From Tucker Carlson -“HUNGARY VS. SOROS: The Fight for Civilization”

Any of my readership who have followed me for several years, knows that one of my favorite topics has always been the Geopolitical Boogieman – George Soros.

Hungary vs Soros – The Fight for Civilization <click to watch

The latest tactic of the Marxist/Leftists is to call anyone who speaks out about Soros an ‘Anti-Semite.’

Well, sorry ‘Comrades’ – that doesn’t work with this writer. I’m as Jewish as Matzo Ball Soup, Latkes and a bagel with cream cheese and lox.

Here is our maple tree out front:

Do you remember the infamous interview with demon Soros on a major network from years ago?

In this article I am posting many pieces which I wrote about the madman Soros. But I will also post two articles I wrote about Hungary’s Viktor Orbán. This man inspired me so much, and I encourage the reader to watch the video with Orban’s speech:

Viktor Orban of Hungary: ‘Mixing Islam With Our Culture is Not Good’ (Epic Speech Embedded)

Hungary’s Orban Speaks Against Soros – EU Plan To Create a Mixed New Islamized Europe

Articles on the devilish SOROS:

GEORGE SOROS: STILL the Most Dangerous man on the Planet

George Soros Funneled $1M to Defund the Police Movement as Violent Crime Continues to Surge

George Soros and His War Against the Jews

Hijacking Evangelicalism: George Soros Funding Apostate Church Movements

George Soros Admits to Funding the Forced Migration of Muslims – Put Into Place by the U.N.

Brethren, Soros has no clue that he has been and is being used by our God to fulfill Bible Prophecy. He does not believe in God. One day, if he does not miraculously change his ways, he will meet the God in whom he does not believe, before he is thrown into the lake of fire with the devil and his fallen angels.



2 thoughts on “From Tucker Carlson -“HUNGARY VS. SOROS: The Fight for Civilization”

  1. saintsnotaints

    Thanks. Well presented. Wish to mention what happened years ago in israel that impacted my thinking profoundly. Israeli kenesset passed a LAW that a jew cant be a notsee. My reaction was balistic as many notsees were jews or part jews. I understood the laws purpose was to arrest jews calling jews notsees when they disagree. It seemed still insanity. Then i calmed down and even prayed on this what came to my heart was an understanding that this law is indeed correct, that a jew cannot be a nazi. Whats left out is that a jew can become a notsee and ceases to be a jew.
    3 terms mean same thing. 1-a govt can revoke citizenship. If a native born and raised american has the govt revoke citizenship, then if he says he is american he is a liar. He only has such heritage but is no longer american. 2-church can ex communicate a member.3- God cuts off his flock that go bad. Cut off can mean dead physically or spiritually or loss of right to be a jew. Soros is a notsee and not a jew. Heritage does not always count with God. Ruth moabite and rahab the cannanite were not jews but grafted in as jews. It can go other way too.
    If moshe cantor from brooklyn converts to islam and joins isis in syria and chops off heads and then says he is jewish and loves bagels, is he still jewish? By scripture God is saying no. Most jewish problems caused by these cut off ex jews seen by non jews and some real jews falsely as jews. There is much more depth to this but its enough.enough for today.

  2. Dean Meyers

    Thank you so much for offering this, as I’ve been very much wanting to see it. I live outside the US, and unfortunately Tucker Carlson’s Originals have not been available here. Bravo for the brave Hungarians who have stood up against the greatest Dr. Evil of our age, George Soros.

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