President Trump: Your Global Campaign Should Be For the Unborn Babies

To say that I am disappointed in our president for his announcement about decriminalizing homosexuality globally would be a gross understatement.

With all the publicity about the “Wall” and then the recent law in NY which allows killing mills to murder babies up to the day of delivery; I was hoping to hear outrage from President Trump over this, and an announcement of a campaign to STOP late term abortion.

Instead, we hear that he will fight for the LGBTQ cause and decriminalize this across the globe.  Is he going to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, Mohammed bin Salman,  and demand that homosexuality be decriminalized in that Muslim country?

I seriously doubt that. 

So, what would prompt our president to suddenly become a spokesperson for the rights of homosexuals?  A writer from, Scott Lively says this:

“President Trump has put his conservative base in a terrible situation by allowing openly homosexual U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell to lead a campaign to “decriminalize homosexuality” around the world. This gut-punch of a news story is being spun as a response to Iran’s recent execution of a homosexual man. While I believe I speak for most conservatives in saying I do not condone that execution, or capital punishment for any sexual crimes anywhere, I believe the Iran incident is simply a pretext for perpetuating the “All-In” Obama doctrine on LGBT issues by the U.S. State Department, and I think President Trump has been persuaded to cooperate on the false argument that doing so will mitigate leftist hatred of his administration here at home.

I have some bad news for President Trump: LGBTs and their surrogates in media, academia and government are IMPLACABLE. He will get no credit from the left, but will instead empower a small army of Trojan Horse “conservatives” among his base who are really progressive change-agents in disguise.” source

The writer nailed it, and the reader can see the rest of his article here

If President Trump believes that he will be instrumental in the protection of gays in sharia ruled Muslim countries, then he is either extremely gullible or something else is going on here.

Votes over Conviction or is there NO Conviction?

When a sitting president makes an announcement such as this one, it is usually because he has been counseled by one of his advisors that doing so will help the Republican party in future elections.

Has this president forgotten that Conservatives voted him into office in 2016? Does he not know his own base?  As a Christian Conservative, I am outraged at his proclamation which tells the world that he believes that homosexuality is not only legitimate  – but in actuality he is saying that it is not sinful.

This has sent out mixed messages to both the Conservative base and the Left.

The Bible says this:

“he is a double-minded man, unstable in all his ways” (James 1:8).

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

I would have had more respect for this president if he had come out in defense of the millions of women from Muslim countries who suffer this torturous procedure. It is inhumane.

If the reader does not know what FGM is, here is a website which explains the procedure:  From the   <click here to read


When we saw footage of the cheering amongst the NY State Legislature, when the bill passed which would allow babies to be murdered right up to the day of delivery; we (Conservative Christians) were shocked and saddened.

Personally, I hoped and prayed that President Trump would be as shocked and sickened as the rest of us.  Evidently, he does not feel that this new law which is spreading to other states, is worthy of his time.  Very disappointing.

Perhaps he did not watch the abortion performed on a full term baby which went viral on the internet. Perhaps he felt that it would be too graphic.  THAT is the problem.  People need to see the brutality and barbarism of late term abortion!

ALL abortion is wrong.  Late term abortion is both wrong and barbaric.

A friend said that these laws which will inevitably spread to other states should be called the “Gosnell Law” – named after the serial killer Kermit Gosnell. He is an abortionist who loved murdering babies. He even kept trophies in formaldehyde – hands, feet and various parts of his “kill.”

He is in jail.  A movie was made about this madman; but now I wonder if his attorneys are taking another look at his conviction.  They probably are asking this question:

“What did Kermit Gosnell do that is not now being considered the norm?”

Watch as the new law in NY is signed by Andrew Cuomo – the cheering is absolutely demonic:

Maybe this is a wakeup call for those Conservatives who feel that President Trump can do no wrong.  He is merely a man.

Did I vote for him?   Yes I did, but that vote was actually a vote AGAINST Hillary Clinton.  I know that there were and are many “Never Trumpers” and people such as myself were scorned by these people. They told us that we should NOT vote for Trump.

The Lord only knows where the U.S. would be if Clinton had prevailed.  As much as we resemble Sodom and Gomorrah, an America under a President Hillary Clinton may have been severely judged by this time.

Who knows what may have happened?  A devastating natural disaster or maybe a nuclear strike from Russia?

I cringe as I think about the presidential elections in 2020. Is true Conservatism now dead in the U.S.?

Will our votes matter?  Maybe not, but I will still vote for the person whose beliefs are closest to mine.  My trust is in the Lord and Him alone.  HE is in control, and if America votes in a Leftwing liberal, then that was what our God allowed.

Remember brethren, we are swiftly entering times in which a One World Government and Religion will be in place.

Come Lord Jesus. Come quickly…….

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua






8 thoughts on “President Trump: Your Global Campaign Should Be For the Unborn Babies

  1. hawk2017

    TY. I don’t watch TV so I depend on Breitbart and missed this. Wow. I kept telling people that this man is human and his advisers are mostly people who call themselves Godly but what god do they really serve?? I am not surprised but greatly saddened. Look up.:*(

  2. Jerri, I don’t understand why my brothers and sisters in Christ in the USA keep thinking that ANY politician is going to do the right thing? It probably has something to do with your(Americans in general)nice,optimistic,positive attitude towards life in general. There is ABSOLUTELY no way anyone gets to be President unless he/she has sold their soul already. The whole Republican vs Democrat system is the same old Tree of the knowledge of good and evil which brought us all death. Good versus Evil, right versus wrong…Trump versus Clinton, Dem versus Rep…it is all the same. Neither side is for the people….both sides are employed by “higher-ups” …and the people are being played…especially Christians!

  3. Rich DeJarnett

    Shalom Geri ….

    For me personally, I did not vote, and have not for decades …. I will not vote for the “lesser” of the “evils”. As for Trump, he talked a good story, but there was/is always the “oddities” that kept popping up. Like a number of his “religious” advisors were women, women pastors, etc. There was / and still is “oddities” in what he says vs. what he does. I keep waiting the him to do his Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde “switch”. I still firmly believe he is in office by “divine app’t”, but that does not mean he is a “godly man” As to what the future holds with Trump, well, that is in the Lord’s hands. We often use the word “insane” to describe the “left”… but here lately I wonder if God has not already given them over to a “reprobate mind”.

    I just wanted to share a few thoughts, while I still have time to do so. God Bless Shalom


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