Documentary Called “SOROS” Portrays the Globalist Boogeyman as ‘One of the Biggest Actors for GOOD the World has Ever Known’

Those who know me and follow my writings also know that I am no fan of George Soros. Actually, that is not strong enough. I believe that Mr. Soros is one of the MOST EVIL and DANGEROUS men on the planet.

I have written often about Soros, mostly to warn others about the evil NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) which are run and funded by him.

In the midst of the stolen election (It’s still not over) I have read many commentaries linking Soros to the Dominion voting machines as well as to the Software which can easily flip votes for the Left and did flip Trumps votes to Biden.

Some sources are claiming that over 2 million votes were flipped to Biden. As soon as the massive voter fraud was exposed, my mind went right to the villain, Soros.

Before I bring out my last article on this man, have a look at what he did to the UK years ago. Why did he do this? Because he could:

Recently, the Globalist community decided that anyone who spoke ill of Soros must be labeled an Anti-Semite. The reader will see in my article that this is ludicrous in light of what he did for Hitler during WWII.

And this writer happens to be a Jew – a Messianic Jew. So trying to label me a hater of my own people does not work. This despicable man is truly a Sociopath. He says it right in the video, that he makes money and does not think about the social implications.

Here is the trailer for the documentary “Soros” (if you can stomach it)

The senseless and tragic murder of George Floyd was despicable, but it was yet another reason for Soros to deploy his forces, BLM and ANTIFA, to burn American cities. They are his “paid” employees.

 Personally, as I think about this year, I have to wonder about George Floyd: could he have been sacrificed for the Left’s greater good, or is there a possibility that he is still alive? None of us will ever know if either of these scenarios did take place, but the year 2020 does make one wonder…..

I do believe that Soros collaborated with Obama to build the “Domestic Army” of which Obama boasted during his second term. I believe that the thousands of rioters, looters and murderers who seemed to overtake many of America’s inner cities were part of Obama’s army.

And Soros knew the condition of our economy and jobless rate which had spiked because of the Covid-19 Plandemic. Perfect time for his sorry troops to attack our cities once again.

Here is the last article I wrote about this spawn of Satan:

Original Article  from 2016

George Soros: STILL the Most Dangerous Man on the Planet

There are some in this world whom I believe are demon possessed. One such person is George Soros. Oh, you’ve heard of him? Rich man, yes? Perhaps there are some things about him that have been hidden. Let’s take a look at some the history of Soros before I show the reader how this man is manipulating the minds of your children on college campuses. It’s time you know about the life of this diabolical global tyrant:

From the Blogmocracy (note that any information on Soros from this website has been scrubbed. I wonder if anyone died?):

“György Schwartz, better known to the world as George Soros, was born August 12, 1930 in Hungary. Soros’s father, Tivadar, was a fervent practitioner of the Esperanto language invented in 1887, and designed to be the first global language, free of any national identity. The Schwartz’s, who were non-practicing Jews, changed the family name to Soros, in order to facilitate assimilation into the Gentile population, as the Nazis spread into Hungary during the 1930’s.” – source

Turned on his own Jewish people during the Holocaust:

During the Holocaust, George Soros (a Jew) collaborated with the Nazis to confiscate all material wealth from the Jews in Hungary, before he led them to the trains which took them to the death camps.

Here is what Soros says about that “happy” time in his life (part of same interview already posted):

George Soros and Barack Obama

Hosted fund raisers for Barack Obama in 2004 for his bid for State senator:

From Freedom Outpost:

“In December of 2006, Soros, who had previously hosted a fundraiser for Obama during the latter’s 2004 Senate campaign, met with Obama in Soros’s New York office. Just a few weeks later—on January 16, 2007—Obama announced that he would form a presidential exploratory committee and was contemplating a run for the White House. Within hours, Soros sent the senator a contribution of $2,100, the maximum amount allowable under campaign-finance laws. Later that week, the New York Daily News reported that Soros would support Obama rather than Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, though Soros pledged to back the New York senator were she to emerge as the nominee. But it was clear that Soros considered Obama to be the more electable candidate of the two. Most importantly, Obama’s economic and political prescriptions for America were wholly accordant with those of Soros.” – source

Soros, Obama and the Shadow Party (from Freedom Outpost)

“We left off our last article about Obama’s Puppet Master, George Soros showing how he may well be connected to what many had once believed to be just a fictional idea of what is called the “Shadow Party.” Just the name of such an idea alone gives just cause for concern since it implies that our nation has a party running this nation behind the shadows! However, it is not such a “Shadow Party,” since many people associated with it have direct, or indirect, links back to none other than George Soros. Let us begin by showing just where the very idea of a “Shadow Party” has developed.” Party,” since many people associated with it have direct, or indirect, links back to none other than George Soros. Let us begin by showing just where the very idea of a “Shadow Party” has developed.” – source ( read rest of story)


Just a few excerpts about the “Soros” documentary

A propaganda film extolling the greatness of George Soros is getting a splashy online release in the immediate wake of the Big Election Steal of 2020 and an examination of its creators reveals intimate ties to a dizzying array of powerful leftist and establishment forces.

Jeffrey EpsteinBill Gates, Big Hollywood, Barack Obamathe Clintons and Big Corporate connections all flow through the “global creative agency” created by Jesse Dylan, son of folk music icon Bob Dylan, who directs the film.

Read rest of article HERE

The year 2020 has been filled with events which seem more and more like something from the script of a very scary movie. But it’s real and we are living through it the best we can.

Most of us who are born again, are looking to the clouds for the coming of our Lord Jesus to Rapture us away from this wicked place. I ask Him every day – “Is it today Lord?”

I know that He will come at the perfect appointed time. But lately, I am peering into the sky more than I ever have before.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua