ITCHY HIVES After Being Close to Vaxxed Person: Then a Friend Sends me a Surprising Message Which Confirmed my Suspicion

Last week, I asked for prayer on my Facebook page because I was covered with hives – very itchy hives. I just realized that one of my friends had written to me and I opened it yesterday. I was so shocked when I read her message. She gave me permission to place the message here:

Hi Geri, I don’t suspect by your post that you’re vaccinated, and I’m not either. I’m messaging you, because I wanted you to know my experience with a miserable rash I’ve had. I get it whenever I get near a “vaccinated” person, and it seems more so with the Moderno jab. I break out a couple days after being in close contact with a jabbed person in the most intense itch that I’ve ever had in my life.

I have had poison ivy/poison oak from head to toe, where the doctor said it was the worst case he ever saw, so when I say this was worse, it was..the itch starts in my hands, and feet, and then spreads everywhere , it’s so intense that I feel like I’m going to lose my mind, and then a few days later it turns into a rash of blister type almost hives all over. I scratch so bad that I end up bleeding. Nothing was helping! I tried everything I could think of. I was terrified to go to the doctor, because I knew they were all jabbed, so I put a post out about it in a group, and a naturopath type doctor in there told me to make Pineneedle tea.

She said she’s been seeing a lot of cases the same as mine, even her own sister. Thank God in New Hampshire white pine is the state tree, I think. I don’t know for sure, I should check, but we have them everywhere, and we also have a Concolor pine tree that my daughter and son-in-law bought us for Christmas a couple years ago, it’s still on the small side but it smells and taste like oranges.

After about 3 cups of pine needle tea, my itch was 50% better, by the next day, 75% and got better from there. I’m good if I keep drinking it before I go out, and after I get home. If I don’t drink the Pineneedle tea then it will come back, the itch is not as intense as it was at first before I knew about the tea, but it will come back unless I do the tea before, and after. So I just wanted you to know that in case this is the reason for your rash. Hope if it is it helps.

And the I forgot to tell you, but my brother and son also get the itch and rash, only not as severe as I was. My daughter had a rash but no itch after doing a craft fair and being in close contact with jabbed people. God Bless!


Brethren, I purchased pine needle tea from Amazon. It should be here soon.

I did have a video appointment with my doctor and he gave me prednisone which I really do not like to take. He also gave me a script for a medicine for itching. I am praying that the pine needle tea works for me AND that if there are readers going through the same thing, they will benefit from this information. I will let the readers know how I am doing on the tea.


10 thoughts on “ITCHY HIVES After Being Close to Vaxxed Person: Then a Friend Sends me a Surprising Message Which Confirmed my Suspicion

  1. dee smith

    I got a tingeling, sting like feeling all over my body, which lasted several weeks, then the itching started and hives. Went to the ER got a shot of benadryl and some prescriptions. and it went away. Have no idea where it came from, but I thought in the back of my mind, but didn’t tell anyone, could the hives have come from vaxed people I was around. My primary doctor said I would never find out what caused it. I was keeping a journal on foods, drink, meds, but there were no new meds (been taking my meds for years) and no new foods. This past Thursday Oct 7th/ 21 the sting feeling started again, lasting most of the day, but no itching or hives, and then went away Strange, so it’s not just me that thinks these hives have something to do with the vaccine, another possible side effect the government doesn’t want us to know. Thanks for sharing this

    1. Something that I did not add about me – my brain is so horrible. I do have “Senior moments” but this is more like mashed potato brains. It’s horrible and I am praying that the tea helps my brain function too.

  2. Mark V

    naturopathy is the way to go using the “leaves of the trees for healing.” I wiil look into some health care with one and see if my benefits will apply. God bless and still praying for you.

      1. Or you could use a diffuser and run it in your environment…I sure do hope these hives can go from you and never return. I appreciate all that you post to keep us informed

  3. Be sure to reference helpful YouTube videos for what kinds of pine needles are best as some are NOT good for us. Dr. Judy Mikovits said ‘suramin’ would be the antidote! And pine needles contain suramin! … Also, pregnant/nursing moms need to do their own research. Some sites say pine needle tea is harmful; others do not warn against it, so good to do your due diligence

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