Abortion Spa With Tea and Mints: Perhaps a Relaxing Pedicure?

Satan’s worker bees have taken Evil and Murder to a whole new level.

They are doing away with sterile surgical surroundings in abortion clinics.  As I looked closely at the photo of the Spa-like room, I imagined soft New Age music that one would associate with Yoga.

And is it just me – or does anyone else see the photo above as an altar of sorts?

Molech must be so pleased.

Did you notice that the room accommodates many women?  No more shutting the woman away in private rooms. After all – to these devilish people, abortion is to be celebrated; and what better way to rejoice in the killing than to provide a “party” atmosphere?

How much more incessant evil are we to bear in this wicked world?  I do trust the Father that He will send Jesus at the appointed time. But I must tell the reader that I come so close to shutting down at times like these.  I know that we are to occupy and continue our work for the Lord until He comes.

O Lord – please give us the strength and the fortitude to carry on!

From lifenews.com

An abortion clinic opened north of Chicago Tuesday and seeks to normalize abortion in Illinois with pink and purple exam rooms, mints, tea bags and more.

Carafem Health Center opened in Skokie, Illinois, and offers abortion services up to 13 weeks in pregnancy. The clinic charges $475 for medication abortions and $550 for aspiration abortions.

The clinic will provide patients with bags of tea and mints among other items so that they feel as welcome and normal as possible. “While abortion is a common medical procedure, there’s stigma attached to it,” Carafem Director of Operations Kat Boyd said, according to the Chicago Tribune. “We try to create an atmosphere that’s warm, welcoming and normalizing.”

The newly opened abortion clinic has advertised on social media but has not yet advertised in hard copy and on billboards. “I can’t imagine we’re going to be quiet,” said Boyd, who explained that the company hasn’t yet decided on its physical advertising in the Chicago area, according to the Tribune.

Carafem also operates clinics in Atlanta and Chevy Chase, Maryland.

After Carafem sought to run an ad touting the “10-week-after-pill” in 2016, D.C. transportation officials blocked the advertisement, prompting a legal battle to begin. The American Civil Liberties Union represents Carafem in a continuing battle over the ad. Transit officials did accept a different Carafem ad, however, reading, “Abortion. Yeah, we do that.”

The new Illinois clinic will soon join local insurance company networks in order to provide abortion services that are covered by insurance so that patients will not have to pay the full cost of an abortion, according to Boyd.

“[Abortion] stigma comes from what is the destruction of human life,” said Chicago’s Pro-Life Action League Executive Director Eric Scheidler, the Tribune reported. “No abortion rhetoric is going to change the basic injustice of abortion.”

Illinois law bans abortion after the point of viability except in cases where the mother’s life is in danger or the unborn baby won’t survive after birth. Health care professionals can refuse to provide abortion services for religious or moral reasons.

“I do think when our human rights are being basically dismantled that people are stepping up and taking more bold and public action,” Abortion Care Network Executive Director Nikki Madsen said. “They’re really stepping up to say we are here, we are visible, and we want you to know where you can get care that you can trust.”

Carafem offered a Valentine’s Day special for 72 hours following the romantic day so that women could get the Plan B emergency contraception pill for only $10.

Illinois has more than 20 abortion clinics. Planned Parenthood operates 17 of those clinics. source

A Valentine’s Day special?  Is this not blatant Satanic Evil?

Pray that the abortionists will have nightmares every night; that God will allow them to experience the horror and pain of an abortion in these night mares.

Pray for the women who are contemplating an abortion. Pray that a pro Life friend will speak with them about the miracle growing within them, and they might change their minds.

Brethren, let us pray for one another in this dark hour.

The Restrainer, which is the Holy Spirit, Who lives within God’s children is holding back the EVIL which will grip this earth during the Tribulation.  Can you even imagine when we are taken by our Lord Jesus in the Rapture – can you fathom the Evil which will permeate this whole earth at that time?

I pray that we do not have much longer to wait for our Lord.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua







5 thoughts on “Abortion Spa With Tea and Mints: Perhaps a Relaxing Pedicure?

  1. As soon as I saw the picture on your commentary I thought, “oh gross!, Another way to destroy God’s church!” Totally thought it was a satanic altar! Of course…it truly is! His greatest destructive altar is abortion…murder of our Lord’s precious children and deceiving “health-care” workers! He murdered perhaps hundreds of Hebrew babies and toddlers when Jesus was born (Betheham and the surrounding country-side). He has “legally” murdered millions of babies in the U.S. alone since the early 1979’s. It has got to be in the trillions if we consider how America has out-sourced abortion since its legality and how our govt. forced it on other peoples and nations when obama was president.
    PPH and others, believing this new look to the altar of the devil will “change” their hateful, sinful, acts, are deceiving themselves. Murder is murder. And, most of the girls and women will leave feeling ashamed and still have to deal with the aftermath for years. I thank our LORD these babies are in Heaven! I thank our LORD He has provided organizations that are showing men and women the Way to forgiveness and healing through Jesus Christ! I thank the LORD that forgiven men and women will one day meet their children in Heaven! And, I admit to thankfulness that one day all who refuse to change their ways will be dealt with by GOD…though I do at times pray for them. And, I admit to praying that they have nightmares of the screaming babies and blood…and finally seek out help to find Jesus and forgiveness. I believe most of the “help” are deceived by satan and it takes drastic measures to bring them out of this satanic worship-sacrifice to the devil. (Some of the women who used to help with the abortions say that these dreams are one of the ways they were brought out of these satanic altar sacrifices.)
    If PPH thinks lounges, tea, and mints, will take the stigma off their satanic worship and bloody sacrifices…they are delusional and mistaken! GOD Will
    Not be mocked! They Will Be Dealt with.
    I was a young teen when Keith Green produced his graphic and truthful pamphlets about abortion. I remember my horror against abortion seeing those truthful images of aborted babies in jars and Green’s truthful descriptions of abortion! I could not wrap my mind around our America…land of the free, land of the good, doing this “legally!” At that time, I also remembered going to the public library with friends at age 11-12, and getting out a book on baby development…we were so “in wonder” of God’s development of babies! To see the realities of abortion, to read Keith and Melody’s truthful descriptions of the different methods of abortions, ignited within me the reality of God’s most precious creation and the totally reality of sin and hell! How Dare our pulpits refuse to speak against the atrocity of sin and the reality of hell! How Dare our pulpits refuse to speak out against sin! How Dare we, as believers in Jesus Christ, the Father, and the Holy Spirit, refuse to speak out against deliberate, deceitful, Sin!!

  2. Geri, I want to thank you for the picture of Jesus Coming in the clouds that is at the top of your site and articles! It always makes me smile and Hope!!!

  3. Reblogged this on Kristi's Political Place and commented:
    Abortion is evil / satanic / demonic!!

    ( Exodus 20:13 KJV )”Thou shalt not kill.”!!

    ( Matthew 5:21 KJV ) “Ye have Heard that it was Said by them of Old Time, Thou shalt not kill; and whosoever shall kill shall be in Danger of the Judgment:”!!


    ( Deuteronomy 5:17 KJV ) “Thou shalt not kill.”!!

    ( 1 Thessalonians 5:17 KJV ) “PRAY WITHOUT CEASING”!!

    Love <3 Always, YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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