here is the link on Amazon to Volume 1, which covers January – March (Genesis 1 – Judges 5; Matthew 1 – Luke 7):

Awaken Bible Commentary and Reflections series Volume 1

If these daily writings have been a blessing to you, I hope that you’ll acquire these books for further study.  My intent in all I write is to bring God the glory and to make His people think.  Both the Study Notes and the Commentary and Reflections delve into the prophetic and supernatural nature of God’s Word, a combination you simply won’t find elsewhere.  They attempt to show the parallels to our times with the peril from the past when God’s people turn away from Him and His commands.  Scripture is very much a blueprint for today.

Gary W. Ritter is a lay pastor, Bible teacher, and prolific author.  His Whirlwind Series comprises three end-times books: Sow the Wind, Reap the Whirlwind, and There Is a Time.  These books are contained in the collected volume of the Whirlwind Omnibus.  Gary has written many other Christian thrillers that will challenge you, and which you can learn about at his website:  You can also watch Gary’s video Prophecy Updates on Rumble at his Awaken Bible Prophecy channel: