A Mother’s Cry

The little faces which looked up at me
In love
Where have the years gone?

The giggles and running about the house

“Inside voices please” then more giggles

Homemade cards colored with love and care
Dear Mommy I love you
I’ll cherish those forever

The Sunday school drawings of Jesus
I kept them all you know
Such trust and love for Him
you had

But now we’re torn apart
The world tore you from me
and even set you against me
Jesus told me in His Word
I just didn’t know it would be us

I’ve set each of you at His feet
And on my knees through tears
I ask Him to remind you of the love
Your First love
And to bring you back

To Him you are a lost sheep
Somehow you got through the gate
and made your own way
And you thought you didn’t need Him

Look up to His Face
in love
He never left
but you did

Where can you go
and He is not there?

7 thoughts on “A Mother’s Cry

  1. You have done the groundwork. This sticks with children. I was the same… an occult rebel but I was baptised last month by my father.

  2. This really “speaks/hits”! I, too, raised children in the Lord with so much love and laughter. They have walked away. Yet, I remember doing the same for a time…not understanding. So, I pray, and pray, and Trust our great God. Oh, the memories!

  3. Margaret Kiemele

    Such a perfect expression of the ache in our hearts for our children to return to Jesus! How we castbpir cares on Him!!! Our precious children and grandchildren!
    Thank you

  4. Your words spoke straight to my heart. I can relate so well, sad to say. As I write this my heart is in tears…
    I too, have given my child to our Lord in prayer, who assures me through His word not to give up hope. Christopher Reeve once said,” Once you choose HOPE, anything’s possible.” So true, ’cause nothing is impossible with God. “Be strong and take heart, all you who hope in the Lord.” Psalm 31:24. God bless us all.

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