Silence in the Face of Evil is Evil Itself: Transgender Indoctrination of Our Children

“Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  ~Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Since I was born-again in 1983, I have been a Christian activist. It certainly wasn’t something I aspired to be. But as time passed, it became evident that God had planned to use me in this way.

It began with writing letters to the editor on moral issues. I had a wonderful mentor, an older brother in Christ whom I had met at church. He had been writing letters to the editor for years and took me under his wing. He is now with our Lord Jesus.

I wrote a lot about the horrors of abortion. I wrote about God being taken out of schools. One day, my mentor showed me his home town newspaper and on the front page was a story about Wicca. It spoke of Wicca in a way that seemed to glorify it. I called the editor of that paper and told him that I was disappointed that a small town paper would print such a thing. I told him that I was a Christian, and asked if he would ever publish a similar story about being Christian.

The editor said that if I wished to write a rebuttal to the piece on Wicca, that he would publish it on the Op/Ed section of the paper – not as a letter to the editor, but as a stand-alone article along with my picture. I agreed and he sent out his photographer.

I prayed for the Lord to help me write this article. I wrote that Wicca promotes worship of the earth.I said that born-again Christians worship the Creator of the earth and that we have a relationship with Him.

I wrote that worshiping the earth was like going into an art museum and seeing a magnificent painting, only to praise the piece itself, never seeking out the artist who painted it. Not only do Christians know who created the earth, but we love and worship Him, and know Him because of His Word in the Bible which He left for us. Needless to say, that article caused a firestorm of rebuttals, condemning Christianity and exalting Wicca.


This happened in 1986

One night at choir practice, my writing mentor dropped a magazine in my lap. He said, “You’ll know what to do.” When I got home, I read through the magazine and was horrified. The name of the magazine was Sassy. I read that this magazine was marketed to girls ages 12-15. Being a Christian woman, I cannot write here what I read in Sassy. I will say that it was pornographic and so very disgusting.

I received James Dobson’s Focus on the Family magazine, and was surprised to read that there were Christian women in various parts of the country, actively exposing Sassy as pornography for our young girls. I realized that in my part of the country, no one was doing this—not yet!

The Mass Mail Out

I prayed that God would show me what to do. First I found out where Sassy was being sold. Then I typed up a cover letter to each of these stores, and made copies of the most offensive pornographic material to send with the letter. The letter read:

Dear Marketing Manager,
I want you to be aware of a magazine that is being sold in your stores. I am quite certain that you are unaware of the pornographic content in this magazine, which is marketed to girls ages 12-15. If you had known, surely you would have rejected Sassy magazine.

I did a mass mailing out to the stores. After about a week, I received a phone call from Sassy magazine in New York!  I was very surprised that they had my name and my number. The woman told me that they had lost distribution in most of the larger retailers in our area. She said that Sassy was told that I had done this.

She asked me if I was affiliated with Jerry Falwell. I told her I was not, but that I was affiliated with God.

There was a long silence on her end.

Then she went on to say that they were getting push back in many parts of the country. I asked her why that should surprise her. She had no answer.

The woman said that Sassy originated in Australia, and did not receive such criticism in that country. I told her that she was in America, not Australia, and that her magazine was smut. Once again she asked me with whom I was affiliated. I told her that one person following God is like an army.

Again she had no response.

About a week later, she called once again. This time she told me that she and the owners of Sassy realized that the format of their magazine had to change. She said that they had compiled the first new edition and wondered if I would look through it and give them my feedback. I told her that would be fine. In a few days it came in the mail.  (I have it to this day)

I read all the way through it. It was vastly different – more like Seventeen magazine. I didn’t love that magazine either, but it was in no way pornographic.I received another call from the lady from Sassy, asking if I received the new and improved Sassy, and what did I think of it. I told her that it was acceptable to me; still not wholesome, but certainly not smut.

The Question I did not expect

Then she asked me a question that I did not see coming. She had the audacity to ask if I could write to the stores from where I had Sassy removed, and ask them to please reinstate it.

I’m sure that she did not expect my response to her as well. I told her that she and her staff had gotten themselves into this mess, and they would have to figure out how to market Sassy again without my help.

SASSY is gone

Sassy folded in 1994. Now if that isn’t a testimony to how one person can change things, I don’t know what is!

Transgender Indoctrination of School Age Children

Recently, I wrote an article about our children being indoctrinated with transgender  filth and lies.  Here is the article:

BACK TO SCHOOL: What Every Parent Needs to Know About Transgender Indoctrination

I found an organization called .  This Christian organization out of Austin is not being silent any longer!  They are standing up for the children who are learning satanic LIES in their schools. They have said “ENOUGH!”

My article mentioned above was only possible because of!

Here is one of the most powerful videos from massresistancetx:

Washington State

I received many emails about my article.  But there was one in particular which gave me such hope.  A sister in Christ in Washington State had shared my article with her pastor. He in turn sent the article to Bible believing pastors. It has now been received by Conservative politicians in Wash. State.  Can you see how God is working?

The Email:

Hi Kira:
Pastor Rick likely sent this to you as I’m confident your’s was his source for the information. As I wrote “thank you” to him, I am praying for him and the response he will receive. Some, I’m sure quite negative.

Thank you so very much. I too have forwarded this excellent article. It is very well written and truly signals an alarm to all who still have children in the gov’t education system.


Fellow pastors of Arlington,

A writer, Geri Ungurean, has pulled together a powerful article with accompanying videos on the transgender agenda in our government schools. The Human Rights Campaign, reputedly the strongest LGBTQ organization in the U.S., is working aggressively to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism not only in our society in general and in the schools but also in our churches. The time has arrived for us to be clear about where we stand on these issues.

My prayer is that we could unitedly stand on the Word of God. Without question, we affirm God’s love and our love for all people, regardless of their lifestyle and lifestyle choices, but we cannot affirm or condone lifestyles that militate against God’s revealed Word and will. To say that God affirms transgenderism or homosexuality is blasphemous.

As sad as this entire movement is, it is so important that we be informed about these things and do what we are able to do to hold up the wisdom of God’s ways.

I encourage you to read the linked article and to view the videos.

God help us to be faithful!

Pastor Rick


Brethren, we have come to a time in America in which I believe that it may be too late for us as a country. We have been silent in the face of indescribable evil. I believe that the Lord may have taken his protection and blessings away from us. And I also believe that He has done this for good reason.  How could He continue to bless a country who has no regard for human life? How could He continue to bless a country who changed HIS definition of marriage?

How could He bless a nation who is emotionally and physically abusing our school children?

We MUST stand in the gap for the children

I believe that as long as we Christians have breath left in our bodies, we MUST do what we can to protect our children!

“But whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea”  (Matthew 18:6).  (Words of Jesus)

“In the day when I cried out, You answered me, and made me bold with strength in my soul” (Psalm 138:3).

STIC: Stop Transgender Indoctrination of Children

I created a group on Facebook today. There are already over 200 members. If you are on Facebook, please join us.  This group was created to inform parents of what is going on in schools, and to network this information out all across America!

We must NOT be silent in the face of evil!

Please go here to join the group  <Click here

We are children of Almighty God. We are aware from God’s Word that in these last days evil will get much worse. But as long as we are still on this earth, shouldn’t we be defending that which is good and right and godly?  Rhetorical question.

Think about the martyrs who have been asked to deny Jesus Christ, and have refused to do so. They would rather die than deny their Lord. The people who would slaughter us may indeed be in our country right now. We must be ready to die for Christ. We must be ready to die for the children!

Standing up for righteousness will one day get us either jailed or even killed.

We share in His sufferings.  Our reward awaits us in heaven.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua