Latest Letter From Brother In Christ In South Africa

“Hi Geri,

Thank you for your interest in our plight here in SA. It does us a world of good just knowing that someone out there cares.

Due to the fact that I am not a writer of any sort, I have attached a recent news letter updating the situation in SA concerning attacks on white farmers.

Just recently a new black group has come to light named “black first, land first”. This group wants to take white owned land away without compensation. They also intimidate journalists who write the truth concerning them. A court interdict was placed against them concerning this, but they ignored this anyway and chanted the song “one settler one bullet” outside the court.

Recently a white journalist who stood up against irregularities in our broadcasting company SABC, died after months of victimization. Amongst other things she was tied up to a tree at night, blindfolded and the grass around her set on fire. She managed to escape. Her car was shot at, she received death threats etc. She was finally found dead in her apartment, where doctors say she died of broken heart syndrome. Apparently this is due to overwhelming stress.

Terrible crimes are being commited in SA. Just this weekend five children were murdered in the Cape Province. Women and children of all races are being kidnapped and sold into slavery or worse, yet the president says nothing.

We have cases where a father defends his family, during a house invasion, and shoots the attacker. When the police arrive, the father is immediatly arrested for murder and taken away.

I could go on and on but I think you get the drift. Good people of all races are scared in this country, We live in fear, this can be seen by the high steel sharpened walls and electric fences around our homes. Yet the criminals are so arrogant and sure that they will get away with their crimes that they climb over and commit their crimes in broad daylight.

The situation is worsening by the day. Myself, personally, and my family and friends are not amongst the lucky that can immigrate to other countries. It is as though a death sentence is hanging over our heads.

Our only hope now is the Lord. I know His timing is perfect, but with all respect and trembling, it seems a little slow.

Geri, pray for us that we will stay strong in the faith and hold on until the Lord comes.”


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