Democrats HATRED of President Trump Much Greater Than Concern for the American People

If one sits all day and watches CNN or MSNBC, and believes everything that is being reported,  then they have become a Leftwing zombie.

Lenin had another word for these types:  Useful idiots aka today as Snowflakes.

People like George Soros – probably the most notorious geopolitical criminal mind in the history of the world – depends on the Snowflakes. These people do not think for themselves, nor do they explore the internet to vet stories which are force-fed to them by the Leftist fake news sources.


There are articles flying around the Leftwing universe about the people who are going without paychecks. I feel bad for these people – I do.  But what do you think  the Demonrats do to show compassion for these people? They go to Puerto Rico to a  lavish resort which charges $429 a night!  True story:

“Dems Fly to Puerto Rico on Chartered Jet, Meet with Lobbyists as Shutdown Drags On”

The Dems don’t give a rat’s patoot about the people.  “Let them eat cake” keeps resonating in my mind as I look at the news.  President Trump is trying desperately to keep Americans safe from harm by finally building the much needed wall on our southern border.

Globalist or Patriot?

Trump is not a globalist and this enrages the Left.  He is the leader of our great country. He knows what type of people are gathering at our borders  – wait.………NOT ALL of the people are MS13 gang members, or ISIS or drug lords………but it is very likely that these criminals and terrorists are in the mix. That is why we are a nation of laws! Laws protect the people.

Hey Snowflakes, do YOU want people who are bent on murdering you to be in our country? Personally, I don’t believe that the majority of Democrats (the voters) want murderous gangs and terrorists coming into America.

But the Dems in Congress are globalists. They don’t want borders let alone walls! They have been having a collective globalist meltdown since the day our president was elected.    I have three words for them:


But most of the useful idiot snowflakes spend their days watching news propaganda shows in which the commentator laughs at our president and Conservatives for saying that dangerous people are among those trying to enter America.

Fox News

Even Shepard Smith of Fox News (a known liberal) tells the viewers “Don’t listen to what is being said – we are not in danger – NOT AT ALL. I’ve also heard him talk about Antifa in the same manner.  “Move on……there’s nothing here folks. The real danger is President Trump and the GOP.”

I seldom watch Fox News anymore since the radical shakeup which makes it hard to distinguish them from the Snowflake stations. And I REALLY had to stop watching Shepard Smith.  I came very close to throwing shoes and anything in reach at my television.

Leftists live in LaLa Land

I love my children with all of my heart.  But I curse the evil spirits who snatched them away from the Lord during college. And when they fell away from the Lord, they also fell away from common sense and became radical liberals.

My children attempt to pull me into political arguments all of the time.  I have learned that I must change the subject quickly or a vicious fight will ensue. Not a discussion; I’m talking a verbal brawl with words said that cannot be taken back.  Once those words are said, it’s like toothpaste out of the tube and cannot be pushed back in.

Our oldest son is a doctor of Astrophysics.  He can verbally destroy me. As a matter of fact, our other son has the same kind of brain and I’ve learned that I am no match for either of them in arguments.  But I’ve also noticed that when I have attempted to show them TRUTH on the internet, they refuse and say that whatever I want to show them HAS to be fake news.

Obama and Abortion

In 2007, I did extensive research on Barrack Hussein Obama. I had a strong feeling that he had been propped up and supported by the Chicago Democratic Socialists of America (CDSA) when he became a state senator.

I went to the their site (CDSA) and pretended to be a person who was genuinely interested in their party. So, I went undercover? I guess I did!  There was a man back then whose name was Bob Roman. He was the head of the CDSA.  I began to write emails to him and said that I wanted to learn more about their ideas.

He would write back to me and describe their Socialist views, etc etc.  One day, while digging in and researching their website, I hit pay dirt on Obama. There were photos of him being honored at dinners for being victorious in becoming a Chicago Democratic Senator. I wrote to Mr. Roman and asked “How long has Obama been a member of your party?”   I never heard from him again.

My boys had been mesmerized by Obama ever since they saw him as keynote speaker at the 2004 Democratic National Convention.  It was alarming to me because these boys had NEVER been interested in politics. Well, actually our oldest son had been a staunch Conservative when he was walking with the Lord.

One day I told my oldest that Obama had been supported by the CDSA and I could prove it to hm.  He refused to look at what I had found. He told me that it HAD to be a fake website because Obama would never be part of that.

Partial Birth Abortion

On the same day that I tried to get my son to look at the CDSA so he could see the pictures of Obama being honored at dinners, I also told my son about partial birth abortion.

He said he didn’t even know what that was.  I described the entire procedure to him. He said “Mom, that it the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. People would NOT do that to babies!”  I offered to take him to various sites on the internet to show him that this was happening.

His response to me was “Wherever you take me will be a false website, so I will not look.”   To this day he believes that partial birth abortions were contrived by Conservatives to make Liberals look bad.   Can you imagine my frustration?  I prayed that in the privacy of his own apartment, he would look Obama and Partial Birth abortion up – even if it was to prove me wrong.

That was the only way that my oldest would see the truth.

Read About Obama and Socialist Affiliations:

Barack Obama Affiliated Organizations       <click here to read

Let me ask the reader a question:

Do you think that a party which celebrates the murder of innocent babies in their mother’s wombs cares one bit about the citizens of America?  That question is rhetorical.

The mass number of illegals which Dems are determined to bring over our border are of one importance to them:   VOTES!   Get them on our soil, connect them to entitlement programs and have them illegally entitled to vote  – Democrat of course.  It’s despicable and immoral.  But the Dems have no morals or scruples.

And if it were not for double standards, the Dems would have no standards at all!

Brethren, we as Christians are admonished to pray for those who have been appointed over us.  We must do this!   Without being born again and regenerated, these people CANNOT make godly decisions.  It’s starts with the heart.

Jesus changes hearts.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua