“I Am the Majority!” Epic Speech to Uphold the 2nd Amendment

I would love to shake this man’s hand.  I wrote to him on FB, thanking him for his eloquent words which ring true with so many of us.

Here is his speech:

Our forefathers gave us the 2nd Amendment to keep us safe, first from a tyrannical government which could be formed in the future; but I also believe that these forefathers believed that Americans deserved the right to protect their families from harm.

The process to attain guns needs to be followed to the letter.  People with documented crimes or mental illnesses should NOT be able to legally purchase a gun. But law abiding citizens who can pass the process of being vetted, should be able to purchase weapons to protect themselves and their families.


As a writer who does reach thousands of people, I have received threatening emails and messages.  I exposed a Chinese cult “Church of Almighty God” and after that piece I received very threatening messages, telling me to stop talking about them or there would be consequences..

Should I not be able to protect myself?  I think the answer is clear.

I have written about my people in Germany having been stripped of their right to gun ownership by Hitler. He knew his plans for the Jews, and he knew that to seamlessly get the Jews on the trains headed for the death camps, that the Jews would have to be disarmed first so that the massacre would be accomplished without a hitch.

Please share Mr. Mark Robinson’s incredible video as far and wide as you can.  We need his boldness in our fight to keep the 2nd Amendment!

Shalom b’Yeshua