Wandering and Wondering WHAT in the World is Going On?

Today my husband drove me down to Baltimore for a doctor’s appointment. We were stopped at a red light when I turned my head to look at some store fronts.

There it was as plain as day “Same Gender Love.”  The window dresser had placed same gender mannequins dressed in same gender outfits.  They even had same gender clothes for dogs – no pink sweaters or lace – that sort of silly stuff.

I’m sure the dogs are all breathing a collective sigh of relief!  How they must have  hated their blue and pink sweaters and jackets!  The canines can finally be politically correct!  <woof woof>

Johns Hopkins Hospital

I decided that today I would take special notice of people who were possibly transgender.  I was astounded at the number.  Did all of these people have gender Dysphoria? Perhaps they were unhappy with their looks in general.

It’s futile to try to figure out what is happening.

But I do know this – these people are far from God and do not know the Love He has for them. THAT is very sad.  God makes no mistakes, and we are the gender which He chooses for us when we are born.

 He created them male and female, and blessed them and called them Mankind in the day they were created”  (Genesis 5:2).

The “Person” Across from Me in the Waiting Area

I tried to be discreet, but could not help but look at this person.  “They” (that’s the pronoun of choice) had the frame of a tall and large boned man, but was dressed in clothes  which were a mixture of feminine and masculine.  Then I heard “them” speak.  It was a high pitched voice, much like a woman.

Gender Dysphoria Used to Be a Mental Disorder

For those who  are not familiar with the term “Gender Dysphoria” it means that the person is certain that they were born the wrong sex.  Actually, the LBGT people are rather upset with the Transgender groups.

For instance, a Lesbian knows that she is a woman, but prefers to have relationships and sex with other women.  Same goes for gay men.

A Top Psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins wrote a paper on this subject. He is now retired.  His paper was so well received by the doctors at Hopkins, that for many years, Hopkins refused to do sex reassignment surgeries.

I wrote an article on this a few years ago:

“Transgenderism: “A Mental Disorder” Says a Top Psychiatrist from Johns Hopkins” <click here to read article       

Here are some excerpts from the article:

Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.

Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the former psychiatrist-in-chief for Johns Hopkins Hospital and its current Distinguished Service Professor of Psychiatry, said that transgenderism is a “mental disorder” that merits treatment, that sex change is “biologically impossible,” and that people who promote sexual reassignment surgery are collaborating with and promoting a mental disorder.

Dr. McHugh, the author of six books and at least 125 peer-reviewed medical articles, made his remarks in a recent commentary in the Wall Street Journal, where he explained that transgender surgery is not the solution for people who suffer a “disorder of ‘assumption’” – the notion that their maleness or femaleness is different than what nature assigned to them biologically.source

But as years went by, and Dr. McHugh had retired, Hopkins decided to jump back on the politically correct band wagon  – accept Transgenderism as real. They began their sex reassignment surgeries and do them unto this day.  I’m sure that these operations and hormonal treatments are quite lucrative for the hospital.

Also, Johns Hopkins had a reputation at stake here! They did not want to be called bigoted, transgenderphobic (is that a word?) and a host of other disparaging names which the Leftist news media would have been more than happy to report.

Insanity is the New Norm

I always feel out of place in this world. I know that we are just passing through. We are in the world but are not to be of it. But today I felt like I was on another planet. Who in the world would ever have thought that we as a society would embrace mental disorders and cater to the people who decide to “Trans?”

It’s Lunacy.

At the risk of sounding a bit crude, I must say this:   I heard a Conservative on the radio show say:

“If you’re confused about which gender you are, just look in your trousers.”

The Creator of the Universe makes NO mistakes.  He created man and woman and told them to be fruitful and multiply.  AHH….. here we have the caveat:

Globalists LOVE Transgender people.  WHY?  Because they are scheming in every way possible to bring our population down to………….wait for it………..95% less people than we have presently on planet earth.

7.7 Billion People need to be brought down to under 500 million

Do the math, brethren.  That does come out to getting rid of roughly 95% of the world’s population.  Don’t believe it?  It’s all in here:

“Georgia Guide Stones, Population Control and the Coming Antichrist”

And you better believe that the “ELITE” have plans for themselves. They do not plan to die; well at least not yet- they wish to rule with Antichrist.

So, what is happening in this crazy mixed up, upside down, evil is good and good evil, completely INSANE world?  I can tell you in two words:


Our God is allowing depraved minds to bring to fruition all of the madness we see.

Keep your eyes fixed on the Lord.  Make sure that you are nourishing your soul with God’s Holy Word.

If you are in a church which preaches that all of the aberrant behaviors: homosexuality, transgenderism, abortion et al are alright with God – RUN, do not walk to the nearest exit and do NOT return there.

Yes, there are fewer and fewer churches which rightly divide the Word of Truth. If you cannot find one physically, the Lord has enabled us to find sound teaching on the internet.

When you find a teacher who is teaching the whole Word of Truth (that includes Bible Prophecy) – bookmark it, and return to that place.

My husband and I love Adrian Rogers’ preaching. This brother is with our Lord Jesus now, but his incredible sermons continue to nourish the body of Christ.

Jack Hibbs is another pastor whom we love.

Here are a couple of examples of Pastor Jack’s teachings:

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua







Things That Bernie Sanders Does NOT Want You to Know About Socialism

I thought about writing this piece, but then just left it in drafts.  I figured that most people understand about Socialism.  But then I felt that it might be a good resource for people who have grown children who are “feeling the Bern” and are all in for Bernie Sanders and his Socialism.

Sanders is just the kind of person who Benjamin Franklin was thinking of when he answered a woman as he came out of the Constitutional Convention. She asked him what kind of government we had.

He answered her:  “A Republic, if you can keep it.”

I believe that most of us have read Franklin’s statement above.

But today I found the speech Benjamin Franklin made at the Constitutional Convention. Being 81 years old at the time of the convention, he had another member read it.

Here is a part of the speech:

“In these sentiments, Sir, I agree to this Constitution with all its faults, if they are such; because I think a general Government necessary for us, and there is no form of Government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and believe farther that this is likely to be well administered for a course of years, and can only end in Despotism, as other forms have done before it, when the people shall become so corrupted as to need despotic Government, being incapable of any other. I doubt too whether any other Convention we can obtain, may be able to make a better Constitution. For when you assemble a number of men to have the advantage of their joint wisdom, you inevitably assemble with those men, all their prejudices, their passions, their errors of opinion, their local interests, and their selfish views. From such an assembly can a perfect production be expected? It therefore astonishes me, Sir, to find this system approaching so near to perfection as it does; and I think it will astonish our enemies, who are waiting with confidence to hear that our councils are confounded like those of the Builders of Babel; and that our States are on the point of separation, only to meet hereafter for the purpose of cutting one another’s throats. Thus I consent, Sir, to this Constitution because I expect no better, and because I am not sure, that it is not the best.”  (emphasis added)

I must say that I was astounded at the wisdom and foresight of Franklin as he articulated his thoughts in this speech.  I also have a new appreciation for his well known words to the woman as he emerged from the Constitutional Convention. Benjamin Franklin knew much about the heart of man and the evils that lurk within.

Franklin had people such as Bernie Sanders in mind when expressing his fears that America’s government would be administered for a number of years, but eventually  end in Despotism.

Bernie Sanders would argue that Socialism is not an authoritarian government (despotic) but Sanders is no fool.  He knows history and he knows that Socialism as he and others perceive it, has never worked. It invariably evolves into Communism. Many would say “But look at the Nordic countries – it works there!”  That will be addressed further on in this piece.

I hope that many of my readers will print this article out and give it to members of their families who are feeling the “Bern.”

From foxnews.com

5 things Bernie Sanders doesn’t want you to know about socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., announced the official launch of his 2020 presidential campaign on Tuesday, and within just 24 hours, he managed to raise a whopping $6 million. Although Sanders joins a crowded field of contenders, many analysts say the 77-year-old Sanders is the frontrunner to be the Democrats’ choice to challenge President Trump.

Sanders, who nearly defeated Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination in 2016, is a self-described socialist who has been peddling destructive collectivist policies for decades—everything from single-payer health care to punitive taxes and radical climate change agreements. Make no mistake about it, Sanders, who honeymooned in Soviet Russia, wants to fundamentally alter American society and impose a socialist agenda on tens of millions of Americans who want the federal government to stay out of their homes and businesses.

Sanders is undoubtedly hoping that his candidacy will benefit from the recent rise of socialism in the United States. According to a February Fox News poll, one-quarter of U.S. voters have a favorable view of socialism, and the number is even higher for millennials. Similarly, a 2018 Gallup survey found 57 percent of Democrats support socialism, while only 47 percent said they have a favorable view of capitalism.

Although the popularity of socialism has clearly increased in recent years, it’s largely because most Americans don’t understand what socialism is or its long history of failure around the world. It’s up to those of us who support individual liberty and free markets to tell our friends, neighbors, children, and grandchildren the truth about the dangers of socialism. Below are five facts to help you spread the word.

1. Socialism has never worked.

One of the most damning evidences against socialism is that despite the fact numerous countries around the world have attempted to create societies in which many, most, or all industries are collectively owned and managed, those countries have never prospered.

The ultimate goal of socialism, according to Karl Marx and his followers, is to create a society in which all people share wealth equally. But whenever socialism has been attempted, it has always resulted in tyranny.

The reason for this is simple: In order for a society to collectively share wealth, a ruling class first has to be established that will take wealth away from those who have it. That necessitates giving significant power to a centralized authority, the government. Once government has this power, it’s reluctant to give it up, resulting in the sort of oppression we see today in Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela.

2. Tens of millions have died at the hands of socialist and communist parties.

Because regimes attempting to create socialist utopias inevitably turn to violence, socialism and communism have caused more death and destruction than any other political or religious ideology in the past century.

In research I conducted, relying on numerous scholarly studies, of 12 countries led by socialist or communist parties over the past 100 years—including parties in China, Cuba, North Korea, and the Soviet Union—I found there have been more than 167 million people who have been killed, murdered, or exiled in the pursuit of socialism. It would take roughly 56,000 terrorist events as deadly as the tragic attack by radical Islamic terrorists on September 11, 2001, to match the misery caused by socialists and communists.

3. Scandinavian countries do not have socialist economies.

For many years, American socialists have misled the public about Scandinavian countries like Denmark, Norway, and Sweden. Sanders and others, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., routinely refer to these nations as “socialist,” even though the evidence clearly shows they are not.

The world needs more wealth, not wealth redistribution, and history has proven repeatedly that you don’t create wealth by stealing it from some to give it to others.

For example, in the Heritage Foundation’s 2019 Index of Economic Freedom, Denmark’s economy ranked 14th, only two spots behind the United States. And in several categories—including “business freedom,” “monetary freedom,” and “property rights—Denmark’s economy ranked much higher than America’s.

It’s true Denmark, Norway, and Sweden have some large social welfare programs and high individual tax rates, but they also have very little debt, few regulations, and require all people in society, not just the wealthy, to pay a hefty tax burden. Further, the corporate tax rates in all three of these Nordic countries is only slightly higher than the current U.S. rate of 21 percent and much lower than the American corporate tax rate prior to the passage of the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Perhaps most importantly, Scandinavians are not better off than most Americans. They pay much higher tax rates; earn, on average, lower salaries; and pay significantly more for housing and basic goods and services.

4. Taxing the wealthy won’t pay for Bernie’s socialist plans.

Socialists like Sanders say that they can pay for their massive, multi-trillion-dollar programs by raising taxes on the wealthiest earners, but research shows this claim is false.

The Tax Foundation recently studied the potential revenues that would be gained by imposing a 70 percent tax rate on income above $10 million—a proposal backed by Ocasio-Cortez—and found that it would raise, at most, $291 billion over 10 years. That’s not enough revenue to cover even 10 percent of the estimated cost of Sanders’ “Medicare for All” health care proposal, which the Mercatus Center says would require $32 trillion in its first decade.

5. We need a wealthier world, not wealth redistribution.

Socialists like Bernie Sanders focus nearly all of their time talking about redistributing wealth, but what they never tell you is that research shows that even if the world’s wealth were totally redistributed, it would result in all people being relatively poor.

According to a 2018 report by Credit Suisse, “one of the world’s leading banks,” the total wealth of all the world’s households is about $317 trillion. If we were to divide that wealth among all adults, it would only leave about $63,000 per person—and that includes the value of the person’s car, home, land, and all possessions. In other words, everyone would be poor by American standards.

It’s evident from these figures that the world needs more wealth, not wealth redistribution, and history has proven repeatedly that you don’t create wealth by stealing it from some to give it to others.

The only way to help the world’s impoverished is to enact policies that promote innovation and enhance quality of life for all people. Thanks to relatively free markets and capitalism, that’s been occurring over the past 200 years at breakneck speed. The last thing we need is a socialist like Bernie Sanders getting in the way. source

However Bernie Sanders spins it, Socialism is the LAST thing our country needs.

I pray that this article will help the reader in the months to come. As of right now, Bernie appears to be the front-runner to challenge President Trump in the 2020 Elections.

We must continue to pray for our leaders and for the people in America. God’s will be done. He knows what has to happen to fulfill Bible prophecy.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua





Common Core Taught Our Children to Be Obedient Globalists: Is it Any Surprise That Most Millennials are “Feeling the Bern?”

“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who put darkness for light, and light for darkness;
Who put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”  (Isaiah 5:20).

This article is in no way meant to depress or bring a sense of hopelessness to the body of Christ. My hope is that the readers will begin to understand that we have arrived at this point in history because God ordained it.  Satan is at work to corrupt the minds and hearts of our children.

We must be on our knees daily for our children, the media, our government, educational institutions; and all other mediums which affect our children.

Systematic and well thought out plan

None of this happened by chance. It is well thought out and has been systematically implemented in our children’s schools.  Common Core was introduced in 2009 (during the reign of Obama) and now we are seeing the results. All we have to do is to look at millennials and see that which they are willing to fight for – SOCIALISM.

44% of young people in the millennial category are all in for Socialism. They are anti-Capitalists and anti U.S. Constitution.  I believe that the greater percentage of these young people do not truly understand “Socialism” nor do they know that most Socialist countries have morphed into full blown Communism.

They have been fed a steady diet of anti-Capitalism, Globalism, anti-Christian propaganda and a host of other un-American – pro Socialist dogma.

It used to be more of a concern on our college campuses.  We knew all about the predominance of Leftist professors lying in wait to pounce upon the Christian students – to belittle them in front of their peers. It happened in our family and I’ve heard stories from readers that they experienced this with their own children.

It is devastating.

But now, with Common Core Standards having been implemented in most of our schools – K-12th grade since 2009, the wolves (professors) on college campuses have a much less challenging mission. Many of their students from Christian homes have already been brainwashed and turned from their faith. This is NOT happenstance, brethren.   This is a systematic plan which has unfortunately been quite successful.   It is diabolical.

Common Core  AKA Commie Core

I wrote a piece on Common Core back in 2015.  We had noticed that our very bright grandson was suddenly struggling in school.

Some excerpts from that article:

The globalists at the UN have been very busy, openly plotting to impose what many call the “World Core Curriculum” and at the same time, eugenicists are working to drastically reduce the world’s population. Don’t you find it interesting that these globalists, and their plans for our world, are not exposed by the National news media?

I think it’s time for those of us who do care about these NWO initiatives, to state the truth – that the people who report the news are TOLD what to say. They are given the narrative, and commanded to stick to it.

We hear people say that George Soros controls the news. That is not heresay – it’s TRUTH! The billionaires DO control what is divulged to the public. The useful idiots are there to do the bidding for those who own them. If you are not using the Internet, and credible Conservative websites to get the REAL news — you are deluded.


That’s a pretty strong statement, right? I will prove this to be true.

On January 22 of this year, the Washington Post ran a story on a teacher who is finally speaking out about Common Core. Jennifer Rickert is a 6th grade teacher of 22 years in NY State. She has had it with the curriculum, and she is speaking her mind. She may very well pay a high price for doing so. I have the utmost respect for this woman.

The title of the article in the Washington Post is:


“Clearly, this is a set-up for the kids to fail. As students learn, they make sense out of new information through schema. Schemata are cognitive frameworks to which they can add to, or modify, as they learn new information. One could compare the requirement for children to understand these passages to expecting them to master algebra before establishing number sense; there is no foundation to build knowledge upon.”

Over the last few years, I have seen many parents cry about their child’s New York State test scores, and I have seen students cry because they can’t complete the tests. I began to question the validity of the assessments as they became more and more daunting for my students, but I believed that if I continued to incorporate the Common Core Learning Standards and provide the highest quality instruction, my students would be evaluated fairly. During this period, I kept the faith in our great state of New York and our educational leaders, hoping that there would be a fair resolution for the children.

Optimistically, I thought that if I remained professional, continuing to comply with the mandates, eventually things would change. So, I remained quiet. ​Today, I am a broken woman.”  source    Remember brethren – this is from the Washington Post!  Even THEY get it!


Distancing Parents and Children

“A recent study found that the Common Core model of education results in parents who are less engaged in their kids’ education and express more negative attitudes about schools and government. Does it need to be noted that kids desperately need their pre-existing, natural bond with their parents to get a good start in life, and anything that attacks this is bad for both the kids and society?”

“UN, Obama, and Gates Are Globalizing Education Via Common Core”

“For over a year now, Americans have been up in arms over the Obama administration’s unconstitutional efforts to bribe and bludgeon state governments into surrendering control over K-12 education through the controversial so-called “Common Core” national standards — and the outrage is still growing. A peek beneath the surface, however, reveals that the nationalization of American schools is actually just one component of a much broader global agenda being pushed by the Obama administration, the United Nations, Bill Gates, and others: the globalization of education.”

In fact, just this week, an invitation-only conference hosted by former Florida Governor and pro-Common Core ringleader Jeb Bush entitled “Globalization of Higher Education” took place in Texas. Among the attendees: Hillary Clinton, U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan, former World Bank President Robert Zoellick, UNESCO officials, university presidents, and more. While higher education appears to be the next target of reformers, the globalization of K-12 schooling is on the verge of completion — at least if the American people do not rise up and stop it.”  source

Watch what happens to a parent who questions Common Core

A women destroys Common Core Standards in 3 minutes!

Children in the U.S. are now ranked 40th in the world in Math, 24th in English and 25th in Science:

More from my article from 2015:


You see, Common Core is all about molding and re-shaping the children of America to be “obedient globalists.” The rights and interests of the individual are pushed aside, and the students are being indoctrinated and brainwashed to believe that they must only consider themselves part of the greater good.

We know that this “greater good” is the coming New World Order. Global warming and Green energy are merely a means to an end. The “end” here refers to the sustainable world order; a world where the population is controlled (under 500 million) and the minds of the people are also controlled by the coming One World Government.

This is why faith in God is in direct conflict with Agenda 21 and Common Core Initiative. Why would a government which plans to control the people, want to compete with a belief in, and allegiance to God? That is why all communist governments demand that their people be atheists. They want complete CONTROL over the masses.

“To prepare humanity for their vision, however, requires a new form of “education,” globalists admit. UNESCO calls it “Education for Sustainable Development.”

On its website, UNESCO, the self-styled global education agency, actually boasts of its plans. “The UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) seeks to mobilize the educational resources of the world to help create a more sustainable future,” the UN outfit explains.

“Many paths to sustainability… exist and are mentioned in the 40 chapters of Agenda 21, the official document of the 1992 Earth Summit. Education is one of these paths. Education alone cannot achieve a more sustainable future; however, without education and learning for sustainable development, we will not be able to reach that goal.” Before the term “sustainability” was in vogue, the late UN Deputy Secretary General Robert Muller, the architect of UNESCO’s “World Core Curriculum,” also offered some insight into the purpose of UN-led, globalized pseudo-education.

The goals:
“Assisting the child in becoming an integrated individual who can deal with personal experience while seeing himself as a part of ‘the greater whole.”

From wyliberty.org

Ideology of the Common Core

For a long time, Americans have perceived that student achievement levels have been falling behind those of other nations and that we need to do something about this. One effort to bring about improvement, led by the National Governors Association and the Council of Chief State School Officers, resulted in the creation of the Common Core Standards in 2009. Wyoming has joined 44 other states in adopting the standards, which are set to be implemented by 2014.

While it remains questionable whether or not the Common Core will actually achieve the goal of improving education performance, and whether or not it’s part of an effort to nationalize education, there is another aspect to consider: Beneath the debated aspects over federalism and effectiveness, the Common Core is a weapon of ideology. The writers of the Common Core have an opportunity to shape the way of thinking of a generation of Americans. An analysis of the English standards show the framers have chosen to use this chance to indoctrinate students with a very leftist ideology.

The Common Core is not meant to produce individuals willing to take initiative and innovate in the model of our successes over more than 200 years. Instead, it is designed to produce a graduate who is more willing to fit into a collectivist model. It teaches a heavily revisionist history in which America’s past consists of almost nothing but slavery, segregation, and other forms of racial oppression. These distortions impede the maintenance of a free and democratic America.

Read rest of article here

Brethren, as Christians we see the implications of the systematic indoctrination of our children to Marxist/Socialist thinking.  It goes without saying that there is no room for the Christian faith in this indoctrination.  It is quite the opposite. The children are taught that Christianity is a stumbling block for the NWO to come to fruition.

We must pray like we have never prayed.  But we also must understand that the Lord has allowed all of this to happen, and nothing surprises Him.  We are in the last of the last days and we know how this story ends.

I am still praying for unbelieving friends and family. But the closer we get to the end, the harder the hearts become of the Lost.

God is able to do anything He wishes to do!

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua



President Trump: Your Global Campaign Should Be For the Unborn Babies

To say that I am disappointed in our president for his announcement about decriminalizing homosexuality globally would be a gross understatement.

With all the publicity about the “Wall” and then the recent law in NY which allows killing mills to murder babies up to the day of delivery; I was hoping to hear outrage from President Trump over this, and an announcement of a campaign to STOP late term abortion.

Instead, we hear that he will fight for the LGBTQ cause and decriminalize this across the globe.  Is he going to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman,  and demand that homosexuality be decriminalized in that Muslim country?

I seriously doubt that. 

So, what would prompt our president to suddenly become a spokesperson for the rights of homosexuals?  A writer from wnd.com, Scott Lively says this:

“President Trump has put his conservative base in a terrible situation by allowing openly homosexual U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to lead a campaign to “decriminalize homosexuality” around the world. This gut-punch of a news story is being spun as a response to Iran’s recent execution of a homosexual man. While I believe I speak for most conservatives in saying I do not condone that execution, or capital punishment for any sexual crimes anywhere, I believe the Iran incident is simply a pretext for perpetuating the “All-In” Obama doctrine on LGBT issues by the U.S. State Department, and I think President Trump has been persuaded to cooperate on the false argument that doing so will mitigate leftist hatred of his administration here at home.

I have some bad news for President Trump: LGBTs and their surrogates in media, academia and government are IMPLACABLE. He will get no credit from the left, but will instead empower a small army of Trojan Horse “conservatives” among his base who are really progressive change-agents in disguise.” source

The wnd.com writer nailed it, and the reader can see the rest of his article here

If President Trump believes that he will be instrumental in the protection of gays in sharia ruled Muslim countries, then he is either extremely gullible or something else is going on here.

Votes over Conviction or is there NO Conviction?

When a sitting president makes an announcement such as this one, it is usually because he has been counseled by one of his advisors that doing so will help the Republican party in future elections.

Has this president forgotten that Conservatives voted him into office in 2016? Does he not know his own base?  As a Christian Conservative, I am outraged at his proclamation which tells the world that he believes that homosexuality is not only legitimate  – but in actuality he is saying that it is not sinful.

This has sent out mixed messages to both the Conservative base and the Left.

The Bible says this:

“he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I would have had more respect for this president if he had come out in defense of the millions of women from Muslim countries who suffer this torturous procedure. It is inhumane.

If the reader does not know what FGM is, here is a website which explains the procedure:  From the standard.co.uk   <click here to read


When we saw footage of the cheering amongst the NY State Legislature, when the bill passed which would allow babies to be murdered right up to the day of delivery; we (Conservative Christians) were shocked and saddened.

Personally, I hoped and prayed that President Trump would be as shocked and sickened as the rest of us.  Evidently, he does not feel that this new law which is spreading to other states, is worthy of his time.  Very disappointing.

Perhaps he did not watch the abortion performed on a full term baby which went viral on the internet. Perhaps he felt that it would be too graphic.  THAT is the problem.  People need to see the brutality and barbarism of late term abortion!

ALL abortion is wrong.  Late term abortion is both wrong and barbaric.

A friend said that these laws which will inevitably spread to other states should be called the “Gosnell Law” – named after the serial killer Kermit Gosnell. He is an abortionist who loved murdering babies. He even kept trophies in formaldehyde – hands, feet and various parts of his “kill.”

He is in jail.  A movie was made about this madman; but now I wonder if his attorneys are taking another look at his conviction.  They probably are asking this question:

“What did Kermit Gosnell do that is not now being considered the norm?”

Watch as the new law in NY is signed by Andrew Cuomo – the cheering is absolutely demonic:

Maybe this is a wakeup call for those Conservatives who feel that President Trump can do no wrong.  He is merely a man.

Did I vote for him?   Yes I did, but that vote was actually a vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton.  I know that there were and are many “Never Trumpers” and people such as myself were scorned by these people. They told us that we should NOT vote for Trump.

The Lord only knows where the U.S. would be if Clinton had prevailed.  As much as we resemble Sodom and Gomorrah, an America under a President Hillary Clinton may have been severely judged by this time.

Who knows what may have happened?  A devastating natural disaster or maybe a nuclear strike from Russia?

I cringe as I think about the presidential elections in 2020. Is true Conservatism now dead in the U.S.?

Will our votes matter?  Maybe not, but I will still vote for the person whose beliefs are closest to mine.  My trust is in the Lord and Him alone.  HE is in control, and if America votes in a Leftwing liberal, then that was what our God allowed.

Remember brethren, we are swiftly entering times in which a One World Government and Religion will be in place.

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly…….

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua