After Illinois Passes Worst Abortion Bill in the Country – They Are Plagued by Floating Spiders!

Brethren, you seriously CANNOT make this stuff up!

After passing an abortion bill which is worse than the NY bill, Illinois becomes plagued by “floating spiders.”

There is no way that this is mere happenstance.  Even the Illinois news sources are using the term “Plague.”

From Liveaction,org

METRO EAST, Ill. ( — Swarms of baby spiders were reported floating through the air and landing on cars and other objects in Illinois near St. Louis on Tuesday.

“They were floating in on little teardrop, teardrop looking clouds of silk,” said Joshua Holcomb.

Holcomb told KMOV he saw them at his apartment in O’Fallon, Illinois. There were also reports of spiders in Belleville, Mascoutah and Granite City. Students reported seeing spiders crawling all over their cars at the Southwestern Illinois College campus in Belleville.

“I’ve never seen anything like it,” Raneesha Bettis said.

A day later Bettis still had several spider and spider webs on her car. She said she was creeped out by the spiders.

According to Saint Louis University entomologist Dr. Geraldo Camillo, the spiders were doing something called “ballooning.”

He said many types of baby spiders release a string of silk in the shape of a balloon after they hatch. The wind catches the tiny silk balloons and carries the spiders away as a means to disperse the spiderlings. source

After reading about the cruel and heartless new abortion bill in Illinois, and then about the plague of “spiderlings” floating in the air in Illinois – well, it is not hard to connect the dots.

Our Lord is ANGRY!

And the unbelieving world has NO idea of the fury and anger which is coming to this wicked earth!

Brethren, keep your eyes on the clouds!

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Shalom b’Yeshua