‘IN CHRIST ALONE’ BY Keith and Kristyn Getty: Video made by Tim

Since I was saved in 1983, I’ve loved listening to and singing the great hymns of the church. The Gettys are modern day hymn writers. Their musical talent is God-given; there is no doubt.

Are you in a church where the ushers hand out ear plugs to the white haired older members of the Congregation? Wouldn’t want to hurt the ears of our elderly brothers and sisters, right?

So we give them plugs. What’s wrong with this picture?

I realize that we all have individual taste in music, but when it comes to worshiping God, I want to lift Him up, and be lifted up by God-honoring lyrics and a beautiful melody. You might just find yourself humming or singing the new worship song while you are at home.

And that’s a good thing!


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