2 thoughts on “PROJECT VERITAS PART 5: Pfizer Whistleblower LEAKS Execs Emails EXPOSING Suppression of Covid Vax Info From Public

  1. Stephan

    That is why they promote abortion. They are encouraging women to get pregnant and have abortions so they can conduct their experiments. Their depravity tells them to, ‘Murder to seek life’. Does this make any sense? It looks like Romans Chapter 1 has manifested itself in the USA . On a positive note – The depraved always use the excuse if it’s harmful to the woman’s health it’s ok. I have only heard of 2 cases of this in my lifetime. One was a Woman who was a missionary. She became ill and the foreign Dr told her to abort the child or she would surely die. She and her husband said no due to their faith in Jesus. The Dr told her that she would die and the child probably would as well. She trusted Jesus and endured the pregnancy. Her faith was rewarded with a healthy baby boy. Maybe you have heard of him. His name is TIM TEBOW. The other woman carried her baby to term due to her faith. Her husband supported her faith as well and they had a healthy baby boy. The whole world has heard of Him. His name is Jesus.

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