Comey Is Gone: Now Rid Our Government of Muslim Brotherhood Members

Trump’s firing of James Comey as head of the FBI was long overdue. This man has trampled our laws and took upon himself to be judge and jury over the crimes of Hillary Clinton. And even after disclosing her crimes, Comey declared that ” “our judgment is that no reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case.”

Good riddance Mr. Comey.

The Muslim Brotherhood in our Government

A far more dangerous scenario is that our government is filled with members of the Muslim Brotherhood. Obama strategically placed them there. One of Trump’s campaign promises was to not only remove these people from our government, but also to declare the Muslim Brotherhood and its offshoots as illegal in the U.S. and deport such people.  Why has this been ignored?

The president of Egypt, el-Sisi, has Mohamed Morsi in a jail cell since 2013. Morsi,  the head of the Muslim Brotherhood at that time, who won an election after the Arab Spring (orchestrated by Obama and Clinton) was ousted by the military and has been in jail along with his cohorts. President el-Sisi declared the Muslim Brotherhood as enemy combatants of the state, and jailed them all.

If Egypt has done this, why not the United States of America?  What is holding President Trump back from doing what he promised?

If you want to really know about the Muslim Brotherhood, please watch this video:

Father, please help our president to see the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood for the whole world.  To ignore these people in our land and in our government, is like ignoring a cancer growing in one’s body!

Find them and deport them or arrest them and place them in jail.




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  2. Part of the problem: Pres T is not a conservative, he is a democrat. He has now surrounded himself with lefties/democrats, including his daughter and son-in-law. As a result, he has ignored all his campaign promises. I do not believe he will do anything he promised. He is a “deal-maker” businessman. He told all in a speech last yr that he would be working in “deals”…it is all he cares about.

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