The TRUE FACE OF COVID-19: Covid Nurse “I Recorded Them Murdering Patients”



“…The very first day [at Elmhurst NY] I was shocked. It was something I’ve never seen before. Patients were alone in the rooms on ventilators [with] no family allowed in [to advocate for them]. People were just dying from gross negligence, medical malpractice, [and] mismanagement … [In Florida] we treated our patients with hydroxychloroquine, zinc … sent them home and they were fine. [In New York], they were banning alternative treatments like hydroxychloroquine. The only thing they could do was to put people on ventilators.” -Erin Maria Olzewski

(Tulsa, Oklahoma) — [] Erin Maria Olzewski, the whistleblower nurse who made headlines last year documenting “fraud, negligence, and greed” that “led to unnecessary deaths” during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, sat down with LifeSiteNews during the Health & Freedom Conference to share her experience and reflections.

Olzewski (pronounced OL-CHEZ-SKEE), whose findings were first brought to light in a viral June video titled “Perspectives on the Pandemic: The (Undercover) Epicenter Nurse,” received a strong appreciative reception from the sold-out, 4,000-person event held at Rhema Bible College.

A native of Wisconsin, yet a current resident of the Tampa, Florida area, Olzewski, explained how she volunteered to temporarily work as a travel nurse in New York City telling LifeSite’s Rebekah Roberts, “we weren’t seeing a large influx of [COVID-19] patients” in Florida.

Also being an Army combat veteran who served in Iraq from 2003 to 2004, Olzewski mentioned how she decided to enter another type of “frontlines war zone,” by serving those in greater need at the “epicenter” of the pandemic.

Upon arrival she was surprised to find that she “sat around for three days with nothing to do” and learned that other nurses had been “sitting around for 21 days or an entire month getting paid $10,000 a week,” without any assignment. “If they needed nurses so badly, why are you bringing me here if there’s nurses sitting around?” she asked, describing this as her first “red flag” that the reality of the situation in New York was not what was being reported in the news media.

And, “lucky me,” she said with a smile and a touch of sarcasm, “I did get assigned to Elmhurst Hospital [in Queens] which ended up being ‘the epicenter of the epicenter'” for reported COVID-19 fatalities.

“The very first day [at Elmhurst] I was shocked. It was something I’ve never seen before,” she said. “Patients were alone in the rooms on ventilators [with] no family allowed in [to advocate for them]. People were just dying from gross negligence, medical malpractice, [and] mismanagement.”

“For me, that was really difficult to swallow. Everything made sense to me at that moment of why there were so many deaths in New York,” she said.

Following a good cry back in her hotel room, she eventually contacted an attorney in New York, secured a “pair of spyglasses” and began to document what she saw in the hospital.

“I recorded them murdering patients. I recorded just the complete and absolute disregard for human life,” she said…Source

Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist, who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, on the inside in two radically different settings. Two hospitals. One private, the other public. One in Florida, the other in New York. And not just any New York public hospital, but the “epicenter of the epicenter” itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump’s Queens. As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate “perspective on the pandemic”. 

She has been where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least. Erin enlisted in the Army when she was 17. She deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Part of her duties involved overseeing aid disbursement and improvements to hospital facilities. While in country she received the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service, and was wounded in combat. Erin eventually retired as a sergeant, and became a civilian nurse in 2012. Erin is a medical freedom and informed consent advocate. She co-founded the Florida Freedom Alliance but no longer has any connection with the organization.


Brethren, as you can see, the video also had medical professionals speak about HCQ and how doctors were well aware of the success in treating early Covid 19 patients with this drug which has been approved by the FDA for over 60 years.

But they were ordered NOT to use HCQ, Z-pak and Zinc.

What happened at Elmhurst Hospital is a story that rivals the infamous concentration camps in nazi Germany in WWII. This was murder and according to Erin Olszewski, there were nurses laughing in the midst of the suffering and death.

I pray that those powers that be i.e. Bill Gates and Anthony Fauci are tried in a world court for MASS MURDER, and are punished to the full extent of the law.

Almost a year later, the nurse who originally blew the whistle on this hospital in NYC has now written about her experiences at Elmhurst Hospital.

This video is a little over an hour long, but to truly understand the murderous intentions of the powers that be – please make time to watch it.


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom B’Yeshua


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LEIGH DUNDAS – THE RISE OF FREEDOM OVER THE FOURTH REICH: Schools in Orange County CA Being Turned into Covid Vaccine Centers for Children



In this speech delivered at Clay Clarke’s Health & Freedom rally in Tulsa Oklahoma, human rights attorney Leigh Dundas shows us how it’s done.

When Leigh heard that Orange County Health Officer Dr Clayton Chau and Orange County Superintendant of Schools, Al Mijares had jointly planned to turn the county schools into vaccination centers and that they were seeking to vaccinate children as young as kindergartners without their parents’ consent, she got over 200 of her friends to go with her to her child’s school’s next board meeting 24 hours later, where she announced:

“The Third Reich did not end with experiments on children, nor when those children died. The Third Reich ended in 1946, when we put the doctors who committed these human experiments on trial in Nuremberg and then, we put them to death. It ended with the adoption of the Nuremberg Code, so we would never repeat the sins of history. And it states, and I quote: ‘The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential.’

“Dr Chau and Dr Mijares, you are hereby on notice. Last week, you appear to have knowingly hatched a plan to sidestep and/or violate international, federal and state law, not just the Nuremberg Informed Consent language but also the black letter law of the EUA, as well as California State Law, which punishes, and I quote: ‘The willful failure to obtain a subject’s informed consent by imprisonment in county jail for one year or the imposition of a $50,000 fine – or both,’ through the planned insertion of experimental gene-altering protocols onto the very children you were elected and charged with protecting.

“And tonight, we are asking the Orange County Board of Education for an immediate letter of censure to these individuals – and if they don’t resign, for an immediate notice of termination. And that letter also needs to go to the professional boards, because they have no business being in these positions! So help me, God, the People of Orange County will hold this policy to account.”

Orange County walked that plan back!

Our corrupt oppressors are reading from scripts. We need to stand up and read our own scripts back at them. Tattered as it may be, our legal system still exists.

Nobody will rescue us. Freedom is earned. Freedom is fought for, every day. Freedom is up to us. Source