Young Mom Who Died From COVID Vaccine was Coerced into Receiving Jab Via Government Mandate, Heartbreaking Obituary Says


The family of a young mother who died from COVID-19 vaccine complications says that their loved one is gone all because she was coerced into receiving a shot by government mandate.

Washington state health officials acknowledged on Tuesday that the otherwise healthy woman died due to blood clotting complications following a COVID-19 vaccine.

In a news release, health officials said, “Sadly, this is the first such death in Washington State. We send our deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. Losing a loved one at any time is a tragic and difficult and pain that’s become all too familiar in the last year and a half of this pandemic.” 

A Wednesday report from the Western Journal said that the family of 37-year-old Jessica Berg Wilson said Wilson was reluctant to get the jab, but relented due to a mandate. 

A portion of the obituary read, “Jessica Berg Wilson, 37, of Seattle, Wash., passed away unexpectedly Sept. 7, 2021 from COVID-19 Vaccine-Induced Thrombotic Thrombocytopenia (VITT) surrounded by her loving family. Jessica was an exceptionally healthy and vibrant 37-year-old young mother with no underlying health conditions.”

According to the obituary, Wilson left behind a husband and two daughters ages 3 and 5 years.

Healthy Young Mother Dies of Vaccine-Caused Blood Clot ...

“During the last weeks of her life … the world turned dark with heavy-handed vaccine mandates,” the obituary continued. “Local and state governments were determined to strip away her right to consult her wisdom and enjoy her freedom. … She had been vehemently opposed to taking the vaccine, knowing she was in good health and of a young age and thus not at risk for serious illness. In her mind, the known and unknown risks of the unproven vaccine were more of a threat.” 

The obituary added, “But, slowly, day by day, her freedom to choose was stripped away. Her passion to be actively involved in her children’s education — which included being a Room Mom — was, once again, blocked by government mandate. Ultimately, those who closed doors and separated mothers from their children prevailed. It cost Jessica her life. It cost her children the loving embrace of their caring mother. And it cost her husband the sacred love of his devoted wife. It cost God’s Kingdom on earth a very special soul who was just making her love felt in the hearts of so many.”

What else?

King County health officials on Tuesday also confirmed that Wilson died as a result of the vaccine. 

“The individual, a woman in her late 30s, is the first confirmed death in King County from this very rare vaccine complication,” the officials said. “The resident received her vaccination on August 26, 2021 and died on September 7, 2021. Her cause of death was determined to be thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome (TTS), a condition that has been identified as a rare but potentially serious adverse event in people who received the J&J vaccine.”

King County said the TTS diagnosis was confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


Yes, take a long hard look at this family. The husband lost his wife. The children lost their mother. Jessica would be alive today if she had not been coerced into getting the jab.

I am not sure that I’m buying what was said about the blood clots being so rare and this being the first death from the jab in King’s County.

Brethren, when we are lied to all of the time, it is very difficult to trust government officials.

Please share this and also pray that many from Jessica’s family will come to know the Lord Jesus as Savior in the midst of the pain and grief. I ask this in the name of Yeshua. Amen.



5 thoughts on “Young Mom Who Died From COVID Vaccine was Coerced into Receiving Jab Via Government Mandate, Heartbreaking Obituary Says

  1. atsturbo

    This poor family. Prayers go out to them. They lost their mom and wife due to a lie told by liars and frauds. Our government officials are guilty of manslaughter or even murder every time someone dies from this horrible jab. These criminals will someday be held accountable for such atrocities, either in this life on in the final judgement. I thank God I am not one of these monsters.
    Thomas Knight

  2. Shared on Twitter and FaceBook. What a tragedy! I agree that it is very possible that many others have died, not only in King’s County, but all around the world, and it has not ever been acknowledged. But one thing is sure: they might be able to hide it from us, at least for a time, but they cannot hide it from the Lord. He sees all and hears all, and this grieves Him too. May the Lord bless and comfort the family left behind.

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