Hatred for Trump is Demonically Inspired

I wrote this piece over a year ago.  I felt led to bring it out once again.

Original article:

Jews are expected to be liberal and vote Democrat – end of discussion.

Well, in my life that certainly was not the end of the discussion. After I was born again in 1983, my world view, my politics; everything that I was taught to believe as a Jew went up in smoke.  I was no longer a liberal. I could not reconcile liberal views with the Word of God.  It was a dramatic change for me and I knew that it had to be God Himself transforming me into His new creation.


Even before I was saved, I knew that abortion was evil. I wrote an article a couple of years ago, in which I revealed the pain, sorrow and torment I experienced when I was told that if I didn’t have an abortion, I would no longer be welcomed into my family. You can read this article here:

Silent No More

I felt guilty and beyond hope. I knew that what I had done was evil and wrong, but it wasn’t until I met the Lord that I experienced forgiveness for this sin. Jesus helped me to see why abortion is such a terrible sin. He also helped me to see that there were so many grieving women who thought that they would never be forgiven. I received hundreds of emails after I wrote that piece. Christian women who had abortions poured their hearts out in these emails, and thanked me for writing about my abortion. Satan was keeping these women in bondage – telling them that they were beyond hope; that God would never forgive this.

Trump Hatred

I have never seen hatred for a president as I am seeing for President Trump. The mainstream media cannot hide their disdain for him. People openly express that they hope that he is assassinated.

I am spending time with a relative as I write this article. She has been expressing her hatred for Trump to me. She even told me that another woman in my family wants to “kill” Trump before she dies. I know that this is just talk, but to me it’s quite appalling. This goes beyond human hatred.  This is demonic.

I asked the relative with whom I am staying why she has such hatred for our president.  At first she just said “I HATE him!”  But then I asked for a reason. She answered me with a general statement “It’s because of things he does and says.”  I then asked her to give me an example.  She hesitated but then brought up what Trump had said about women when he didn’t know he was being taped.

I said to her “How about Bill Clinton and what he did in the Oval Office with Lewinsky?”  She responded “But Trump wasn’t president yet!”  I could only take this to mean that once you become president, you can do what you want. That does not make any sense to me. I’m convinced that this hatred of Trump is directly from Satan and he is using the MSM to do his bidding.  Liberals believe anything and everything that comes out of CNN, MSNBC and the major networks.

Controlling the Media

If you watch the Leftist media, you undoubtably get the news through the lens of extreme liberalism. The thing that is most troubling is that the liberal viewers believe all of it – lock,  stock and barrel.

After the violence in Charlottesville,  President Trump expressed very articulately a question he had about the removal of Confederate monuments. He asked “Where does this end…….should we remove George Washington’s monument, and how about Thomas Jefferson; they both had slaves.”

Had to put on my headphones

CNN stays on all day long at my relatives home. I could feel myself getting angrier and angrier, so I finally put on my headphones while I was making dinner.  I should have put on Praise music, but I could still hear the drivel coming from Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer.  The station had segment after segment about their hatred of Trump. They called him mentally unstable. They called him unpresidential. They insinuated that he is a bigot. ALL lies.

I finally turned to my relative and asked her “Would you please put on the Animal Planet?”  I guess she could see in my eyes that I was getting pretty upset. Or maybe it was when I shouted at Anderson Cooper “LIAR!”  Anyway, she turned on the Animal Planet.

Liberals are serving Satan and do not even know it

Satan is the author of confusion, the father of lies and the accuser of the Brethren both day and night.  The liberals…….BLM……Occupy……..and now Antifa are all under the spell of the god of this world.  They don’t think for themselves – they are told what to think.

President Trump loves Israel and this makes the evil one livid. While BHO was in office, his disdain for PM Netanyahu and Israel made the devil very happy.  Satan and his minions were enraged at the election of Donald Trump as our president. The dark forces of evil did NOT see that coming.

Pray for President Trump

We must continue to pray for our president and his family and administration. But while we are praying for them, we should also be lifting up his enemies to God.

His arm is certainly not too short to reach them.

Shalom b’Yeshua




America: The Donkey and Elephant Won’t Help – We Must Turn Back to the LAMB

As Christians, have you fallen for “Make America Great Again”?

It sounds good. It evokes feelings of patriotism and love for our country.  But greatness is not found in power or standing or economy. It does not come from how other countries view us.

The Greatness which our Lord seeks is found here:

“If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their land”    (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Please notice that in the aforementioned Scripture, the Word says “My people who are called by My name.”   This is referring to Christians.  The Lost are not called by His name.

Do you think that slaughtering the unborn and marching for the right to do so is greatness?

Do you think that having the highest court in the country change the Biblical definition of marriage to ‘between any two people’ is greatness?

Do you believe that “booing” the Creator of the Universe at a major political event is greatness?

Do you think that displaying a digital 3D image of the Arch of Palmyra (Gate to Baal’s temple) in many American cities shows greatness?

It’s Too Late For America

I’m sorry if that offends the reader.  I believe this to the core of my being.  America is now a land of filth and depravity.  I will still vote in the coming midterms and in presidential elections in 2020 (if we are still here).  But I do so out of respect for our Constitution and having the right to vote.

But I do not delude myself.  I firmly believe that if true born again Christians had stood up against the evils which pervade our country now; we might not be looking at a country ready to internally combust. Edmund Burke said so well: “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

But I also know that God is in complete control and He foreknew that America would be in this state today.`

We laid back and rested on our laurels, and watched as every moral fiber of America was ripped away by the Marxist/Socialist God-hating Left.

We elevated President Trump to a place he should never be.  He is a man. He is not God.  Yes – he has done good things for Israel and for our economy. He is even turning around the migrant policy for Christians to come to America.  His predecessor, Barack Hussein Obama, did not want to rescue the Christians in the Middle East.  He allowed the most horrific slaughter of Christians in the history of the world.

So yes – President Trump has done good things.  I will vote for him again (if we are still here) but I do not delude myself about this man.

We Need God

We need to repent. We need to pray.  We need to admonish those who have fallen for a different gospel – the Social Justice gospel, to come back to the TRUE Faith: the TRUE Gospel – the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Did you know that the millions of Social Justice gospel followers are fine with abortion, transgenderism, gay marriage – etc etc ad nauseam. How are we any better than Sodom and Gomorrah, and don’t forget what the Lord did to them!

The Judiciary Hearings for Brett Kavanaugh

The Demonic judiciary hearings which are taking place today on Capitol Hill regarding the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to be a member of the SCOTUS is a disgusting debacle.  I tried to watch it but could not.

We know that the Leftist Marxist/Socialists who are also known as Democrats, are in such a frenzy over the possible appointment of Brett Kavanaugh.  Liars are coming out of the woodwork to bring shame and dishonor to this man. Why?  One reason: ABORTION.

These blood thirsty demonically possessed people even threatened the Kavanaugh family with physical harm.  Can you imagine our Founding Fathers watching this unfold?

Have you seen the videos of the crazed liberals pounding on doors and women weeping over the thought that Roe Vs. Wade could possibly be overturned?

No Turning Back

Brethren, we are too far gone and there is no turning back now.  We still have things we should be doing for our Lord and for the lost who have not been given over to their depraved minds by God.

We need to pray for our friends and our family for their salvation.  We need to pray for our leaders;  President Trump and his family and administration are in need of our prayers daily.  The Left would love to kill him.  I know that sounds strong but it is true.

We should always take the opportunity to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. NOT the Social Justice false gospel; NOT the prosperity gospel; NOT the return to Rome – let’s all be catholic false gospel.  We are to share TRUTH and that will dispel  the lies which Satan has propagated so well.

After all, that is what he does!

We should be yearning for the return of our Lord and Savior Jesus, every minute of every day.  Look up and tell Him that you yearn for His appearing to take us from this wicked place!  Brethren, this is our Blessed Hope!!

If you are holding onto things of this earth, and that is keeping you from wanting the Rapture to happen; you need to repent and examine yourself to see if you are in the faith.

How Can I Be Saved?

Shalom b’Yeshua