God Help the Millions Raising Families When Access to Food Runs Out

From Canadafreepress.com

Just as their Communist role model Joseph Stalin once did in starving his own people, both leaders of Canada and the U.S. seem headed toward an attempt at starving their masses to bring them under control.

And by all but ignoring the reduction of truckers who can’t cross either the Canadian or American border without proof of Covid vaccines, they’re risking their own masses to hunger seems to be deliberate.

The trucking of goods across all of North America is coming to an incremental dangerous halt

“Cruel efforts under Stalin to impose collectivism and tamp down Ukrainian nationalism left an estimated 3.9 million dead. At the height of the 1932-33 Ukrainian famine under Joseph Stalin, starving people roamed the countryside, desperate for something, anything to eat. (History, April 16, 2017)

It’s now Winter in North America with nothing much edible growing under the snow and ice. 

What’s about to happen in North America is not the stuff of a Netflix movie,  something streamed on a cable television network,  or a bogus escape into the Metaverse with Mark Zuckerberg, because it’s true life reality.

The trucking of goods across all of North America is coming to an incremental dangerous halt.

The political leaders of both Canada and the U.S. are fixated on preventing the Covid unvaccinated from doing their jobs—even when those jobs mean the delivery of food.

Trudeau’s friend President Joe Biden who fawned over him at a 2016 official State Dinner in Ottawa

Starting with Canada, whose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently castigated all unvaccinated Canadians as: “They are extremists who don’t believe in science, they’re often misogynists, also often racists. It’s a small group that muscles in, and we have to make a choice in terms of leaders, in terms of the country. Do we tolerate these people? Or do we say, hey, most of the Quebecois people—80%—are vaccinated. We want to come back to things we like doing. It’s not those people who are blocking us.” 

The federal government announced changes to Canada’s border and travel restrictions in November, including updated vaccine requirements for truck drivers crossing the border.

“In order to enter Canada, truck drivers and other essential-service providers, including emergency workers, have until Jan. 15 to be fully inoculated with government-approved vaccines. Truckers will also need to upload their proof of vaccination in the ArriveCAN phone app. (IPolitics, Jan. 6, 2022)

“Transport Canada, the Public Health Agency of Canada, and the Canada Border Services Agency are still deciding how to enforce the rules.”

Trudeau’s friend President Joe Biden who fawned over him at a 2016 official State Dinner in Ottawa, christened him as ‘Genuine leader’, is bringing up the proverbial rear:

“American truck drivers have until Jan. 22 to be vaccinated before they can cross into Canada. (IPolitics)

In Canada, aside from the somewhat puny resistance of Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole, who wants the government to “reconsider” its Jan. 15 deadline for cross-border truck drivers to be fully vaccinated against COVID if they want to keep their jobs, no one, aside from unvaccinated truckers,  is raising the alarm.

“We will be short tens of thousands of truckers, if the government doesn’t very quickly address this issue,” O’Toole said Thursday. (IPolitics)

“That doesn’t mean I don’t think people shouldn’t be vaccinated,” he qualified. “It means we have to deal with the reality (that prices will) skyrocket for groceries, for everything, (if) tens of thousands of truckers are unemployed.”

How about slapping a lawsuit on the federal government to stop them in their tracks, rather than sitting on the fence on Covid vaccinations, Mr. O’Toole?

As people must feed families, this is no time for half way measures.

“On Wednesday, the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) said it was preparing for the vaccine mandates, and noticed more truckers quitting. (IPolitics)

“There are substantial reports of higher-than-normal turnover, and others declaring their intention to leave the industry or seek employment in the provincially regulated sector,” CTA president Stephen Laskwoski wrote in a statement.

Is the solution really sending unvaccinated truckers packing in an already trucking logistics nightmare?

“The industry is expecting a loss of 12,000 to 16,000 (10 to 15 per cent) cross-border commercial drivers, if the mandate takes effect this month.”

“Such an exodus would add to a pre-existing shortage.

“The CTA supports vaccinations, and says there’s been a “modest uptick” in them, but it also warns the government against mandating them for federally regulated carriers, as this would cause more drivers to leave the industry.

“The government “recognizes the impact” the pandemic is having on the trucking industry, Valérie Glazer, Transport Minister Omar Alghabra’s spokesperson, said in an email to iPolitics on Thursday.

“Our government is committed to continuing to work collaboratively to find solutions to logistical challenges that have emerged since the onset of the pandemic.”

Is the solution really sending unvaccinated truckers packing in an already trucking logistics nightmare?

“The trucking industry is urging the federal government to reverse its plans to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for truckers or risk severe damage to supply chains. (True North, Jan. 7, 2022)

“Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that truck drivers will be required to show proof of vaccination beginning on Jan. 15. 

“According to estimates by the Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA), the mandate could take 10% to 20% of Canadian truckers off the road. That would equal approximately 12,000 to 22,000 essential workers who would have to leave the job if Trudeau’s edict comes into effect. 

“The impacts of the mandate could have consequences across the whole continent and significantly hit smaller businesses, spokespeople have warned.

“We’ll be seeing shortages of goods in stores,” said President of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce Perrin Beatty. 

“CTA president Stephen Laskowski warned that “this is not a trucking issue at all. This is a supply chain issue that can have severe ripple effects throughout the entire North American economy.”

Is hunger across all of North America what President Joe Biden meant when he predicted coming “dark winter”?

“It hasn’t been easy, but the Canadian trucking industry has continued to move the economy through the global pandemic as efficiently as possible despite continuous challenges and obstacles,” Laskowski added. “We have done that by working with governments and health care experts to implement health and safety protocols that keep our workforce safe while also ensuring factories keep operating and store shelves remain full.”

“Canada’s supply chains have already been under stress in recent months while inflation rates continue to skyrocket. 

“The country has been racked with the worst inflation levels since 2003. According to polls, 87% of Canadians are worried about the current price spikes”.

No access to nourishing food is much more threatening to human health than any virus.

Is hunger across all of North America what President Joe Biden meant when he predicted coming “dark winter”?

Both Canadian and American leaders are already inflicting increased energy costs with their Green Energy dictates on their masses.

The political ‘leaders’ of both Canada and the U.S. spend the lion’s share of their time shadow boxing their political enemies, the Opposition.

Many of the Opposition in both countries fight their political enemies back, all but forgetting about the people they were elected to serve.

It’s a typical schoolyard fight going nowhere fast, dominating the news cycles. 

Without a turnaround in this latest politically induced coming disaster, God help the millions raising families when access to food runs out! Source

I have wondered what Biden really meant by his “Dark Winter” threats. Sometimes I thought that it was simply a scare tactic. But watching him in his new role as Dictator in Chief, I admit that his threats seem ominous. The writer from canadafreepress, Judi McLeod, wondered the same thing about the “Dark Winter.”

I am hoping and praying that most of the brethren have been storing food, even since the Obama years.

I can’t seem to get the picture out of my head of bread lines in every state while those in Congress continue their elitist posh lifestyles.

The best case scenario is our Lord Jesus coming for His bride…….SOON!!