I Lost My Joy

No – not my joy in the Lord.  I will never lose that.

I met Joy on Facebook almost five years ago.  We were in a Christian group together and began to chat.  I loved her immediately.  She adored the Lord Jesus Christ and we chatted off an on all day about Him, about the Scriptures……about the Rapture……about heaven.

She was so genuine. We would talk about the false teaching we both saw springing up in many churches.  We talked about replacement theology. We talked about the coldness and downright hostility towards Israel we were seeing in many denominations.

Joy was not hesitant about asking questions of the leadership of churches she and her husband were visiting. She wanted to know if the leaders viewed the Word of God as inerrant and infallible. She would ask them if they taught on Bible Prophecy from Revelation and Daniel.  She wanted to know how they felt about Israel, and whether they knew that the Church did not replace Israel in the eyes of God.


We spent many hours discussing this heresy.  Joy would tell me that she would not sit under teaching from a pastor who did not understand that the God of the Bible and Allah were two separate entities.  Our God –  the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,  is the one True God.  Allah is a false god – probably Satan in disguise.

She walked the walk

And so did her husband.  Joy welcomed so many into her home; people who had fallen on hard times.  When others might say “How can we trust those we don’t know that well?”  Joy would answer that with “I’ll leave that to the Lord – He will protect us.”

Fostering and adopting children

I lost track of how many children Joy and her husband had fostered and adopted.  When she talked about one of the children, I would always have to ask “Is this child a fostered, adopted or one of your own?”

And if you wanted to see the most adorable pictures of dogs who were waiting for their “forever home”  you could just look on Joy’s FB page.  Hardly a day went by that she didn’t post these pictures.


Joy had been suffering with MS for many years.  She would lose her balance and tell me about the latest spill she had taken.  But she never complained. We would pray together about it.

The Writer

I had just started writing for Rapture Ready, when Joy wrote a wonderful article for RR about the “Jewish Wedding Ceremony.”  Here is the link:

The Jewish Wedding Ceremony by Joy Wriston

The Cancer

About 2 1/2 years ago, Joy was diagnosed with colon cancer. Once again, one would not hear complaining from her.  She truly inspired me in every way. She began chemotherapy and many of us were praying for her daily.

The “Joyous” visit

When Joy and her husband were visiting their son, they made time to stop over for a visit with us.   We had the most wonderful afternoon fellowshipping with them.  It felt like we had known Joy and Dave for years and years.  I know that FB has it’s problems, but for us – because we do not have a church home right now – Facebook became a church of sorts.  And the incredible thing about it is that we connect with others who are truly born again.  And then when we connected in person – well, there are no words!

My Joy is in heaven

She graduated to heaven this past Tuesday.  It’s bittersweet, you know?  I find myself breaking down when I look at the list of friends who are online in FB and don’t see her name there. But then I think to myself “She is with Jesus! She is no longer in pain!  No more suffering!”

And the sweetest and most comforting thought is this: All who are missing her, who are born again from above, will see her again in heaven!  We know this is true and we wait for our Blessed Hope.

He could come at any minute.  We are to live as if He will come at any minute!

God tells us not to speak to the dead. So I will speak directly to our Lord Jesus.

Jesus, would you please give Joy a hug from all of us who love her so much? Jesus, please tell her that we will see her soon.

Brethren, please be praying for Joy’s husband Dave, and for all of her family.

Shalom b’Yeshua