Update on Soros and Other Leftist Elites Funding Apostate Church Movements: Has This Infiltrated YOUR Church?

Last year I wrote an article about the church being infiltrated by the Social Justice false gospel and how this is being funded by Leftist Elites like George Soros.  I am updating that article today.

Pastor Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church in CA put out a prophecy update video which I watched yesterday.  In this prophecy update, Pastor Brandon speaks about this Social Justice movement and how it is sweeping many churches like a tsunami, and corrupting sound teaching.

“Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching. For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables” (2 Timothy 4:2-4).

At the heart of the Social Justice gospel is Marxism. If you have been following the news of late, you have certainly heard about people marching against persecution of  minorities in America.  Who are the supposed villains causing this persecution?  The White man is at the heart of the rhetoric of Social Justice; and in particular Leftist billionaire elites are funding and propagating this false teaching.  Yes, you read that right.  Many false teachers in mega churches are receiving much money from these very evil Leftist elites.  Once again……..follow the money.

J.D. Hall wrote a story about this and it was published in Pulpit and Pen. Pastor Brandon gives credit to Mr. Hall for his thorough and eye opening research.

Pastor Brandon’s Prophecy Update:

Zack Exley

Zack Exley also used to run the site Revolution in Jesusland, a blog that sought to create dialog between the secular left and groups within Evangelical Christianity that promote economic and social justice as a matter of faith.

I want the reader to understand that I am not aligning myself with Pulpitandpen and JD Hall theologically by citing an article which I believe to be truth. This should be used to open the eyes of many Christians who have been bamboozled by the Social Justice false gospel.

From Pulpitandpen.org

One Year After Our Church Stood Up Against Social Justice: Can You Hear Us Now?

One year ago today, I stood in the pulpit and preached a sermon entitled Social Justice is Not the Gospel. The text was from Colossians 2, and I named Social Justice among the vain philosophies and empty deceits that are according to human traditions and the spirits of our age that take captive Christians and churches.

In that sermon, I said…

“You can mark my words, 2018 will be seen as a benchmark year when evangelical believers in America abandoned grace for the sake of justice, abandoned the Good News for Fake News, and abandoned the Gospel for the Law.”

The precipitating matter of which I was speaking was the MLK50 event, which is when the evangelical left – led by shadily funded parachurch organizations – went “all-in” on the anti-Gospel mission drift known as “Social Justice.”

All of American evangelicalism was focused this week upon a joint enterprise between the Social Gospel Coalition and the lobbying arm of the Southern Baptist Convention known as the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. Like the Cows of Bashan who have come running at the sound of a ringing cowbell, the well-to-do and who’s-who of the religious elite gathered to venerate Martin Luther King, who denied the deity of Christ, who denied the Virgin Birth, and who denied the Resurrection of Jesus. Heresy doesn’t go away just because you admire a man’s social convictions! I think it is fine and dandy to remember any lost person you want to remember who made worthwhile contributions to this cause or that one, but what you don’t do is pervert, prostitute or prostrate the Gospel to do it…let me tell you this, the Gospel is not the property of the Republican Party nor the Democratic Party. The Gospel is not the tool of the left or the right. The Gospel is not and must not be used as a change agent for one philosophical worldview over another…What I saw this week is a whole swath of Christians be taken captive and done so sinisterly in the name of “repentance.” It’s not repentance they’re advocating; it’s self-captivity. It’s editing the Gospel, not reclaiming it. It’s ruining the church, not reforming it. And this week I saw the Gospel drug through the mud, dressed up like a cheap harlot on Beale street, and made to lead a Mardi Gras parade in burlesque.

Ultimately, I called for our church’s resignation from the Southern Baptist Convention, of which I said:

“It has been a slow and steady drain of common sense and Scriptural competency, but I’ve stood and watched it with complaint and protest. But what I saw this week, I can’t stand and watch any more. The whole great swath of our denomination doesn’t need to scolded or reproved; it needs to be handed over to satan so that it can be taught.” source

Here is the article which I wrote in 2018 about the Social Justice gospel movement and how it could possibly be in your church!  Also, in this article, I spoke of George Soros funding this wicked movement:

“Hijacking Evangelicalism: George Soros Funding Apostate Church Movements”

Here is another piece I wrote last year on the false Social Justice gospel and its impact on the mid-term elections:

How the Social Justice False Gospel Was Used by Satan in the Mid-term Elections

Brethren – has this False teaching reached your church?  The only way you would know is to compare the teaching of your pastor to the Word of God.  Be a Berean!!

And if you find that your leadership is preaching “Social Justice Marxism” leave that place and do NOT return to it!  Do not think that this is only affecting a handful of Churches.  This is spreading like a virus, and your church may be infected!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua