We always knew that the “Mail in Ballots” was a Leftist tactic. We saw overnight how these ballots are the largest part of the manipulation of this crooked election.

Last night, my husband and I were keeping our eyes on the “Battleground” states – especially PA. Our president was up by 4 points when we finally went to sleep.

As if by magic, the swing states, which Trump was dominating, stopped reporting votes. This morning, PA was reporting Trump and Biden neck in neck. Overnight, the 4 point spread for Trump disappeared!

The REAL REASON for voting by mail

The Dems dipped into the Biden mail-in ballots to fill that 4 point gap which Trump clearly had. This is a sham and the most crooked election in the history of our country. One thing is crystal clear: The Dems CANNOT win elections without CHEATING.

I can just picture the faces of the Biden camp when they saw how well Trump was doing in the swing states. Then it was decided to go to plan B.


Clearly, the Dems have no Morals – no ethics and no consciences. Lying and cheating comes as naturally as breathing to them.

I’m sure that this scam to make sure that the Dems would win this election was concocted the day after Donald Trump won the presidency in 2016. His enemies have tried all manner of retaliation toward Trump since that time – but to NO AVAIL.

But they knew that the mail in votes was a winner for them. Satanic and EVIL are these people. They belong to their father, the devil. If they do not repent and turn to Jesus, they will spend eternity in a fiery hell, along with their father and his fallen angels.

The PM of New Zealand

I attempted to look up this story from, but when I tried, I was given a “404” code which means that the article was not longer there. Here is a screenshot of the web address and blurb:

I felt that it was quite telling that the article had been removed from You can come to your own conclusions, but as for me, seeing that the PM is from the Labor Party and leans strongly towards Marxism/Communism – that sent bells and whistles off inside my head.

Perhaps had been threatened to take down the story.

We’ll never know.

So, brethren – it looks like this is the new normal for the Left’s attempt at stealing elections

Pretty disgusting if you ask me.

We should pray for the Left and for the Globalists to turn from their criminal ways. But I think that most of them have been given over by God to a reprobate mind.

Keep praying because this is not over.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua


9 thoughts on “LIARS GONNA LIE- CHEATERS GONNA CHEAT: Dems Learn From The Father of Lies

  1. David Chapman

    Now you can understand why it didn’t bother the Democrats that Joe Biden was hiding in his basement and that only 12 people showed up to his rallies. They already had everythig planned out. It is also no surprise that the postal union endorsed Biden. There were likely complicit in this scam.

  2. It is not over, and we can do something, as over the past year there has been much discussion over Jeremiah’s book Trump and the Future of America.
    Of particular interest is Chapter 9 where Jeremiah gave an answer to the most frequent question he had been receiving at the time (and all throughout the year leading up to Nov 3rd) “Will Donald Trump win the 2020 Election?”.

    His answer in the chapter titled: ‘The Winner of the 2020 Election’ is currently unfolding right before our very eyes as we watch state polling results trickle in, even as this email is being typed.
    In this chapter, Jeremiah discusses a dream he had where he saw a vision of President Trump running the Boston Marathon. As he approached the finish line, onlookers began to hiss, shout, and spit on the President as he neared closer and closer to the finish.
    As he drew within 100 yards… the President fell.
    Completely exhausted and gasping for air to get up and cross the finish line… two older women emerged from the crowd and somehow squeezed past the bulky security guards. One of the two women required a walker just to be able to advance closer to the ailing President—the other a cane.
    As they drew near to him, a supernatural rush of wind enabled them to lift up the President, and inched him ever so slightly across the finish line.
    After the dream, Jeremiah was given the revelation that the two older women represented the role of the praying Church who would carry him across the finish line in a last-second victory. These two women (the praying church) also represented an entire generation of people in the US… the baby boomers.
    We believe that the baby boomers have done their part in this election to make sure to get out and cast their vote, as we saw millions standing in line wrapping around city blocks for the chance to make sure their vote has counted.
    But now is the time for the supernatural rush of wind that is stirred up by the prayers of the church!
    Saints we are right smack in the middle of this prophecy.

    Will you join in, and bombard heaven with your prayers to supernaturally lift up President Trump and help him edge over the finish line?
    This is what will ultimately determine the outcome of this long and grueling election.
    There’s an enormous battle raging right now in the spiritual realm. The darkness is trying to prevent itself from being exposed.
    We’re calling all Saints, intercessors, and prayer warriors to lift up the supernatural wind and help the President who is called for such a time as this, to cross the finish line.
    Source; “URGENT: The Winner of the 2020 Election— Watchmen Wednesday 003” Jeremiah Johnson Ministries.

  3. I watched CBN until they went off at 12, but could not lie down, turned of Fox and for alitle while it wasn’t to bad, they were talking how rump still had a chance if he could get such and such states, and then one said something, like heres something now, and swallowed real big and looked the others in the face and they had a strange look, and went to a commercial, and came back and started letting on like Trump had no chance, and was working toward calling it for biden, and I hollared out on Twitter Mr. Trump they are trying to give it to biden, and with in seconds the President Tweeted and they banned it, and then others came back on, it was like they thought we all had stopped watching, and then they stopped all together, and we watch as did you with the President having over a 500,000 lead and they were giving it to biden, it was the vision I saw to a tee, the media was helping the communist take over, just like I saw, of course some attacked me hard, but over a hundred liked and retweeted one post, and more coming in, but I laid down for a while and Twitter took those, but its at 20 again, they are traitors to this nation and should be tried as such, we can’t let them have this, if we do America is doomed, all kinds of fraud was being reported election day and before, and we know a man with Demetia and draws no crowd, does not win over a man drawing a crowd as Mr. Trump did Thousands, it was rigged to the max, and we do something now or we have lost America for ever, you should have seen the people claiming to be Christian;s for biden on CBN and what they were saying. some of these people are [ sons and daughters of perdition, unredeemable, reprobates] we just can’t let them take over, we know they are lying the proof was in the people who showed up at the Trump rallies, biden said him and Obama created the best voter fraud ever, biden also said he didn’t need the American people to win, do the math, and we can’t allow this, or we lose everything. May God richly bless you Geri for all you do to expose the evil.

  4. tandrews2016t

    I feel like we must continue to pray without ceasing and regardless of the outcome we can remember that our salvation is found in the spotless Lamb of God, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He is in control and He is on His Throne! ♥

    Psalm 33:20-22 KJV “Our soul waiteth for the Lord: He is our help and our shield. For our heart shall rejoice in Him, because we have trusted in His holy name. Let thy mercy, O Lord, be upon us, according as we hope in Thee.”

    Daniel 2:21 KJV “And He changes the times and the seasons; He removes kings and raises up kings; He gives wisdom to the wise And knowledge to those who have understanding.”

  5. AsheDina

    I dont get how Biden had not even 100 at his rallies somehow managed to get tens of millions of votes.
    Nothing makes sense anymore bcz America, corporately speaking turned our backs on God. This is the reaping of the whirlwind

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