US Muslim Brotherhood Op Protesting in California, Declares War on Police

An “add on” to my earlier piece on MB and Hamas connection with Black Lives Matter.

From US Muslim Brotherhood Op Protesting in California, Declares War on Police

Al-Qaeda-linked Nidal Sakr relives his Arab Spring days, here in America.


Nidal Sakr, a Muslim Brotherhood operative residing in Huntington Beach, California, has joined the protests being conducted in his local area calling for justice for George Floyd, a black male who died while being detained by Minneapolis, Minnesota police. A number of these protests have led to attacks on police officers. This seems to be to Sakr’s liking, as he has declared war on the police, calling the police “the enemy” and “terrorists.” He has also called President Trump a terrorist. Yet, Sakr himself was actually part of a terrorist cell, recruited by a founder of al-Qaeda, and he is wanted for the murder of a police officer. Where is the protest against Sakr?

After being born in Providence, Rhode Island, Nidal Mohamed Sakr spent his teenage years living in different countries in the Middle East. As a youth in the 1970s, Sakr was recruited into a Muslim Brotherhood terrorist cell operating out of Jordan and carrying out attacks against Israel. According to Sakr, the recruiter was none other than Abdullah Azzam, the future mentor of Osama bin Laden and co-founder of al-Qaeda. Sakr has boasted about knowing bin Laden, as well.

Sakr came back to the States, during the 1980s, and spent nearly two decades here, before moving on to Cairo, Egypt, where he became involved with the Brotherhood at its global headquarters. During the Arab Spring, Sakr advised Brotherhood leaders and organized Brotherhood rallies against then-Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. When Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power, the Brotherhood became a target. In March 2014, fleeing Egypt, Sakr arrived at the US border, where he was handcuffed and held for six hours but eventually released.

Since being back in the US: Sakr has been sentenced to death in Egypt for the murder of a police officer; he has said America will be “toppled” and Israel will be “obliterated”; and he has called for President Trump’s execution and the outright elimination of the Jews.

This month, on June 5th, Sakr gave the President a choice between life and death with the following warning on Twitter, “Let me be clear. Dear Donald Trump: You either take a knee Keepernick [sic] style or George Floyd’s. It’s your call. Either way you’re taking it!!!” Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick infamously knelt in protest, during the playing of the US national anthem prior to games. George Floyd died on camera, while Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin kept his knee pressed against Floyd’s neck for almost nine minutes.

Sakr has been visited by the FBI at least once for threatening the President. Others have received jail time for doing the same, but not him. Sakr’s fellow conspirators in Egypt have either been put to death or have gotten life sentences, while he lounges out on the beach by his home in Southern California. Sakr has gotten away with murder, literally (albeit allegedly).

Sakr resides in Huntington Beach, the scene of recent protests in response to the Floyd death. Sakr has happily joined in. As mentioned, he is no stranger to demonstrations, being a past rally organizer for the Brotherhood, and he wears his Arab Spring credentials proudly. Sakr writes, “I‘ve been there when few POS dictators were toppled” and “I have unseated dictators, thugs, terrorists & losers.” On June 3rd, Sakr proclaimed on Twitter, “American Spring.”

Sakr likes throwing around the term “terrorist” but gets upset when people use the term for him. On May 31st, he tweeted, “[F]ew f***head Donald Trump supporters calling me Terrorist!!!!” To Sakr, he is not a terrorist, everyone else is. On June 1st, he wrote that President Trump is “the Terrorist” and he labeled a cop “Terrorist in uniform.” In June 2017, he posted on Facebook, “US is largest Global Terrorist.” The reality, though, is that Sakr has been an actual terrorist. If someone was a member of a paramilitary terrorist cell, having been recruited into it by a co-founder of al-Qaeda, is it possible to describe that individual as anything otherwise?

On June 2nd, Sakr declared war on police, describing them as “the enemy.” While tweeting a video of a large DC Police presence at the ready to deal with protesters, he wrote, “It is war. Whoever caries arms against own people is the enemy.” Being that Sakr is wanted for the murder of a police officer and given his terror-related background, law enforcement should consider this a direct threat on their lives and should take Sakr into custody immediately. Sakr has over 17,000 followers on Twitter. His influence is substantial, especially within the circles of the radical Muslim Brotherhood. Sakr’s extremist behavior and words must be taken seriously.

Nidal Sakr is wanted for murder in Egypt, he has threatened the life of President Trump, and now he is declaring war on police. When will Sakr be off the streets of America facing the justice he so deserves? source

Brethren, we are at war with the Muslim Brotherhood. They should have been designated a Terrorist group by our president. Unfortunately that never happened.  This murderer should be extradited to Egypt where their president would toss him in jail with the rest of these hoodlums!

Pray pray pray!!  And share the Gospel.

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Shalom b’Yeshua




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