“REVELATIONS” by Terry James of Rapture Ready: Getting Closer to Day of Release!

The time is getting closer to the release date of Terry James’ new novel “REVELATIONS!”

Brethren, we are so close to the end!  What a timely work from Terry on the coming Rapture and then the horrific time of the Tribulation. 3 1/2 years into the 7 year period is known as the Great Tribulation:

 For then there will be great tribulation, such as has not been since the beginning of the world until this time, no, nor ever shall be”  (Matthew 24:21).

The novel by James will grip the reader.  A national news TV anchor experiences visions while on the air after a rabbi said to him:

“Israel is the sign of the End”

Everything Tyce communicates to millions of viewers comes to pass!

Excerpts from REVELATIONS:

“Tyce sat stiffly in total concentration. His face projecting from the large monitor screen was nearly unrecognizable, so changed was his countenance. His words  sounded deeply guttural –as if they were from someone other than himself. 

“Millions of people disappeared while others watched. The phenomenon affected the entire planet. Panic and chaos ensued in the wake of the vanishings.”

“There were thousands of people kneeling, their hands lifted to the sky. The sky had pure white, billowy clouds. Everything became so bright that all else was obscured from view. Then, when I could see the scene again, all the people were gone. only the rolling hills where they had been kneeling were in view.” 

“REVELATIONS” will be released on May 9th on Amazon.  It will also be available as an e-book (Kindle version).

Make sure you tell family and friends about “REVELATIONS” as I believe that this book will be used to bring many to Christ!

More to come…..


Biblical Creation Vs. Creation of AI Robots: Satan’s Plot For End of Days

When God created the heavens and the earth, He then created Adam and Eve.  He gave them free volition of will.  Of course, Adam and Eve’s ability to choose between obeying God’s rules or rebelling and going their own way, is what is called “Original Sin.” And of course, Satan was directly involved in the deception of Eve.  

God’s motivation for creating Adam and Eve was born out of love. I believe that He created them so that they would come into a relationship with Him. He had only loving and gracious thoughts towards them. It must have broken his heart when He had to send them from the Garden of Eden for their disobedience.

Now, we know that God being omniscient knew that they would sin. He sees the beginning to the end. He knew that He would ultimately send His only begotten Son to that Cross to offer redemption to mankind. He wanted to be reconciled with those who understand that they are sinners and that they need Him.

The Bride

God also in his omniscience, knew that one day there would be a people who would be the body of Christ – the bride of Christ. God’s plan for us is a perfect plan.

He could have created beings who did not have free volition of will; but those would be more like robots. He would have programmed them to never sin, and there would have been no need for Jesus to come and pay with His life for the sins of the world.  But God did not do that. 

“Indeed, under the law almost everything is purified with blood, and without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins”  (Hebrews 9:22).

God is perfect.  His plan is perfect. And those of us who have repented and trust Him, will spend eternity with him.  We have come into the relationship with Him that I believe He wanted with Adam and Eve.  I believe that the Garden of Eden was heaven.

Human creators of AI Robots

Now fallen men have decided that it’s time for them to “create.”  As I said, God’s motivation for His creation of Adam and Eve was His love for them. Not so for the AI robot creations of man.  Our technology has brought us to a place which is unprecedented in the history of mankind.

Fallen and sinful men are “creating” AI beings which very closely resemble us.  Their motivation for creating AI robots is not born from a loving heart.  It is born from a prideful heart and a lust for power and money.

These creations fashioned from the hands of men have more intelligence than  any person in the flesh.  This has happened because these AI robots have vast knowledge which has been programmed into them.  Remember the saying “Garbage in – garbage out? I am not saying that the wealth of information and history programmed into these AI bots is bad in and of itself.

New World Order

The AI bots are not just being fed data (information). They are also programmed to think like their creators!  I keep reading how these amazing created AI bots will help us in the quest for a NWO and to solve the problems of what the scientists call “Mother earth.” If that doesn’t scare a child of God, I don’t know what will.

Communicating with one another

Now it is found that these created AI bots are actually communicating with one another. In the process of this communication, they are writing their own programs. This is even startling the companies who are at the forefront of this technology.

The tree of the knowledge of good and evil is coming into play once more (figuratively), but in a very unique and frightening way. This time the characters are certainly not made after the image of God. He did not create them.  Fallen man created these potentially destructive beings (if we shall call them that) and it seems that their “Fall from Grace” technically speaking, has ramifications that their creators never factored into the creation of these beings.

And unlike God,  fallen man has no idea what to do to “redeem” the AI bots.


Certainly the Lord allowed mankind to acquire the technology to make these “beings”  and I believe that armies of these Robots may be being built as we speak.

I have been thinking about this for months. Though the ages, man has attempted to be like God.  The Tower of Babel comes to mind – even the Space Race is man’s attempt to figure out the Universe. They deny the existence of God as they peer into the heavens which He created!

And now CERN is attempting to open portals which should be left alone.  Isn’t it interesting that their mascot is none other that Shiva – a Hindu goddess who is actually one of three Hindu gods who are part of their “unholy” trinity. This is no accident or coincidence. It speaks volumes about the character (or lack of) of the people who are involved with this very satanic operation. They are lost and need Christ.

I wrote an article about “Kali” (another Hindu Goddess of destruction), when she was projected on the Empire State building in NYC

“The Calculated Decision to Project the image of the Hindu demon “Kali” on the Empire State building”    < Click here to read

Satanic Spirits (Demons) are always at work

Is there a way for these AI robots to be inhabited by demons?  I don’t know the answer to that, but it is a frightening thought.

Mankind is so intrigued with evil.  This has been the case throughout our history.  It seems that the European Union and the U.N. are particularly drawn to Luciferian worship.  It can be seen clearly in this Illuminati style celebration of the the opening of the Gotthard tunnel in Switzerland:

Anyway Brethren, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the parallels that I see between our God who IS the Creator of heaven and earth; and man’s “creation” of AI robots, which many have said is so dangerous. There have even been warnings from the secular community  – top scientists who are basically telling these robotic companies that they are playing with fire.  And they are.

We need not worry.  He is with us and told us that He would always be with us!

Knowing that the Lord is with me at all times, and looking forward to the Rapture certainly is keeping my sanity intact during these end days.

Shalom b’Yeshua