JEWISH LIVES MATTER and Why I Never Owned a Ford

Go ahead. Skip over this article – I’m used to it by now.

For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew’ ‘Jewish’ ‘Israel’ or anything pertaining to my people – the readership plummets.

I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the church. My husband and I had to leave four Baptist churches because of Jew Hatred. YES – BAPTIST CHURCHES. 

I apologize for my anger today as I write this, but I do not apologize for the FACTS that I will present to the reader (IF) you are still reading this.

Living in a World which naturally loathes me

I learned about Rabid Jew Hatred on the streets as a young girl. I was called:

  • Dirty Jew
  • Penny pinching Jew
  • Hook nosed Jew
  • Filthy Jew
  • Kike
  • Christ killer Jew

Did I miss any?  I’m sure I did, but those are the names I remember most.

Jewish lives do NOT matter to this world

As I watch the paid thugs destroying our country, and as I hear the Black Lives Matter mantra, I am sickened to my core. My own children, who have been won over by the Left have become self-hating Jews.

Did we not have a Black president for 8 years? 

Let me think about the last Jewish president – oh wait – there has never been one.  Silly me.

My ancestors were NOT here when slavery came to America. No – we were busy being systematically slaughtered by Jew Haters in Ukraine.

Jewish blood is cheap to this world.  

And that pesky number 6,000,000 is forever engrained in my brain, along with black and white pictures of the lifeless bodies of my starved and tortured people being bulldozed into mass graves by Hitler and his SS. I grew up seriously wondering if there was something inherently wrong with the German people.  

That may sound unfair to the reader, but I could not wrap my Jewish mind around the fact that many Germans knew about the genocide, and made cabbage soup in their kitchens to mask the horrid smell of burning flesh.  Yes, that is a fact.

Why I never bought or drove a Ford

My dad, who is in heaven, told us when we were young that we were never to buy any vehicle made by Ford Company. It had something to do with Henry Ford being a Jew hater. Oh, you didn’t know that? 

Well, if you are still paying attention and reading, I will give you proof why my father held this conviction:


26 thoughts on “JEWISH LIVES MATTER and Why I Never Owned a Ford

  1. robinl60

    Hi Geri,

    I totally agree with your post. Many people in the world continue to hate Jews, with all manner of excuses.

    I am not Jewish but have many friends who are, and I clearly see the ongoing hate toward the Jewish nation, even by Jews! The prejudice against Jews comes from both within and without. It is a very sad thing, indeed.

    I am praying for your children to repent and find the Lord; my daughter too is caught in a relationship of sin and is leaning more to the Left every day as a result.

    All we can do is pray and trust God. Jesus is coming soon.




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  2. roxy ogden


    *”The further society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.” * *George Orwell* “The goal of Socialism is Communism” Vladimir Lenin

    *Eyes on the skies *<*

    On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 12:12 PM Absolute Truth from the Word of God wrote:

    > Geri Ungurean posted: ” Go ahead. Skip over this article – I’m used to it > by now. For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew’ > ‘Jewish’ ‘Israel’ or anything pertaining to my people – the readership > plummets. I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the ch” >

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  3. Nancy Korenchen

    Geri, I would think that most of your readers will not only “hang in” with all you write here, but have heartfelt disgust of anti-semitism, and sorrow for the horror God’s chosen people have had to endure. And we agree and love you more for taking a stand. I do!

    And I so agree with the unfairness of black injustice being any more touted then any other ethnic group in this country, starting with native Americans who we slaughtered and lied to, your Jewish ancestors, the Chinese shipped in for hard labor, Mexicans misused to harvest in America’s fields and orchards for ongoing decades, and on and on. Our country has a shameful history of abuse that too many people carried on in racist attitudes and actions, horrifically even today. It does seem institutionalized by now.

    I wonder about the Jewish put-down and BDS etc by so many “Christian” centers, And if plain jealousy is behind it… thus wanting to replace Israel as God’s favorite child, so to speak. They deny all the blessing that the world received through Jesus, through the Jews. And I would never buy a ford either, based on this.

    You certainly kept this loyal reader, and may He bless you for sharing Truth!

    Your gentile sister, one in Messiah, Nancy Korenchen nebraska


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    1. I believe that Satan hates the Jews more than any person can hate them. And I do blame him for placing that hatred in the hearts of so many people throughout the ages. Why does he hate my people so much? Because he knew that the Savior of mankind came to earth from the lineage of Jesse and King David. Hatred of Jews is a learned behavior, just like racism is learned in the home. Being from a Jewish home, our father always told us to never be racist toward blacks; and he said that if he ever heard that N word uttered from any of us, we would be severely punished.

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  4. Terri Wilson

    My husband Gary and I are Roman Catholics and Trump-supporting Conservatives/Republicans, both of whom experienced discrimination and bullying in our own neighborhoods: Gary, for having parents who were less wealthy than the majority of his suburban neighbors, and I, for having been born to first-generation Italian-American parents, and I certainly empathize with you and regret your painful experiences. In addition, I, too, have researched Ford and his Foundation, as well as “George Soros” and the people and groups he funds, and I agree with your findings. I am also extremely unhappy with the Church’s so-called “pope,” as well as the downright LEFTISM exhibited by Bergolio, the bishops, priests, and so many others that I’ve become very angry and resentful, to the point at which I even fear for my soul, which is causing me even more distress. I appreciate your article and am very interested in reading many more of your articles, particularly as I feel so “abandoned” at this particular time.

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    1. Dear Terri, I don’t want to hurt you while you are feeling so “abandoned” but I would be remiss if I did not tell you that God wants you to leave the Catholic Church and He wants to show you Freedom in Christ – under GRACE not works. The Catholic Church teaches a works based faith. That is NOT what Jesus accomplished for us when He shed His blood to pay for the sins of the whole world – all the Father asked was for us to repent (agree that we are sinners in desperate need of a Savior) and to Trust Jesus for Salvation. THAT is the Covenant of GRACE. God knew that none of us (not one) could keep His whole law and in His mercy and love, He sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, to pay the penalty for our sins. He just asks for us to trust and believe that Jesus did this for you – for me -for your husband – for ALL who name the name of Jesus as their Savior. I just wrote this article a couple of days ago: I hope that this helps. If you have any questions, my email is


  5. I am sad that this continues today. This is a spiritual battle that works evil. But, Geri, we know the end of the Book. The Jews are the spiritual Wife of God the Father and He will raised them up again. He will reign in Jerusalem for a 1000 years.:)

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  6. Brian

    For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew’ ‘Jewish’ ‘Israel’ or anything pertaining to my people – the readership plummets.

    I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the church. My husband and I had to leave four Baptist churches because of Jew Hatred. YES – BAPTIST CHURCHES.

    I apologize for my anger today as I write this, but I do not apologize for the FACTS that I will present to the reader (IF) you are still reading this.

    *Raises Hand* I’m Still here! When I see [Israel-Jew-Jewish] I Especially TUNE IN!!!!!!!!!

    Yeah quite some MANY Independent Baptist Churches are totally going down the drain of Replacement Theology.


    I have enough Jewish blood in me to make me well.. Uhhh.. Gentile.. Hmm, So, No, That can’t be why…

    I have many VERY close Jewish friends? .. No, That can’t be it..

    I watched EVERY Episode of Seinfeld? (for real) No, That’s not it..


    Perhaps Jesus Christ AKA Yeshua HaMeshiach (Jewish Name and Title ) IS the King of the Jews! Last I looked when you attack and harm people of said King, Said KING Gets VERY Upset… Something about blood stained red robes treading the wine-press of WRATH… No No No I don’t want any of that….

    WARNING WARNING…… Do homage to the Son, that He not become angry, and you perish in the way, For His wrath may soon be kindled. How blessed are all who take refuge in Him! Psalm 2:12

    I just want to be one of these ten dudes:

    “Thus says the LORD of hosts, ‘In those days ten men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, “Let us go with you, for we have heard that God is with you.”‘” Zechariah 8:23

    If God is with you, I sure want to be coming along too!!!
    I believe that Love the Jew is to honor God.

    We Gentiles need to have the same Spirit of Ruth… But Ruth said, “Do not urge me to leave you or turn back from following you; for where you go, I will go, and where you lodge, I will lodge. Your people shall be my people, and your God, my God. Ruth 1:16

    And, maybe to a fault, I am more sheep-dog than dove. When I see antisemitism on display I tend to interject myself into DIRECT opposition to it and quite vocally.

    So when the newest fad becomes rounding up and killing Jews, I guess I’ll be dying along side them. NOT ON MY WATCH!!!

    Geri, you have a double portion. You’re a born again believer and a daughter of Sarah.. That means satan really hates you times 2. Wear that as a badge of honor as there is not much more pleasurable than being a thorn in the side of the adversary!

    Oh Hash-tag.. #JLM Jewish Lives Matter

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    1. My brother Brian, you have a way of making me laugh out loud and then weep. You gave me a good laugh, but I cannot stop weeping for my people. They are so stiff-necked and complain non-stop. But they’re MY stiff-necked Whiners and more importantly, they are HIS. The Time of Jacob’s Trouble will be horrific, but the joy that lies on the other side will bring my people Israel finally to the truth! They are God’s Chosen because out of them came Yeshua Hamashiach – the Savior of the Whole World. That is why I have always thought that this verse shows so clearly that He came for everyone:

      “And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice” (Genesis22:18).

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  7. Suzann Schonberger

    Thank you for your post, I will always read anything about Jews and Israel. They are God’s chosen people. Much loved by Him and should be supported by all Christians.


    God bless,

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  8. Thank you Geri for your post. Had no idea about Ford.
    The devil hates the Jewish people so we are not surprised when his children act accordingly. What annoys me the most in when Christians speak against the Jewish people. What ignorance! Was Jesus not born a Jew?.
    Looking forward to the return of Our Saviour.
    Blessings my dear.

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  9. My dad, who is in heaven, told us when we were young that we were never to buy any vehicle made by Ford Company. It had something to do with Henry Ford being a Jew hater. Oh, you didn’t know that?

    My father used to say the same thing.
    I have only bought dodges as my Father did.

    blessings in Christ, dear sister in the LORD;

    I agree with Maranatha:)

    We have a good, good Father who lives in Heaven and He loves us and I like the fact that it is Father’s Day today.

    My children, I believe feel much the same way yours do.

    My middle daughter, Jessica is a Public Health Nurse and now has her master’s in Public Health. I am only beginning to understand about vaccine’s.

    I pray for her all the time.

    My youngest daughter has been living with a Sikh man for over 12 years now.

    I try to share but my oldest is the only one who listens although at one time my youngest used to tell me, it does not fall on deaf ears, but I do not know now what she is thinking b/c we have not spoken in years.

    I do not find you angry or sarcastic, just telling the truth and thank you for doing so:)

    I remember reading a book on why the Jews were murdered. It was trying to say that we all would have followed. It had on the picture the iconic photograph of a Nazi soldier shooting the last Jew in town of Vinnitsa.

    I chucked out the book and kept the picture b/c pictures tell a thousand words and the picture id that.

    On September 16 and September 22, 1941, the Nazis rounded up all of the Jews in the town of Vinnitsa, Ukraine, and executed them. Pictured here in this famous photograph we see a man, kneeling before a pit filled with bodies, about to be shot by a German soldier. This photograph was found among a German soldier’s photo album, and on the back was written the title “The Last Jew of Vinnitsa”.

    A Wehrmacht officer who observed the slaughter described it in all its horror. The people were told to show up at the already dug pit for a “census”. They were then forced to disrobe and turn in all their belongings. A row of naked people were then lined up along the pit, and mowed down by German soldiers using pistols. The next group would be ordered to shovel quicklime onto the still-writhing bodies in the pit, then repeat the process of undressing, turning over their valuables, and being shot – until each and every one of them joined their families and neighbors in the pit. All 28,000 Jews from Vinnitsa were killed in this manner.

    I really do not know what else to say anymore or pray anymore.



    In Christ/Yeshua Ha Mashiach


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  10. I am of German/Scottish heritage as is my husband. We care about the Jewish people.
    We are both commited born-again Christians (and were pastors at one point in our lives). We have had the privilege of going to Israel. My favorite place was the Western Wall.
    We wanted to support the Jewish people and Israel and so subscribed to a sevice that sends us a monthly box full of things made in Israel. It is a little bit costly for us, but we wanted to support the Jewish people, Israel and the Buy, Suppolrt and Develop movement in a practical way. This box helps 7 – 9 business people support their families.
    Many Christians do care about the Jews and realize that Jesus was Jewish. May we all walk together as one new man in Him.

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  11. Anne-Marie Murnion

    Dear Geri You are right to speak up From now on I will say Jewish Lives Matter and Unborn Lives Matter I never knew that about Ford, but I do now Love to you and I will pray for you, your family, your people and your country. With glory to our dear Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ Anne-Marie Murnion Kilkeel, Northern Ireland

    On Sat, 20 Jun 2020 at 17:12, Absolute Truth from the Word of God wrote:

    > Geri Ungurean posted: ” Go ahead. Skip over this article – I’m used to it > by now. For the last six years, whenever I write an article with ‘Jew’ > ‘Jewish’ ‘Israel’ or anything pertaining to my people – the readership > plummets. I have wondered about anti-Semitism within the ch” >

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  12. Charles Preuss

    Greetings Geri, I have enjoyed your “Absolute Truth” especially from God’s Word articles. Your personal feelings and various difficulties are examples of satanic attacks. He will destroy us before we realize the situation or before we can detect the silent lurking of the satanic demonic forces. We pray for you and your family. It is difficult to realize such almost undescribable events and trials are so effective against us.

    A small bit of history, My wife Sally and our family lived in Europe, specifically West Germany. The years in Germany were very challenging and as Baptist missionaries establishing churches it was a real challenge. The challenge of spiritism and pure demonic forces was a reality. Too many events even to describe. Perhaps I shall write a book sometime?

    I just wanted to let you know we understand you’re possible conflicts with various Baptist churches, we only wish we could sit down together and share. We are now in our 80”s and still going as strong as possible. Fully understand the separation of family members, especially our children. Love is still very powerful force and the most important reality is that down deep in their hearts they know we will always love them.

    With warmest regards and also that special Christian love, Charlie and Sally Preuss Phil.1:21


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  13. Terri Wilson

    Hello, Geri. Thank you for your reply. Oddly enough, although my husband chose to convert to Roman Catholicism, his side of our family are all Protestants; the closest to us are 2 Episcopalian cousins, one of whom, very unfortunately, passed away far too young from cancer, and I miss her terribly. As for your suggestion, I could never, and would never leave my Roman Catholic Church or its religion, even though it’s been infiltrated by evil. Bergolio/Francis did NOT found the Church; Jesus founded it, and the Jews were among the first Christians/Roman Catholics, along with many Gentiles. Jesus renamed Simon and called him “Peter,” meaning “rock,” and asked Peter to lead the Church, and asked His apostles and disciples to continue it on through the generations. Jesus also instituted the various Holy Sacraments, and explained to His chosen leaders what to do and how to do it in order to carry on His Church. We have had bad Popes in the past, but we have survived. We’ve had heresies galore, yet we’ve survived. However, with each onslaught, Satan and his minions manage to come back even stronger, but we have extremely strong tools to fight them, including the Rosary.(Please refer to “Nigerian Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme” and “vision of sword/Rosary”). So it is with this extremely powerful sword that I and my fellow believers must and will fight the many devils attempting to completely destroy our Catholic Religion and the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ, which is Jesus’ “earthy home,” so that we can one day join Him in Heaven. May God bless you and yours always.


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