Big Brother Meets Big Data in China: AI on STEROIDS

Xi Jinping of China means business.

Not only is he lowering the boom on Christians in his country, but he has decided that everyone in Communist China needs to be monitored and given “grades” which reflect if the person is a good citizen or not.

It’s kind of like Santa Clause making a list – but there is nothing jolly about Xi Jinping and his personal grading of Chinese citizens.

There are even camps for re-education.  Yes – you read that right! I think that if a person does not do well in that camp, they will face either torture or ultimately a brutal death.

They are bringing surveillance to a whole new level.  The Communist party has millions of cameras installed to watch every citizen.  Every move they make – where they go, what they buy, who they befriend – EVERYTHING is collected in a person’s “Data” and algorithms  have been created so that computers are able to “grade” each citizen.

China’s Facial Recognition software is the most sophisticated on the planet.  They scan a person’s face from many angles, to make sure that each person is quickly identified.

This video fully exposes China’s new grading system, and it is alarming.

Brethren, we must be praying for the church in China. They must go underground to worship to avoid being incarcerated.  But we must also pray for all of the people in this totalitarian communist country.  These people have no idea about freedom. Then don’t have any concept of that term.

Pray that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will spread at this time in China and that many will be saved.

Not since Chairman Mao, has China known the brutality they are presently facing under Jinping.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua