Meet Ray: Cuban Who Escaped Socialism by Windsurfing 90 Miles Warns America Against It

This video is powerful and inspiring.  I pray that the Lord uses this far and wide to warn Americans about the reality of Socialism which throughout history has morphed into Communism.


A story I will never forget:

After the turn of the 20th Century, my grandparents from both sides of the family came to America through Ellis Island, NY.  They had lived in Ukraine, but I also had relatives who lived in Russia, and they tried for many years to obtain visas to come to America to live.

I was told that on my mother’s side there was an uncle who was high up in the Communist Party of Russia; and this was the problem for many in my family – they were denied visas because of this uncle whom I never met.

Uncle Micha

When I was about 12 years old, our family was told that Uncle Micha would be coming to visit us.  He was coming from Russia. It was a good thing that Uncle Micha spoke Yiddish – my parents would not have been able to converse with him otherwise.

It was amazing watching this man as he observed our life and ways in America.  He was astonished at so many things.  I remember the first night that we had dinner. I had set the table and put napkins out like we always did.  Uncle Micha was horrified. He said Nyet Nyet!  And then proceeded to take each napkin and tear it in half.

He told my mom and dad that in Yiddish, paper was like gold – very expensive and hard to find.  He told them that the people used newspaper for toilet paper. We were quite wealthy and I loved watching my uncle as he gazed in astonishment at almost everything in our home. He was also amazed that we had so much food in the house. He spoke of waiting in long lines to get bread and milk.

Uncle Micha knew virtually nothing about Judaism. He knew that he was called a “Jew” and that he was considered different (not in a good way) but my uncle knew very little about what it meant that he was a Jew. He had never celebrated any of our holidays.  He did not know about Passover. Because I was so young, I really didn’t comprehend all of this.  I just thought that perhaps the Jews in Russia were not interested in their heritage.  But I was so wrong.

My father had grown up in an Orthodox Jewish home. My mother in a secular Jewish home.  I watched my dad as he spoke Yiddish to my uncle and explained many things about the heritage of my people.  I think that Uncle Micha did not even know about the Holocaust. I remember feeling very sorry for him.

Believing in God and Communism Do Not Mix

I soon realized that the reason that my uncle knew nothing about being a Jew was because the Communist government IS the god of the people.  They would not tolerate competing with God for anyone’s allegiance.

I’m pretty sure that there must have been some Jews and Christians who were worshiping in secret in Russia.  The punishment for doing such things was execution.  But my people who were in Russia obviously were not part of any underground groups who bravely came together in secret to worship.

Aunt Manya

When Uncle Micha returned to Russia, his sister, Aunt Manya came for a visit. I remember that she had such a sweet face and beautiful white hair. She also spoke Yiddish with my parents.

Aunt Manya (which means “bitter” in Russian) told my parents that the government assigned jobs for every person.  She was assigned to be a nanny for the children of a couple who were in the Communist Party.  She told my parents that she was also assigned a place to live. She said that it was one room and quite small. Can you imagine what she thought of our large home and my father’s Cadillac?  Aunt Manya was so amazed at our way of life. Like Uncle Micha, Aunt Manya had no idea what it really meant to be a Jew. She knew that she was a Jew, but that was it.

Finally, Micha, Manya and Many Cousins moved to NYC

When I was around 16 years old, my parents told us that Uncle Micha, Aunt Manya and about 12 cousins were moving to NYC.  I’m not exactly sure why, but we never met our cousins. I do remember my parents speaking of the hard time all of the relatives were having adjusting to living here.  The main problem was that they were not familiar with freedom. In Russia every decision had been made for them about their lives.  Freedom was a concept so foreign to them. I know they struggled for years.  As I said, we lost touch with them; but I thought about them often.

Antifa and Other Groups Paid by George Soros

I wonder if most people understand that these groups i.e. Antifa, Occupy, BLM, Open Borders and the rest of the Soros funded groups have one goal. George Soros wants to see the destruction of America. He hates Capitalism. He hates our Republic.  And he knows that America stands in the way of the coming NWO.

Many are wondering what will happen on November 4th. The Antifa anarchists are promising a Revolution.  Only God knows what will happen, and thankfully, He is in full control.

When I think of George Soros and how he has wreaked havoc across the globe, I think back to my relatives who had lived in Communist USSR. I think of our freedom here in America.  We still have the right to assemble and worship our God freely.

God changed America’s direction when President Trump was elected. I believe that if Hillary Clinton had won, our rights would have slowly been taken from us; like the frogs in the pot of water, jumping about gleefully, not realizing that the water was being heated so very slowly, until the heat finally destroyed them.

We must trust only in the Lord

We don’t know what the future will bring to America.  But praise God, we do know our eternal destiny because we belong to the Lord.  We await His coming in the clouds to take us from this wicked place. We know that we will never be apart from Him again!

Do you Know the Lord?

I don’t mean “Do you believe in God?”  The Bible says that even the demons believe in Him and they tremble.

“When He had come to the other side, to the country of the Gergesenes, there met Him two demon-possessed men, coming out of the tombs, exceedingly fierce, so that no one could pass that way.  And suddenly they cried out, saying, “What have we to do with You, Jesus, You Son of God? Have You come here to torment us before the time?” (Matthew 8:28-29).

Clearly, believing in God and knowing Him as your Lord and Savior are two separate things. Do you want to know the Lord? Are you sorry for your sins?  Have you wondered how to be right with Him?

How Can I Be Saved?  <click this link

Brethren, pray for our president and his family and administration. Pray for the lost among your family and friends. Share the Gospel of Jesus Christ boldly. We will be rejected by many, but ours is to obey the last words spoken by our Lord Jesus to “Go and makes disciples.”

Please share this article, especially for the powerful video. I pray that many who do not know about Socialism/Communism will wake up!

Shalom b’Yeshua







15 thoughts on “Meet Ray: Cuban Who Escaped Socialism by Windsurfing 90 Miles Warns America Against It

  1. As Braveheart said, “they can take our lives, but they can never take our freedom”. Because our liberty is hid with God in Christ.

  2. I chose to serve in the military as Dad served and my Mom survived Hitler’s reign of terror, all my life I have know that freedom is something you shouldn’t take for granted. As a young girl I met many who survived the horrors in Europe, they were easy to distinguish and I felt drawn to them. I knew quite a few who escaped the Communist, Socialist or Dictatorial regimes during my time in the military. They chose to serve our Nation in whatever capacity they could, whether as translators, Intel analysts, soldiers, or through humanity programs. Some shared their stories verbally and others were silent, but their story was visible through their actions, reactions and the pain etched in their eyes. Many I know, to include my own Mother, have warned repeatedly over the past decade or so, that we are on the cusp of change, just as Germany was in 1933. I, like many of you here, put my trust in my Lord Jesus Christ and for the will of Abba Father to be done. However, I am also asking as Abraham did, if there is 10, will You spare the city, kingdom, nation for 10? We need to humble ourselves and come together in a holy convocation as in 2 Chron 7:14, remember in Acts, the believers met together on a daily basis and prayed and gave thanks.

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