5 thoughts on “Aaron Russo about Elite Plan: All About NWO in 10 Minutes – Died Within 6 months of this Interview. (corrected in article)

  1. Jim V.

    I watched this video several years ago. He, Aaron told the truth.

    A friend of mine, her son lives and working at California. He used to worked for his boss, his boss was Ellen D’s. (talk show) brother.

    According to my friend, that her son have changed and living a different life style in LA. He is a rich man. He is only early 30’s years old. He told his parents that everything what we heard or seen of Hollywood are FAKE. It is/was corrupt of the movies industry and many celebrities have sold their souls to the devil. Many celebrities are not a Christian.

    Lots of stuff are crazies happened of Hollywood stories.

  2. robinlinaz

    It is sickening to think about all of the evil people behind what has happened in the past and what is underway now. These people are psychopaths.

    Clearly 9/11 was totally pre-planned. Such horrible destruction, manipulation and lies. I’ve heard people say Bush ’43 knew and was part of it but I just couldn’t get my head around it….until I saw him hanging out with Obama and Clinton after he left office. They are ALL part of it, without conscience, and laughing at us.

    It is terrifying to imagine them on Judgement Day. Everything they have done will seem INSANE to them when they are standing before the Almighty Judge King Jesus, naked and trembling, with no money, no friends, no power and are fully being held to account and then convicted of their crimes.

    The deceptions of this world are absolutely astounding.

    Maranatha, Jesus, we are ready!

  3. My husband’s phrase for Judgment Day is “standing there in your underwear”, as in totally exposed, ashamed, and unprotected. True truth. Some might catch on in time to repent, but I suspect that most will just scoff at it. We need to pray for all of our unsaved relatives and others that God lays on our hearts. It won’t be long now, I’m thinking!

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