With Radical Muslims – Israel Hating Representatives in the House – the Possibilities are Frightening

Have you seen some of  the various videos about Rashida Tlaib since she was elected to our House of Representatives?

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Wiesenthal Center slams Muslim lawmakers for anti-Semitic, anti-Israel remarks

The Jewish human rights group writes to Nancy Pelosi to complain about ‘extreme’ comments from newly elected Democrats Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar

The Simon Wiesenthal Center wrote to House speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday to complain about comments made by two freshman Muslim Congresswomen, labeling them “extreme anti-Israel and anti-Semitic statements.”

The Jewish human rights group singled out Michigan Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib for comments she made earlier in the month questioning the loyalty of lawmakers who were pushing a bill that would protect states that penalize Israel boycotters.

Tlaib, in a January 6 tweet, attacked a Senate bill initiated by Senator Marco Rubio and Senator James Risch, an Idaho Republican, that incorporates four Middle East-related bills that languished in the last Congress.

One of the measures protects states that pass anti-BDS bills, including those that ban work with contractors who boycott Israel, from lawsuits. Civil libertarians have decried the state laws as impinging on speech freedoms.

“They forgot what country they represent,” tweeted Tlaib, the first Palestinian-American women in Congress.  “This is the US where boycotting is a right & part of our historical fight for freedom & equality.”

The Simon Wiesenthal Center decried the tweet, saying it was a “cynically alleged ‘dual loyalty’ screed, historically a dog whistle for anti-Semites.”

And it pointed out that “Tlaib also now endorses a ‘One-State Solution’ in the Holy Land.”

“Congressperson Tlaib has every right to be proud that she came to this country as a refugee and has every right to advocate for the rights of Palestinians,” said the letter signed by the center’s Rabbi Marvin Hier, and Rabbi Abraham Cooper.

“But Speaker Pelosi, as the leader of the Democratic Party, you should make clear that a one-state solution is a code word for the destruction of the state of Israel – home to the world’s largest Jewish population — and violates everything you and your father have spent your lives defending,” the Rabbis concluded.

The letter also complained about remarks by Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, who earlier this week defended a previous tweet calling Israel “evil” and said she couldn’t understand why American Jews would be upset.

“Those unfortunate words were the only words I could think about expressing at that moment,” Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour in an interview aired Wednesday night.

The tweet, which said that “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel,” came in reaction to Israel’s November 2012 operation against Hamas in Gaza.

“What is really important to me is that people recognize that there is a difference between criticizing a military action by a government that has exercised really oppressive policies and being offensive or attacking to particular people of faith,” said Omar.

Amanpour asked Omar if Jewish Americans “should be worried” about her views because of her support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel or tweets such as the one from 2012.

“In that tweet and in any other conversation I’ve had, I only talk about the State of Israel,” Omar said. “And I think it is really important for us to make sure that we are not associating the people with the country and its government.”

Prior to her election to Congress in November, Omar called BDS “counteractive” and said it prevents dialogue, but a week after her victory she told the Muslim Girl website that she “believes in and supports the BDS movement.”   source

But it was Leo Hohmann’s piece which sent shivers up my spine. 

From leohohmann.com

Excerpts from Leo’s article:

The lightning rod effect: How Rashida Tlaib is being used as an Islamic agent provocateur

When she ran for Congress last year, Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib received financial support from Muslims and liberals nationwide. Now she is being defended by those same elements as she uses vulgar language to call for the impeachment of President Trump and advocates for the destruction of the state of Israel.

Tlaib, as everyone knows by now, became one of the first two Muslim women elected to Congress in November, the other being Ilhan Omar of Minnesota. Soon after being sworn into office, Tlaib wasted no time introducing herself to America by publicly calling for the removal from office of President Donald Trump in the most vulgar terms imaginable, sharing at a news conference that she had told her young son, “Don’t worry honey we’re gonna impeach the Mother F—–!”

Tlaib also is known to be rabidly anti-Semitic. A map of the Middle East in her office has a sticky note pasted over the state of Israel that says “Palestine” and she is friends with pro-Sharia activist and Women’s March co-founder Linda Sarsour. Both Sarsour, who has called for U.S. Muslims to wage political “jihad” against the Trump administration, and Tlaib are Palestinian-Americans who actually are more Palestinian than American in their worldview. But Tlaib’s district in Michigan includes the heavily Islamized Dearborn and Detroit, so that’s how she ended up being elected to Congress.

This double standard was on display this week in Hallandale Beach, Florida, where Commissioner Annabelle Lima-Taub, a Jewish American, lashed out at Tlaib on Facebook. Lima-Taub announced she had signed a petition calling for Tlaib’s impeachment with the following words:

“Proudly signed. A Hamas-loving anti-Semite has NO place in government! She is a danger and [I] would not put it past her to become a martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.”

You can read the rest of the article here

Brethren, I ended the Hohmann article where I did for a reason.  The quote from Commissioner Annabelle Lima-Taub, a Jewish American from Hallandale Beach Florida, was not out of order – not at all.

We have seen the terror wrought by Islamists across the globe – from France to England to America and many other countries.  We have witnessed Islamists plowing down crowds of people with huge trucks.

We saw the horror of 9/11.

Why is it farfetched to wonder if these Islamist Palestinian loving (Israel hating) new members of the House might someday switch from Political jihad to Violent jihad?

What better place that the Capitol building of the U.S. to show the world what they really think of America and its Constitution?

As children of God we should pray for these newly elected Muslim women.  But we must also pray for our government – especially the Democrats, who embrace radical Islam as if it is something good.


How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua







From Jew to Completed Jew (Update)

I originally wrote this article in 2015. It was the first article I had ever had published.  This morning I found a testimony from another Jewish Christian (Joel Rosenberg) of “The Last Jihad” fame.  I am placing it here with my original testimony.

PLEASE share this with your Jewish friends and neighbors!

New York Times Best Seller, Joel Rosenberg, Meets The Author Of Life

“You might know Joel Rosenberg from his best selling novels, but you probably haven’t heard the story behind the author, how he was found by his Messiah, Yeshua!”  source

Original article “From Jew to Completed Jew”

Ever since I was a small child growing up in a Jewish home in Bethesda, MD, I remember having a hunger inside to really know the truth about Jesus Christ. My family was more “culturally” Jewish than religious. We went to synagogue on the High Holidays. My parents did send me to school in the synagogue, and I was confirmed (not Bat Mitzvah’d) at the age of sixteen.

While growing up my parents allowed me to occasionally go with friends to Vacation Bible School and Pioneer Girl events at their churches. I remember helping neighbors decorate their Christmas trees, and I remember a feeling of sadness that we did not have this in our home. My father used to say to us: “Jesus was a good man, and if the world would live by His teachings it would be a wonderful place – but, He wasn’t who He said He was.”

This confused me throughout the years because it was a contradiction in terms. A good man….but he wasn’t who He said He was? That meant that he was a good man, but a liar? This is what sent me on my quest to find out the truth about this “man” who completely changed history.

In synagogue, during class, I would raise my hand, and when called on, I would ask, “Who is Jesus?” The teacher would be more than a little annoyed at me. She would say, “Shhh…we don’t talk about Him! We are Jewish!” I remember getting my first Bible in the synagogue at confirmation. Obviously, it was only the Old Testament. I would read it at night in bed…I didn’t understand it, but somehow it made me feel warm and happy just holding it.

I grew-up, got married and had children. I kept having this gnawing feeling inside that I wasn’t “right” with God, and that I really didn’t know how to raise my kids the right way. I wanted to be a godly woman – I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but I did want to be a really good mom. I decided that the Catholic Church was where I needed to go to find God. A VERY old priest who began Catholic instruction with me, did not remember me week to week! He would say, “Have we met?” I think that he was a bit senile. 🙂

I just wasn’t feeling that I was going to have my questions answered in the Catholic Church, so I quit going.

A couple of years later there was a tragedy in my family; a woman I was very close to committed suicide. I lived in a high rise apartment building when this happened. In the hallway, a couple came up to me and introduced themselves. They told me they had heard what happened and how sorry they were. They said that they would like to help us during the funeral. They wanted to make food for us and also offered to watch the kids during the funeral. I didn’t know this, but they were Christians.

After the funeral, I was so upset with God. I remember walking up and down many flights of stairs—yelling at God….asking Him how He could let this happen. The Christian couple were making us dinner and planned to bring it over. I was crying so much, and really didn’t want company, so I decided to knock at their door to get the meal. When I went in, I began to cry like a child.

Everything came pouring out of my heart. John (the husband), sat me down. He began to tell me about Jesus. He told me about His love for me. He told me about salvation. It was miraculous, because everything was so clear! I told him I wanted Jesus to live in my heart. I told him that I was ready to repent of my sins and follow Jesus as my Lord and my Savior. John led me in prayer that night to my glorious Messiah Yeshua!

I had searched for God for many years… He came to me that night—a night that stands alone in my memory—forever.  My rebirth date was January 2, 1983.

I had never really appreciated being a Jew until I met Yeshua on that incredible night.  I lost most of my family when they found out about my believing in Jesus. But the Lord allowed me to lead my dad to Him on the night of his death.  I have another article about that amazing night, and also a miracle in my mom’s life as well. I will post that piece another time.

Praise Yeshua! He knew that my heart hungered to know Him. His faithfulness is beyond our comprehension.  I cannot imagine life  without Him!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua