Jews For Jesus Publishing Positive Articles on Kabbalah To Get Unsaved Jews To Be Interested in Jesus

I lost it yesterday.

I didn’t mean to blow up, but this has been brewing in me for almost a year.

Occasionally,  I visit just to see what they are up to – where they are going, etc etc.  Months ago, I did a double take when I saw on the front page of their site what looked to me as if they were condoning Kabbalah!  I had to read it a few times to make sure that I was understanding the gist of the article.

You know how some websites have a person pop up and say   “Hello, what can I help you with today?”  Well, JFJ always has that.  The first time I saw the piece on Kabbalah, I typed to the person and asked why they would be promoting or condoning this mystical practice.

He typed back an answer that made me want to say “yada yada yada” but instead I just went off the site.  What he had said was that JFJ did not approve of Kabbalah, but they felt that because so many Jews are into that, they might be able to talk with some of them about Yeshua.

It reminded me of the “Seeker friendly” churches.  “Come on in! It’s fine if you have short shorts with holes and a joint in your pocket – that’s really okay with us!!  Just come in!”   OY VEY!

The blow up

Yesterday, the article on JFJ front page was even worse about Kabbalah.

Here it is:

Kabbalah’s Best Kept Secret

And here are some others on Kabbalah from JFJ

Kabbalah – Fact or Fiction?

The History of Kabbalah

Spiritual Secrets?  A Messianic Jew Reflects on Kabbalah

The New Age: A Messianic View

There are lots more articles on Kabbalah and Mysticism.  But I’m getting nauseated putting the links in this article.  So if you want to read them, go to  Jews for Jesus  and look up ‘Kabbalah.’

Brethren, maybe I’m right or maybe I’m wrong; but I don’t see our Lord Jesus giving His stamp of approval to people who attempt to reel in Jews by first affirming something that we know is inherently evil!

Isn’t that called lying?

Anyway, just wanted to get this off my chest.  For those who are reading this – thanks for hearing me!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua