JEWISH LIVES MATTER and Why I Never Owned a Ford

Go ahead. Skip over this article – I’m used to it by now.

For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew’ ‘Jewish’ ‘Israel’ or anything pertaining to my people – the readership plummets.

I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the church. My husband and I had to leave four Baptist churches because of Jew Hatred. YES – BAPTIST CHURCHES. 

I apologize for my anger today as I write this, but I do not apologize for the FACTS that I will present to the reader (IF) you are still reading this.

Living in a World which naturally loathes me

I learned about Rabid Jew Hatred on the streets as a young girl. I was called:

  • Dirty Jew
  • Penny pinching Jew
  • Hook nosed Jew
  • Filthy Jew
  • Kike
  • Christ killer Jew

Did I miss any?  I’m sure I did, but those are the names I remember most.

Jewish lives do NOT matter to this world

As I watch the paid thugs destroying our country, and as I hear the Black Lives Matter mantra, I am sickened to my core. My own children, who have been won over by the Left have become self-hating Jews.

Did we not have a Black president for 8 years? 

Let me think about the last Jewish president – oh wait – there has never been one.  Silly me.

My ancestors were NOT here when slavery came to America. No – we were busy being systematically slaughtered by Jew Haters in Ukraine.

Jewish blood is cheap to this world.  

And that pesky number 6,000,000 is forever engrained in my brain, along with black and white pictures of the lifeless bodies of my starved and tortured people being bulldozed into mass graves by Hitler and his SS. I grew up seriously wondering if there was something inherently wrong with the German people.  

That may sound unfair to the reader, but I could not wrap my Jewish mind around the fact that many Germans knew about the genocide, and made cabbage soup in their kitchens to mask the horrid smell of burning flesh.  Yes, that is a fact.

Why I never bought or drove a Ford

My dad, who is in heaven, told us when we were young that we were never to buy any vehicle made by Ford Company. It had something to do with Henry Ford being a Jew hater. Oh, you didn’t know that? 

Well, if you are still paying attention and reading, I will give you proof why my father held this conviction:


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