Palestinians Promise To Burn Israel To the Ground On Passover Week

How can President Trump even consider sitting down with PM Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas to discuss a peace treaty?  The Palestinians want no peace. They want death and destruction. They want to see Israel in a pile of ashes.

I pray that someone will give our president a history lesson on the plight of the Israeli people since 1948.  I also pray that God would take away the blinders from President Trump, and allow him to see the savage behavior of the so-called Palestinians for decades.

The land is not belong to them.  It never did.


Facebook post: ‘Let us turn April 17 into a fire that will burn the occupiers …’

WASHINGTON – Using social media to call for terror attacks and fires “to burn the land like an inferno,” Palestinians geared up for Israel’s Passover week observances and their own annual April 17 celebration of “Prisoner’s Day.”

The ruling Fatah Party of the official Palestinian Authority government led the cries for violence that would “escalate the confrontation with the occupier.”

“Let us turn April 17, 2017, into a fire that will burn the occupiers and burn the land like an inferno under the feet of the tyrants, and let’s escalate the popular resistance everywhere,” the Fatah student movement posted on the official Fatah Facebook page. “Therefore, we call on our brave students and the masses of our people to escalate the confrontation with the occupier at all the places of confrontation.”

In previous April 17 “Prisoner’s Day” terror, some 16 Israelis have been murdered.

“We hold the Nazi occupation gang responsible for what will happen. We warn against taking any steps of oppression against our brave prisoners,” the post continued. “We declare in a clear manner that splits the sky: Fatah and its Shabiba are committed to a promise. We will not hesitate to burn the land under the feet of the tyrants if [Israel] harms the prisoners. Whoever wants to test us should remember the Wadi Al-Haramiya operation (i.e., terror attack, 10 murdered), the Ein Arik operation (i.e., terror attack, 6 murdered), and the hundreds of heroic operations that were carried out by Fatah members and the fighters of our people.”

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The picture in the post above shows Marwan Barghouti, a Fatah terror leader serving five life sentences for planning attacks in which five were murdered.

Palestinian Media Watch noted that that the threats are “yet another example of how Facebook allows and enables Fatah’s terror promotion.” – source 

Please pray for my people.  I am in tears thinking of the possible murder and destruction being planned by the Palestinians for Passover week.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem!



7 thoughts on “Palestinians Promise To Burn Israel To the Ground On Passover Week

  1. Geri, I Pray for your Brethren, Israel, Jerusalem, Benjamin Netanyahu, always! Without GOD, the Chosen People of GOD, and Jesus/Yeshua, we/I would be most miserable…headed straight to hell…an eternity of fire and damnation in eternal darkness and separated from a GOD Who Loves us!!
    Someday, all believers will be a New Family!! I cannot wait! To be able to tell the Brethren “thank you!”, for Yeshua Ha’Mashiach!! To be able to see, behold, Jesus!,…I can only imagine!!

  2. And, like you, I cry over Israel,…people, land, city! If one is truly a believer in GOD ALMIGHTY, JESUS, The Holy Spirit, how can one Not love Israel,…the people, the land, the city GOD Loves!!?

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