Florida Doctor: Families Sneak Ivermectin to Loved Ones in Hospitals With COVID-19, See Improvement

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Florida doctor says families of loved ones hospitalized with COVID-19 are resorting to desperate measures when approved treatments have failed.

And when it’s not too late, some have seen tremendous success by sneaking medications prohibited by hospitals to patients, says Eduardo Balbona, an independent internist in Jacksonville.

He’s helped dozens of seriously ill patients recover using ivermectin and other drugs and supplements not officially approved in the treatment of COVID-19, he says.

Hospitals receive payments from the federal government for treating patients with COVID-19. But those payments are tied to their use of approved treatments only, as outlined in the CARES Act. When there’s nothing left to try under those protocols, families naturally research alternatives,  Balbona says, often learning about treatments touted by independent physicians around the country. 

Hoping to try anything that might work, families around the country have filed lawsuits asking judges to intervene.

In some cases, judges have ordered hospitals to allow the use of other treatments, such as ivermectin. Some of those seriously ill patients have recovered. In other cases, judges have sided with hospitals and declined the families’ requests to try. 

Meanwhile, independent physicians like Balbona watch helplessly, feeling that when families ask, they should be allowed to try medications they believe can turn critically ill patients around. But independent doctors often have limited hospital privileges and may be banned from seeing their own patients in some hospitals. 

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Eduardo Balbona, M.D., completed specialty training in internal medicine at the National Naval Medical Center and served as a physician at the U.S. Capitol, caring for senators, congressmen, and Supreme Court Justices. (Eduardo Balbona, M.D.)

That was the case recently for Balbona, who was contacted by a worried wife after she read in The Epoch Times about his involvement in another family’s lawsuit seeking to try his recommendations.

Based on what the woman told him, Balbona said he felt strongly her husband could recover if treated with the regimen he prescribes for seriously ill COVID-19 patients. The treatment protocolhe follows, with slight modifications based on each patient’s needs, was developed by the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. 

“The husband was very ill,” Balbona said. “He’s in his 50s, a big strong guy. She called me desperate because they gave him remdesivir [in the hospital] and she made them stop it, and he started getting worse and worse. And his oxygen demand went up.”

By the time she called Balbona for help, her husband needed 60 liters of oxygen per minute. That’s too high to manage at home, even with rented medical equipment, Balbona said. 

“If you can get them down to 40 or 50 [liters per minute] you can do high-flow oxygen at that level,” Balbona told The Epoch Times. “That’s a lot of oxygen.” 

He said he promised he’d try if her husband improved enough to go home. And then he’d take over managing his care. Meanwhile, he said, he gave her prescriptions, so she could collect the medications she’d need at home. That was on a Friday. 

He learned later that she’d filled the prescriptions, took the medications to the hospital, and gave them to her husband. By Tuesday, the man was discharged and fully following the protocol Balbona prescribed. A few days later, he was off the oxygen. Now, he’s recovering, Balbona said. But they’re afraid to share their good news publicly.

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A medical worker treats a non Covid-19 patient in the ICU ward at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Massachusetts on Jan. 4, 2022. (JOSEPH PREZIOSO/AFP via Getty Images)

“The people who snuck in the ivermectin… they are scared to death,” Balbona said. “She is sure that the government is going to find out who she is” and possibly arrest her for giving medications not approved by the hospital. 

He said she told him, “I did it. I knew it was wrong. I don’t know what the penalties are. What could they do to me?”

And that’s the real crime, Balbona believes. 

In New Hampshire, lawmakers now are considering legislation that would make the state the first in the country to make Ivermectin available as an over-the-counter medicine, and sanction it as a protected treatment for COVID-19. Similar bills in three other states have failed. 

The bill’s sponsor,  Rep. Leah Cushman (R) is a registered nurse, who told The Epoch Times, “I have absolutely no doubt lives will be saved if human grade ivermectin was available to COVID patients.” 

Two doctors testified about her proposed bill, warning the legislation could lead to dangerous side effects for people who use the drug. But Cushman believes she’ll have the votes to keep the bill moving toward becoming law. 

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved the use of ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19, though the drug is used in humans to treat a variety of conditions. 

An FDA web page warning against using ivermectin for COVID-19 also mentions that clinical trials investigating it as a treatment are ongoing. 

The FDA has not responded to a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA) asking for details about any reports of side effects related to the use of ivermectin — formulations for animals and humans —  to treat COVID-19. The agency also has not responded to a FOIA request for details about clinical trials and when the drug could reach the stage when its use under the Right To Try Act could be allowed.

Studies about the safety and efficacy of using ivermectin in the treatment for COVID-19 have led to all or part of 22 countries approving its use. But in the United States, doctors who rely on payments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services aren’t allowed to use it. 

When Balbona heard about the proposed legislation, he immediately called two state senators, and two attorneys who are patients, suggesting that they propose similar legislation in Florida. Florida lawmakers currently are in session in Tallahassee through March 11. 

“If we can get legislation to say, ‘Let the doctor do what he thinks is best,’ I think that would be wonderful,” Balbona said. “If New Hampshire can do this, why can’t we?” Source


TRUTH SPOKEN: Ukraine Says ‘Destabilization’ Fueled by Biden Admin Hysteria, Not Russia

From breitbart.com

ZOLOTE, UKRAINE - DECEMBER 12: on December 12, 2021 in Zolote, Ukraine. A build-up of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine has heightened worries that Russia intends to invade the Donbas region, most of which is held by separatists after a 7-year-long war with the Ukrainian government. On Tuesday, …

Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksiy Danilov told reporters on Tuesday that Kyiv considers – and intelligence reports from the West agree – that “internal destabilization” caused by panic over a potential further Russian invasion is “the number one issue,” not any potential invasion.

With this “destabilization” – leading to generalized panic and the collapse of the national currency, the hryvnia – “the Russians have nothing to do here,” Danilov asserted, according to state outlet Ukrinform.

The remarks follow multiple national addresses from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky urging Ukrainians to disregard agitated statements from the administration of President Joe Biden and its allies predicting an imminent Russian invasion deeper into Ukraine than Moscow already is. Russia invaded Ukraine in 2014, colonizing Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula, and supporting “separatists” in the eastern Donbas region. Moscow insists the Donbas war is a “civil war,” but Kyiv has revealed extensive evidence of Russian military support against the Ukrainian army.

In one of the more dramatic episodes of the Donbas war, the government of the Netherlands concluded in 2015 that Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, a commercial airliner blown out of the sky over Ukraine, was hit by a Russian-made Buk missile operated by “separatists.” Countries representing the victims of the bombing have for years demanded Russian redress to no avail.

Concern over the situation in Donbas intensified significantly last week when Biden predicted in a press conference that Putin would invade Ukraine again and that he did not expect the United States to aid Ukraine in the event of a “minor incursion.”

“Russia will be held accountable if it invades. And it depends on what it does. It’s one thing if it’s a minor incursion and then we end up having a fight about what to do and not do, et cetera,” Biden said.

The Biden administration has proceeded in the past week as if it has credible evidence that Russia will not only formally enter the Donbas war, but seize Kyiv. Over the weekend, the State Department recalled the families of Americans stationed at the U.S. embassy in the capital and urged Americans in the country to leave. Asked on Monday, the State Department did not have a coherent answer as to why it did so, given Kyiv’s 500-mile distance from Donbas. The move baffled the Zelensky administration, which called it “premature.”

The Zelensky administration has spent much of the past week expressing confusion at the sudden panic about another Russian invasion and asserting that its intelligence on the ground in Ukraine does not indicate that anything has changed to trigger such alarm in the past week. It has instead focused its concern on the potential for panic disrupting the Ukrainian economy, prompting citizens to empty banks and scaring away foreign investment.

“Today, according to all intelligence reports that coincide with those of the United States, Britain, and other partners, internal destabilization is No. 1 issue. Without internal destabilization, the Russians have nothing to do here. They bet on the issue of internal destabilization,” Danilov reportedly said on Monday. He asserted that the national warning system for a military emergency was “in perfect working condition” and not being used because it was not needed.

Danilov’s remarks are consistent with Zelensky’s, given immediately after Biden predicted a Russian invasion last week.

“Didn’t the invasion start in 2014? Has the threat of war emerged just now? These risks have existed for more than a year, and they haven’t increased,” Zelensky said during a nationally televised broadcast last week. “What has increased is the hype around them.”

“All our citizens, especially the elderly, need to understand this. Take a deep breath. Calm down,” Zelensky implored his people. “To all the media – remain mass media, not sources of mass hysteria. In the pursuit of hype don’t help the enemy, reporting daily that war may start tomorrow! This will definitely not stop it.”

“What are you supposed to do?” he concluded. “Only one thing. Keep your head calm and cool, remain confident in your strength, in your Army, in our Ukraine. Do not get anxious, react smartly to everything, not emotionally! With your head, not your heart.”

Danilov said on Monday that the Russian troop movements apparently alarming the White House were “a big issue” for the United States but “not news for us.” He also described a successful Russian invasion at the moment as “impossible.”

Zelensky himself addressed the press after a National Security Council meeting on Monday to insist that the situation on the ground has not notably changed.

“The meeting’s outcome brought no loud decisions for the media space – only important conclusions for our public, for Ukrainian citizens,” Zelensky said. “They sound simple – everything is under control.” Zelensky said.

“We are aware of everything, we are ready for everything, we believe in the best, and we do everything to this end – together with our partners, our diplomats, and most importantly, our military,” the president affirmed. “They are our best people, they protect us, and we need to protect them – by being calm and not shouting out that ‘all hope is lost.’” source

Brothers and sisters in Christ – this Biden Regime is like nothing we have ever seen in our once great country. The more I see Biden, Harris and rest of their cohorts, I get a chill down my spine. Our government is closer to Nazi Germany than to the most free country on earth as we once were.

PRAY for the people of Ukraine. PRAY for the Military in Ukraine. PRAY for God’s will to be done.