Curing Cancer with Prayer and Nutrition – Our Journey Might Just Save Your Life!

In March of 2015, my husband was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the larynx. The doctors at Johns Hopkins were ready to tear him up with radical neck surgery. He would have lost all of his teeth. And after surgery, he would have faced over 6 months of chemo and radiation. Christians told us about the Ketogenic diet. His cancer was gone in 4 weeks and he remains cancer free to this day.

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  1. Very thankful to hear your husband is healed by God’s natural methods! I know these method’s work! When I was a teen/20’s, my aunt had a very aggressive lung cancer…and no, she did not smoke. Thankfully, she went to Mayo clinic. She got to see a doctor from China that treated naturally. So, she followed his advice. She lived for many years…cancer free. As long as she stayed on the new diet/way of eating, she was healed. The doctors at Mayo would check and could not find the cancer. If she went off of the diet the cancer came back. All the testimonies have taught me that the truth is that medical “solutions” keep Americans sick and dead. Yes, I’ve done extensive research throughout the years. What Geri says is completely true…doctors/researchers that have been finding cures (for over 100 yrs) cancer do end up dead. I read about doctors in Romania that come to America to get their training…some have gone back to their extremely poor nation. They do not offer “treatments” or meds for signs/symptoms. They simply do Not have the money. They have learned to look for the root cause and they treat the root cause with very little, to no, medicines/surgeries/no “treatments.” These people go home cured and are Never seen with those diseases/troubles again. Why does the Western world not treat like this?? Because, as Geri said,…the pharmaceutical companies! And, make no mistake…many doctors, etc., have invested big time, into these companies…as do our Congress and govt. May God continue to Bless your family Geri!! Love you from afar!! PS…I’m going to check into the Ketogenic diet. My son and I have had colon cancer. We had very invasive surgeries/treatments…with life-time results. Ours is a cancer that has killed the fitst-born in 100 families world-wide. While God has given my son and I many miracles, I wish for my son’s sake, that I had known about the different diets for cancers years ago. Yet, God gave us Life…we are the only family line that the doctors (at the time) had seen live. God Is Great! May you have your husband with you for many years!

  2. I healed from a couple of autoimmune diseases and chronic fatigue with diet.
    When my dog stopped eating and walking at 12 the vet said her kidneys were failing and her heart was having problems and asked if we wanted to put her down. I changed her diet and she had another active 3 years and died at 15.

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