The George Floyd Riots: The Leftist/Islamist Partnership in Action

The unholy alliance is emboldened and on the march

The Leftist/Islamist partnership is truly an Unholy Alliance. It’s a marriage made in hell.

Strong words you say?  Actually, not strong enough. These thugs have a common goal: Destruction of America. And they follow the same god -Satan.

“Leftist/Islamist?” Think Hillary and Obama scheming to bring about the Arab Spring.  It didn’t work out so well for them, did it?

Did you know that there is a difference between “Islamic” and “Islamist?”  Islamic simply means being part of Islam. “Islamist” has a more sinister meaning:  The Islamist’s goal is to dominate all nations and implement Sharia law to replace the governments. Those aligning themself with the Left are Islamists.


Mohamed Morsi (buddy of Obama and Hillary) did get into office in Egypt for a while, but then the military realized the horrible mistake in allowing the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to take that seat of power in Egypt after Mubarak fled for his life.

That’s when there was a Military coup, and Morsi was dragged from his palace and placed in jail where he belonged.  Then, el-Sisi (leader of the Egyptian Military) took over the leadership of Egypt and decreed that the Muslim Brotherhood was a terrorist organization and tossed all of its members into jail.

Morsi remained in jail for years until his trial, but he died in the courtroom. 

The Left in America are despicable and they will do whatever it takes to crush our nation and our president. So THIS is the bond that ties the Left to Jihadi Islamists.  


The nationwide riots over the murder of George Floyd have offered new insight into the unholy alliance between Leftists and Islamic supremacists. Zahra Billoo, Executive Director of the San Francisco Bay Area office of the Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SFBA), recently tweeted: “Non-Black POC, first and second generation immigrant Muslims friends in particular, what are you doing today to support #BlackLivesMatter?” Imraan Siddiqi of CAIR-Arizona tweeted out a video of a hijab-wearing Muslim woman kicking a tear gas canister toward police with the approving comment, “Drop-kick that tear-gas canister, sister.”

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, rioters were so grieved and angered by Floyd’s death that they spray-painted “Free Palestine” on the wall of a synagogue. And in New York City, a Muslim housing attorney is in legal trouble for tossing a Molotov cocktail at a NYPD cruiser during the recent riots in New York City. She is also a committed activist for the Palestinian jihad, having published agitprop spreading false claims of Palestinian victimhood.

Despite the hot water Urooj Rahman is in now, however, she has a bright future as an ideological leader of both the Left and the Islamic jihad. In an interview before her attack, she enunciated the common goal of both movements: “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

In both the interview and during her attack, Rahman kept a Palestinian keffiyeh close to her face. Her sartorial choice was not incidental. With her attempted torching of the police cruiser (her Molotov cocktail didn’t light), she brought Palestinian jihad tactics to the riots in the U.S. She also revealed the congruence between the ideology of the Left in America today and that of jihadists, not just the Palestinians, but all over the world.

Regarding Israel, the goal of the Palestinian jihad is and always has been to “f–kin’ take it all down.” That is the meaning of the increasingly common slogan “From the River to the Sea, Palestine Will Be Free.” If “Palestine” must be “free” from the Jordan River all the way to the Mediterranean Sea, the Palestinian cause is not about ending “occupation,” or stopping “settlements,” or anything that the establishment media tells us about it. It is, rather, about destroying Israel altogether, as The Palestinian Delusion documents in detail. Until that goal is attained, as Urooj Rahman elegantly put it, “This s–t won’t ever stop.”

The same thing can be said of the jihad all around the world. As The History of Jihad shows, for 1,400 years the goal of Islamic jihad activity has essentially been “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.” While there were occasional periods in which jihad violence against non-Muslim states grew less active and virulent, these pauses were not occasioned by a general rejection in the Islamic world of the idea that jihad must be pursued, or by reform of Islamic doctrine. The doctrine always remained; the wherewithal to put it into practice ebbed and flowed.

Although non-Muslim scholars and analysts routinely insist that Islam is a religion of peace and jihad is a spiritual struggle, Islamic scholars have stated otherwise throughout the history of Islam. In his book War and Peace in the Law of Islam, Majid Khadduri, an Iraqi scholar of Islamic law of international renown, says this about jihad: “The state which is regarded as the instrument for universalizing a certain religion must perforce be an ever expanding state. The Islamic state, whose principal function was to put God’s law into practice, sought to establish Islam as the dominant reigning ideology over the entire world….The jihad was therefore employed as an instrument for both the universalization of religion and the establishment of an imperial world state.”

Or more succinctly and pungently: “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

This is not a new idea. The twelfth-century Maliki jurist Ibn Rushd stated: “Muslim jurists agreed that the purpose of fighting with the People of the Book…is one of two things: it is either their conversion to Islam or the payment of jizyah.” Imran Ahsan Khan Nyazee, assistant professor on the Faculty of Shari’ah and Law of the International Islamic University in Islamabad, states that Ibn Rushd “leaves no doubt that the primary goal of the Muslim community, in the eyes of its jurists, is to spread the word of Allah through jihad, and the option of poll-tax [jizya] is to be exercised only after subjugation” of non-Muslims.

Or here again, “This s–t won’t ever stop unless we f–kin’ take it all down.”

Meanwhile, the Left’s anti-Americanism, and determination to “f–kin’ take it all down,” has been on abundant display in the recent riots, and continues, to the apparent delight of Muslims such as Urooj Rahman, Zahra Billoo, and Imraan Siddiqi. When she was arrested, Rahman was wearing a T-shirt emblazoned with the slogan “THE STRUGGLE CONTINUES REGARDLESS.” The Arabic word for “struggle” is, of course, jihad.  source

This nightmare continues but we who belong to the Lord Jesus must allow the Lord to give us His peace:

“Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid” (John 14:27).

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US Muslim Brotherhood Op Protesting in California, Declares War on Police

An “add on” to my earlier piece on MB and Hamas connection with Black Lives Matter.

From US Muslim Brotherhood Op Protesting in California, Declares War on Police

Al-Qaeda-linked Nidal Sakr relives his Arab Spring days, here in America.


Nidal Sakr, a Muslim Brotherhood operative residing in Huntington Beach, California, has joined the protests being conducted in his local area calling for justice for George Floyd, a black male who died while being detained by Minneapolis, Minnesota police. A number of these protests have led to attacks on police officers. This seems to be to Sakr’s liking, as he has declared war on the police, calling the police “the enemy” and “terrorists.” He has also called President Trump a terrorist. Yet, Sakr himself was actually part of a terrorist cell, recruited by a founder of al-Qaeda, and he is wanted for the murder of a police officer. Where is the protest against Sakr?

After being born in Providence, Rhode Island, Nidal Mohamed Sakr spent his teenage years living in different countries in the Middle East. As a youth in the 1970s, Sakr was recruited into a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell operating out of Jordan and carrying out attacks against Israel. According to Sakr, the recruiter was none other than Abdullah Azzam, the future mentor of Osama bin Laden and co-founder of al-Qaeda. Sakr has boasted about knowing bin Laden, as well.

Sakr came back to the States, during the 1980s, and spent nearly two decades here, before moving on to Cairo, Egypt, where he became involved with the Brotherhood at its global headquarters. During the Arab Spring, Sakr advised Brotherhood leaders and organized Brotherhood rallies against then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. When Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power, the Brotherhood became a target. In March 2014, fleeing Egypt, Sakr arrived at the US border, where he was handcuffed and held for six hours but eventually released.

Since being back in the US: Sakr has been sentenced to death in Egypt for the murder of a police officer; he has said America will be “toppled” and Israel will be “obliterated”; and he has called for President Trump’s execution and the outright elimination of the Jews.

This month, on June 5th, Sakr gave the President a choice between life and death with the following warning on Twitter, “Let me be clear. Dear Donald Trump: You either take a knee Keepernick [sic] style or George Floyd’s. It’s your call. Either way you’re taking it!!!” Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick infamously knelt in protest, during the playing of the US national anthem prior to games. George Floyd died on camera, while Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes.

Sakr has been visited by the FBI at least once for threatening the President. Others have received jail time for doing the same, but not him. Sakr’s fellow conspirators in Egypt have either been put to death or have gotten life sentences, while he lounges out on the beach by his home in Southern California. Sakr has gotten away with murder, literally (albeit allegedly).

Sakr resides in Huntington Beach, the scene of recent protests in response to the Floyd death. Sakr has happily joined in. As mentioned, he is no stranger to demonstrations, being a past rally organizer for the Brotherhood, and he wears his Arab Spring credentials proudly. Sakr writes, “I‘ve been there when few POS dictators were toppled” and “I have unseated dictators, thugs, terrorists & losers.” On June 3rd, Sakr proclaimed on Twitter, “American Spring.”

Sakr likes throwing around the term “terrorist” but gets upset when people use the term for him. On May 31st, he tweeted, “[F]ew f***head Donald Trump supporters calling me Terrorist!!!!” To Sakr, he is not a terrorist, everyone else is. On June 1st, he wrote that President Trump is “the Terrorist” and he labeled a cop “Terrorist in uniform.” In June 2017, he posted on Facebook, “US is largest Global Terrorist.” The reality, though, is that Sakr has been an actual terrorist. If someone was a member of a paramilitary terrorist cell, having been recruited into it by a co-founder of al-Qaeda, is it possible to describe that individual as anything otherwise?

On June 2nd, Sakr declared war on police, describing them as “the enemy.” While tweeting a video of a large DC Police presence at the ready to deal with protesters, he wrote, “It is war. Whoever caries arms against own people is the enemy.” Being that Sakr is wanted for the murder of a police officer and given his terror-related background, law enforcement should consider this a direct threat on their lives and should take Sakr into custody immediately. Sakr has over 17,000 followers on Twitter. His influence is substantial, especially within the circles of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Sakr’s extremist behavior and words must be taken seriously.

Nidal Sakr is wanted for murder in Egypt, he has threatened the life of President Trump, and now he is declaring war on police. When will Sakr be off the streets of America facing the justice he so deserves? source

Brethren, we are at war with the Muslim Brotherhood. They should have been designated a Terrorist group by our president. Unfortunately that never happened.  This murderer should be extradited to Egypt where their president would toss him in jail with the rest of these hoodlums!

Pray pray pray!!  And share the Gospel.

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Have you wondered who might be in partnership with BLM (Black lives matter)?

Most of us know that George Soros funds BLM through his NGO’s. But there is more to it than that.  Who is actually standing beside them in solidarity?  Who is speaking for them all over the world?

Yesterday. while researching this, I came upon information which really should not have shocked me.  

Watch this short video from 2016:

Black Lives Matter protects Muslims as they pray during the riots:

Yes, they are in solidarity, but to what end?  For the destruction of American society as we know it. But BLM does not understand how deep this goes. Nor do they understand how Hamas, CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood is exploited them – not for “Black Lives” but to destabilize our nation so that our government crumbles. 

That is the only way that Sharia Law can possibly replace our Constitution.

From    (from 2016)

The Muslim Brotherhood and Black Lives Matter

Allies in Transforming America

 The Muslim Brotherhood is the most powerful Muslim political organization in the world. Its motto is:

“Allah is our objective; the Prophet is our leader; the Koran is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

They belong to the Sunni branch of Islam, competing for world dominance with the numerically smaller Shia branch of Islam led by Iran. The Brotherhood’s modern operating philosophy is often called “Civilization Jihad” or stealth Jihad. They typically work by deceptive public relations campaigns, infiltration, and subversion until they are strong enough to take power and enforce their dominance by the sword. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are two of their terrorist branches. They also helped spawn and have considerable influence over al-Qaeda, which is essentially a spinoff of Hamas. Oil money, especially from Saudi Arabia and Qatar, has been one of their most powerful resources for propagandizing, bribing, and corrupting political, civil, education, banking, and church leaders.

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) was started in Egypt by school teacher Hassan al-Banna, in 1928 with only six members. The Brotherhood was established as a Muslim revivalist organization with the goal of bringing Egypt and eventually all other Muslim nations back to the pure Islam of the Koran and the teachings of Muhammad. As purists, they also advocated expanding Islam over the whole world by whatever means required, but they modeled their methods on the deception, violence, and fanaticism of their Prophet as revealed in the Koran and his teachings and example. Their primary stated objective is to bring the whole world under Sharia Law. Hence they believe in fundamentalist Islamic Jihad, holy war against all who resist Islam. Ten years after its founding, the Ikhwan (Brothers) had 200,000 members. By the end of 1948 and the birth of Israel, they had 2,000,000 members in Egypt.

There are many who know little about the history of Islam or Christianity who say that Islam needs a “Reformation.” What they really mean is that they believe Islam needs to adopt a more peaceful version of modern secularism. The Protestant Reformation was basically a turning away from increasing secularism in the church and returning to Biblical basics. The Muslim Brotherhood’s beginning and continuing goal is to turn away from secularized Islam and secularized Muslim leaders and return to the fundamental teachings of the Koran and Muhammad. The reality is that most of the Koran is about Muhammad. Churchill was right in frequently referring to Islam as “Mohammadism,” and it is certainly true that the unfortunate “golden rule” of Islam is to do as Muhammad did. A similar Islamic reformation took place in Saudi Arabia in the eighteenth century led by preacher and scholar Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab (1703-1793). Wahhabism obviously contributed to the thinking of al-Banna and the Brotherhood’s most respected scholar, writer, and strategist Sayyid Qtub (1906-1966). Arabian Wahhabism and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood are both fundamentalist and revivalist, often called “salafist,” and represent two bookends of Sunni Islamic “reformation.” The world, however, is suffering from this Muslim version of “reformation,” which is a renewal of fanatical terror, war, and conquest against all non-Muslims backed by enormous wealth from vast oil reserves. The new oil wealth adds the P.ful weapons of bribery, blackmail, corruption, and modern media propaganda to their technology and arsenal of violence.

The face of the Muslim Brotherhood is deceptively moderate as a matter of strategy, but the deeper reality is that they are ruthless jihadists cloaked in business and political campaign attire. In 2004, the FBI documented Muslim Brotherhood plans to destroy American culture, overthrow the U.S. government, and impose Sharia Law on the American people. In the U.S. and Canada, the Muslim Brotherhood operates through numerous front organizations, but they also have their military and terrorist arms like Hamas, al-Qaeda, and now ISIS. One of the most prominent front organizations for propaganda, money laundering, and public relations is the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), which was named as a conspirator in funneling financial aid to Hamas terrorists in a late 2008 trial. They have, however, never been officially indicted, possibly for political reasons. The Muslim Brotherhood had considerable influence on the G.W. Bush Administration and has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama Administration by invitation.

In a December 2015 speech to the Muslim American Society (MAS) and the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), Nihad Awad, the Executive Director of CAIR, urged American Muslims to support the cause of Black Lives Matter, saying:

“Black Lives Matter is our matter. Black Lives Matter is our campaign.”

At the same event, MAS leader, Khalilah Sabra urged “revolution” and compared the situation in the U.S. to the MB-led Arab Spring revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and Syria. She made the following disturbing remarks:

“We are the community that staged a revolution across the world; if we can do that, why can’t we have that revolution in America?”

In September 2015, local California CAIR organizations openly backed and attended a BLM demonstration in favor of a bill prohibiting “profiling” at the Governor’s office in Sacramento.

One of the slogans chanted was “This is what a pharaoh looks like.” This was a frightening reminder of the Anwar Sadat’s assassin in Egypt, who yelled “Death to Pharaoh.” CAIR also participated in the Ferguson, Missouri, BLM protests.

BLM protests mirror typical leftist tactics for agitation. In my book on the Vietnam War, I noted the close similarity of Communist, Nazi, and Islamist operational tactics in “community organization” and civil disruption. A standard tactic of Marxists in the U.S. has been to create or exploit racial grievances. We now have a joint Marxist-Islamist assault on public order through racial agitation. Michelle Malkin recently found that 70 percent of the Charlotte protesters were from out of state.

The Muslim Students Association (MSA), another MB front, recently joined BLM in a Chicago protest to disrupt a Donald Trump campaign rally. The strongest weapon in the MB arsenal, however, is loads of laundered petro-dollars. This is why Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries’ contributions to the Clinton Foundation are so disturbing. The thought of MB oil-money influencing U.S. elections is discouraging indeed.

In my September 8-9 article, I mentioned the Organization for Islamic Cooperation (OIC). They are the largest international organization in the world next to the United Nations, but nobody has ever heard of them. Yet their goal is to make criticism of Islam a criminal offense, thus making the Bill of Rights and all other American rights subordinate to Sharia Law. Criminalizing “Islamophobia” would make America defenseless against infiltration and subversion. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have already let them get their foot in our back door. That will pave the way for Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the U.S. using allies like BLM. Do the American people have the will to stop it?

The common connection of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Black Lives Matter (BLM) to the Muslim Brotherhood is easy to see for anybody but the mainstream U.S. media networks.

Judicial Watch was successful in obtaining proof that the Obama Administration and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arranged for arms to be shipped from Libya to al-Qaeda in Iraq. This effectively established ISIS as an ally of the U.S. and the Muslim Brotherhood against the Assad Syrian government. Interestingly, the al-Qaeda/ISIS spokesman in that deal, Muhammad al-Adnani, was killed by a drone strike on August 30 near Aleppo. It would take many articles to cover the dubious relationships of President Obama and Hillary Clinton with Muslim Brotherhood leaders whose objectives are clearly hurtful to the American people and their cultural and political traditions. Obama’s foreign policy has been astonishingly pro-MB while damaging to the common interests and security of the American people. Yet the mainstream media ignores this glaring violation of public trust. Sound the bugle! The people must now raise the banners of truth! source

One of President’s Trump’s campaign promises was to designate the Muslim Brotherhood as a Terrorist Organization in America.

President Trump – It is NOT too late!

Brethren, this is how Satan works.  Don’t every underestimate him. Our God is so much more powerful than the evil one. Our God is in control.  But Satan is as smart as he is evil.

The alliance of the largest Jihadi groups in the world aligning themselves with BLM.   But don’t fret – believe God and His Word. Remember that He told us that perilous times will come and that deception will be everywhere.

We should not be deceived. We are His children and we have His Holy Word!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua