Demonic Page On Soros’s Open Society Foundation Website

The other day I was nosing around on George Soros’s website called Open Society Foundations and I found the most bizarre and demonic looking image I have ever seen.

I read the story associated with this picture and was further shocked.  It seems that the artist drew a picture of a Muslim woman (16 years old) on her wedding night. She was beaten and raped by the man (32 years old) whom she married, who was from a nearby Syrian refugee camp.

The reason that she has the demonic looking wings is because she said that she wanted to become a dragon and burn everything down.  And did you notice the object which appears to be levitating?

The whole thing is so creepy, but even more so with the back story to the picture. Soros is always pushing and funding forced migration.

I mean – take a closer look at this picture…….

Kawthar, 16, says she was beaten and raped on her wedding night after being married to a 32-year-old Syrian man from a nearby refugee camp. “I wish to become a dragon and burn the scarves and everything in that tent,” she said.

This world is so evil – so demonic.  I never thought I would live to see these kinds of things which are happening.

I pray that we are raptured soon!

How Can I Be Saved?




2 thoughts on “Demonic Page On Soros’s Open Society Foundation Website

  1. Rich DeJarnett

    One of the first things I learned when I started driving “over-the-road” trucks was, never assume you’ve seen everything,

    because when one does, someone with less brains will show you something new. For 22 1/2 years, I sat behind the wheel

    of a truck, and watched people do some of the “stupidest” things with a car I have ever seen.

    Well Geri, WE live in days that I can now say the same thing about “evil”. While I am still in shock at how LOW people take their

    evil, there is always someone in the shadows who is going to go LOWER. And we seem to be at a time, when the flood-gates

    seem to be presently opening and opening more with each passing moment.

    Keep your head your up, Lady



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