Insane Proposal From China and Russia In Midst of North Korean Crisis

North Korean soldiers carry packs marked with a radioactive symbol at a 2013 military parade in Pyongyang
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I thank God for Nikki Haley.  She has “moxie” and she is always looking out for the best interests of America and Israel.  What a far cry from the 8 years of  destructive policies from one Hussein Obama.

Kim Jung Un is a mad man. I don’t know if this man is mentally sick; filled with demons, or what makes him tick. I do know that he is threatening the U.S. mainland and is putting untold number of people in harm’s way.

Haley is proposing extreme sanctions against this rogue nation.  She knows, and I’m sure that she is being counseled by our military, that a war with N. Korea is certain to bring about WWIII.  But China and Russia have their own proposal: A freeze on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs in exchange for a suspension of annual U.S. – South Korea’s military drills.


South Korea has every right to defend their country.  Kim Jung Un has clearly shown the world that he cannot be trusted.  I shook my head in disbelief that China and Russia would even suggest such a ludacrous proposal.  Putin may be deceiving many people in this world – but he does NOT deceive me. As I’ve said before, you can take the man out of KGB, but you cannot take the KGB out of the man.

Biblically, we know that Russia will lead the war of Gog and Magog. They are tight with Iran.  Need I say more?


US to introduce North Korea sanctions to Security Council, China urges diplomacy

“The United States will be circulating a resolution that we want to negotiate this week and vote on Monday,” Haley told an emergency meeting of the Security Council, after urging the body to impose the “strongest possible measures” against North Korea.

“Only the strongest sanctions will enable us to resolve this problem through diplomacy,” US Ambassador Nikki Haley told the session.

Haley rejected as “insulting” a Chinese proposal for a freeze on North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs in exchange for a suspension of US-South Korean annual military drills.

“When a rogue regime has a nuclear weapon and an ICBM pointed at you, you do not take steps to lower your guard. No one would do that. We certainly won’t,” she declared.

China insisted at the session that diplomatic talks must ensure to address the crisis and warned at the UN Security Council that it will not allow chaos and war on the Korean peninsula.

“The situation on the peninsula is deteriorating constantly as we speak, falling into a vicious circle,” said Chinese Ambassador Liu Jieyi.

“The peninsula issue must be resolved peacefully. China will never allow chaos and war on the peninsula.”

His appeal was echoed by Russia, which said that diplomatic negotiations were the only way to settle the crisis over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs.

Russian Ambassador Vassily Nebenzia said there was “an urgent need to maintain a cool head and refrain from any action that could further escalate tensions.”

Russia backs China’s proposal for a freeze on North Korea’s nuclear and missile tests in exchange for a suspension of US-South Korea military drills.

The United States, Britain, France, Japan and South Korea requested the urgent meeting after North Korea detonated what it described as a hydrogen bomb designed for a long-range missile.

South Korea’s defense ministry warned Monday that Pyongyang may be preparing another missile launch after two tests in July of intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) that apparently brought the US mainland into range.

Haley declared that the “time for half measures is over,” suggesting the council must significantly ratchet up the pressure with biting sanctions to be decided in a new resolution.

The US ambassador did not spell out what measures Washington would support, but diplomats have indicated that an oil embargo would have a crippling effect on the North Korean economy.

Japan, France and Britain called for the swift adoption of a new sanctions resolution, but the call was expected to face opposition from Russia and China which maintain that sanctions alone will not resolve the crisis.

The council has imposed seven sets of sanctions on North Korea since it first tested a nuclear device in 2006, but Pyongyang has repeatedly found ways to circumvent the measures.

The most recent resolutions, however, have significantly toughened the sanctions, targeting key exports sectors such as coal that are a source of hard currency for North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s regime. – source

Only our Lord knows how this conflict will end.  We must pray daily for Israel and for America; but we also much pray for the countries which Kim Jung Un may target.  Pray for God’s will – the is always the best and safest prayer. When we are weakened by the evil of this world, we should read God’s word and pray for His will.

Pray for the unsaved, that God would draw them and open their eyes. Pray that they would see their sinfulness, and God’s Righteousness.

I YEARN  for His return for us.  I pray that we are Raptured soon.  I look for Him every day because the Rapture is imminent.

He wants His own to yearn for Him. Do not hold on to the things of this world.


Shalom b’Yeshua



3 thoughts on “Insane Proposal From China and Russia In Midst of North Korean Crisis

  1. Great commentary, Geri, thanks!😍 Unfortunately, poor South Koreans are having many difficulties. In the last years, much of S. K.’s govt and ideology has been taken over/infiltrated by the North Koreans. It is a very sad state of affairs. Pray for South Koreans and North Koreans…church and others. North Koreans are waking up to the Truth that their govt has lied to them…however, they do not have the power to overcome their govt.

  2. I think Iran and the Shiites are the King of the North in Daniel’s sealed vision and Egypt and the Sunnis are King of the south.
    I believe the king of the north is the one that prevails and attacks Israel.
    Shiites and Sunnis are pitted against each other till the death because of Mohammad saying only one sect will survive and be the Caliphate with the Mahadi and the others will be completely destroyed or go to hell or something like that. Right now Israel is a 2nd thought. If Iran attacked Israel now they’d be nuked and Sunnis would prevail. Once they are victorious over the Sunnis then is when I believe they will in their pride be puffed up against Israel but Sinnis are first problem.

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