ITCHY HIVES After Being Close to Vaxxed Person: Then a Friend Sends me a Surprising Message Which Confirmed my Suspicion

Last week, I asked for prayer on my Facebook page because I was covered with hives – very itchy hives. I just realized that one of my friends had written to me and I opened it yesterday. I was so shocked when I read her message. She gave me permission to place the message here:

Hi Geri, I don’t suspect by your post that you’re vaccinated, and I’m not either. I’m messaging you, because I wanted you to know my experience with a miserable rash I’ve had. I get it whenever I get near a “vaccinated” person, and it seems more so with the Moderno jab. I break out a couple days after being in close contact with a jabbed person in the most intense itch that I’ve ever had in my life.

I have had poison ivy/poison oak from head to toe, where the doctor said it was the worst case he ever saw, so when I say this was worse, it was..the itch starts in my hands, and feet, and then spreads everywhere , it’s so intense that I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, and then a few days later it turns into a rash of blister type almost hives all over. I scratch so bad that I end up bleeding. Nothing was helping! I tried everything I could think of. I was terrified to go to the doctor, because I knew they were all jabbed, so I put a post out about it in a group, and a naturopath type doctor in there told me to make Pineneedle tea.

She said she’s been seeing a lot of cases the same as mine, even her own sister. Thank God in New Hampshire white pine is the state tree, I think. I don’t know for sure, I should check, but we have them everywhere, and we also have a Concolor pine tree that my daughter and son-in-law bought us for Christmas a couple years ago, it’s still on the small side but it smells and taste like oranges.

After about 3 cups of pine needle tea, my itch was 50% better, by the next day, 75% and got better from there. I’m good if I keep drinking it before I go out, and after I get home. If I don’t drink the Pineneedle tea then it will come back, the itch is not as intense as it was at first before I knew about the tea, but it will come back unless I do the tea before, and after. So I just wanted you to know that in case this is the reason for your rash. Hope if it is it helps.

And the I forgot to tell you, but my brother and son also get the itch and rash, only not as severe as I was. My daughter had a rash but no itch after doing a craft fair and being in close contact with jabbed people. God Bless!


Brethren, I purchased pine needle tea from Amazon. It should be here soon.

I did have a video appointment with my doctor and he gave me prednisone which I really do not like to take. He also gave me a script for a medicine for itching. I am praying that the pine needle tea works for me AND that if there are readers going through the same thing, they will benefit from this information. I will let the readers know how I am doing on the tea.