Seattle Police Chief Says Rapes and Robberies Are Occurring in CHAZ Area And Officers Can’t Respond

Can you imagine this scenario where you live?

Those living in the “CHAZ” six block section of Seattle are not imagining it – they are living it!

Just think if this insanity continues and fall approaches and schools are reopened – just imagine (God forbid) a school shooting happens and there are no officers available?

President Trump

Talk about a damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t scenario!  If President Trump does nothing, then he is immediately called weak and ineffective.

If he does the right thing, which I believe is to bring in the National Guard and our Military; and there will very well be carnage when all is said and done – then our president will be crucified by the leftist media as a heartless tyrant.

It’s the Globalists/Deep State Against America

It’s not complicated to figure out why this insanity reigns in our cities. George Soros is funding ANTIFA and Black Lives Matter. Now, Jihadists are in the mix – Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Hamas and other offshoots of MB have entered the fight.

They are opportunists but we also have to understand how this is all being orchestrated.  Criminals in our jails have been indoctrinated with Islam for at least a decade or more.  Many of them have become Islamists.  But also, many of the most hardened criminals have been let out of jail.

This is a scenario for terror like we’ve never seen on our mainland since 2001. With Soros’s money and the backing of the largest Jihadist groups; and the sleeper cells that we’ve all been told are at the ready to bring destruction to America – this is going to be ugly.

God is Allowing all of this

If our Lord did not want any of this chaos to be happening – it would not.  But God is allowing this to happen for His own reasons.

It’s the Globalist world against America. Remember when many of us have noticed that America does not seem to appear in the end times. I believe that perhaps this is the case because our once great country will be destroyed.  Of course, I don’t know this, I’m just surmising what may happen.

I felt so bad for this man from the “CHAZ” area who was interviewed. He is terrified and I’m sure that his fear is running through that entire area:

Brethren, I know that we are all praying for America. This is a time such as we have never seen in our lives.  Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe that many are hungry to hear it!

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Shalom b’Yeshua