Pastor Jailed During Drag Queen Story Hour: Swat Team Was Called In

Do you ever wonder what unbelievers are thinking about what is happening in our world today?  Have they already been sent “Strong Delusion?”

Does the reader remember back in the 1950’s when there were just “nice” people who were not Christians?   But from all appearances, they seemed like they may have been Christians – until you got to know them better.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that the EVIL that permeates every part of the lives of people is so blatant – so unbelievably  horrific; it does lead me to wonder if they are under some kind of delusion.

When I read the article which I will place in this piece, I immediate thought to myself “Can the world truly be going through this insanity – good is evil and evil is good – without questioning what in the world is going on??


Pastor Jailed During ‘Drag Queen Story Hour,’ SWAT Team Snipers Positioned Atop Library Roof

SPOKANE, Wash. — A Baptist pastor was arrested and jailed on Saturday after refusing to move across the street from the Spokane, Washington Public Library while exercising his free speech against a “Drag Queen Story Hour.” The event had a significant militaristic police presence, including camouflaged snipers positioned atop the roof to oversee the large crowd that stood both for and against the men dressed like women reading stories to children.

Afhsin Yaghtin of New Covenant Baptist Church was arrested for obstructing an officer as he contended with police that the South Hill Library is public property and that he should be able to speak adjacent to the facility instead of being required to stand across the street.

Video footage posted to social media shows police telling Yaghtin that if he does not support the event, he needs to stand on the other side of the street, away from the library — though those defending the drag queens were permitted to be on the same side.

Yaghtin then speaks to another officer, and is again told to stand across the street. He asserts that the library should be considered public property as the event is solely in one room.

“This is a public library. The only event that they’ve reserved is a private room,” Yaghtin argued. “The rest of the library is U.S. property. … I have the right to free speech wherever I want to speak.”

He was soon taken into custody and charged with obstructing the police, or as reports state, “trying to enter the non-designated protest area.” Yaghtin has since been released.

According to The Spokesman-Review, an estimated 40 police officers were stationed outside of the library. Those who supported the event — approximately 400 in all — stood adjacent to library property, and those opposed to the “Drag Queen Story Time” — about 200 concerned residents — were asked by police to stand on the other side of the street.

One photo posted to social media shows a man in camouflage standing atop the South Hill Library. The Charles Carroll Society also posted photos on its website of men on the roof holding binoculars. See here and here. Sgt. Terry Preuniger of the Spokane Police Department told reporters that the police had thought people were going to bring firearms to the library.

“From looking at online conversations, police expected to see people armed on both sides, which resulted in a strong police presence on Saturday, he said, but no civilians showed up openly carrying guns,” The Spokesman-Review states.

“The police presence was a little ridiculous. They had snipers on the roofs. They wouldn’t allow us into the library,” Anna Bohach of 500 Mom Strong told the outlet.

A law enforcement dispatcher supervisor through Spokane County 911 confirmed to Christian News Network that those atop the library roof were snipers “most likely” with the Spokane Police Department SWAT team as opposed to the county SWAT team.

Other photos of the event show three drag queen supporters dressed as “angels” with sheets for wings, appearing to do so to block out the opposition. Some present held signs such as “All hail the queens,” “God is love; why do you hate” and “Oh, look a guy in a dress reading to kids” with a drawing of Jesus surrounded by children.

“If Jesus was around today, He would be on this side,” one man who brought his son and daughter to the Story Hour claimed. His son wore a dress to the event.

One drag queen, who goes by the stage name Katie Rockswell, read a book to the children entitled “A Family Is a Family Is a Family.” The short story is about children having different parental situations, as some have a mom and a dad, some have two “dads,” some live with their grandmother, and some are split between both parents.

Those who opposed the event preached in the open air, held signs or sang songs. Signs included, “Teach your kids to love their DNA. Gender fluidity is a lie,” “Read the Bible,” “Drag = misogyny” and “Only Jesus saves sinners from Hell.”

According to reports, an estimated 50 children attended the event with their parents.

“May God use this for His glory and His glory alone,” Yaghtin said of his arrest on social media following his release. “God bless all my supporters and friends and those who inspire me to stand strong for the Lord Jesus by their godly example!” source

I have a question that has been gnawing at me ever since I read this.  The Swat Team – I wonder how many of their children are allowed to come to Drag Queen Story time and sit on the laps of these men?  I have a feeling that the majority of them would NEVER allow their kids to attend!

This EVIL is so thick and shocking.  We wonder how it will get any worse.

I know that I’ve been sounding the alarm about the persecution which is coming to Christians in America.  Please take heed of my words!!

Please be ready!!

How Can I Be Saved

Shalom b’Yeshua








12 thoughts on “Pastor Jailed During Drag Queen Story Hour: Swat Team Was Called In

  1. Margaret Kiemele

    This is heart wrenching!!! Last night for first time a local TV channel posted an ad….the word shine…comes forward with the agenda rainbow colours ,pushing the phots of all the gay actors from TV shows. What an abomination of not only what God calls evil, but also an afront on the word “ shine” ..a two front attack. My goodness judgment is coming. I do wonder when Jesus will call His church home, and how far into this we will have to go!!

    1. Margaret……..I wonder about that all the time. The evil we see now is jaw dropping but it’s only getting started. Can you imagine the evil during the Tribulation??

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  3. What is just as disgusting and horrifying is the parents bringing their children to that event. I would say that it’s unbelievable, but in the day and time, it’s getting to be not so unbelievable. We are certainly living in the end of the end.

  4. Adrie Lord

    Hi We are traveling through Croatia and arriving in Split the street were filled with swat police men . The date was Saturday the 15 th of June . So sad I did not take photos After asking around it became clear this was to protect and support the guy parade . We did not see many homosexuals and as far as we know no pride parade took place . This is powers being yielded beyond the norm . How can governments fund this unless it is to demonstrate how it will be under the antichrist rule ? Keep up the good work and God bless you and your family . Sister in Christ Adrie Lord

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  5. Brian

    Anyone with a superb, top notch, indoctrinated public (Government) school education can see this pastor is CLEARLY violating the law. He should get the electric chair for this… Don’t believe me? Here is law:

    1st amendment (Left utopia version)
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion unless it’s Islam, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof, unless its those bigoted Islamophobic/Homophobic Christians and Jews; or abridging the freedom of speech unless speaking against LGBTVQ persons or places, or of the press especially when it requires propaganda by way of fake news to advance the Left Wing; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble unless within 3000 miles of an women’s reproductive rights clinic, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances unless that government and/or official is a Democrat.

    Well…. To the Left I say:
    Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
    Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
    Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
    Now back to reality!

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