Most Democrats Are 1960’s Hippies Whose Brains Never Finished Developing


I graduated high school in 1969.  That was a tough time.  Seems that most of us were trying to discover ourselves.  There were protests to the Vietnam war and against the “Establishment.”  I had friends who went to all of the protests. When I asked them what it was all about, they usually gave me the deer in the headlights look.  But they all just really liked protesting.

I remember walking on campus at the University of Maryland and seeing the SDS (Students for a Democratic Society) burning the American flag and using expletives to “Stick it to the man.”  I passed them by.  I just didn’t have that kind of anger in me.

Dressing like a hippie

Although I wasn’t much of a rebel, I did like dressing like a hippie chick.  Long hair with beads – usually barefoot – peasant blouses and long skirts. Yep, that was me –  a hippie chick, and I liked it.  Did I smoke pot?  Sure did.  Did I like it?  Not so much. It made me feel rather paranoid, and that’s not much fun.

Bill Ayers, Abby Hoffman and Barack Obama et al

All students of Saul Alinsky; well at least from his book “Rules for Radicals” these rebels were perpetually rebellious. I think that perhaps their brains did not finish developing.  They brought their anti-establishment ways into adulthood. And others like them did the same.  The ultra liberal professors on our college campuses never left the “Hippie” movement.

Scary to think that our country has been led by a hippie for the last eight years.  And he’s not gone yet.

The protestors of the 1960’s and those of today

I may be wrong, but I believe that the protests back when I was a teenager were, for the most part, spontaneous.  I believe that most of the people in those protests truly believed that they were right, and that they might change things for the better.

Today’s protests are contrived – these are actors playing a part for a price.  George Soros is more than happy to pay dearly for protestors/rioters. I’ve read that he has paid some of the best, most rowdy ones up to $3000 per night.  I also read that most of these paid protestors never voted and most were not even registered to vote. Figures.

Soros was no hippie but a Nazi collaborator

I’ve written much on this evil man.  He turned on his own Jewish people during WWII. He helped to round them up for the Nazis to get them on the trains headed for the death camps. He also helped confiscate their wealth to give to the Nazis. This man was no hippie – he was and is a monster.

But Soros uses hippie types to do his bidding. He fires them up with his communist groups like and ACORN – when it was fully functional.  Even hippies have to eat, and since most of them nowadays live with their parents and do not work, the money from Soros helps out a lot; especially if they’ve run out of pot or cocaine. Okay – I guess that was uncalled for.

Hippies who just wanted ‘peace and love’ now want the destruction of Israel

You might have noticed that students on campuses across the U.S. have turned on Israel with their BDS rallies – another Soros funded movement. BDS stands for Boycott Divestment Sanctions. It’s a way to economically hurt Israel.  Soros  just can’t stop hurting the Jewish people, of which he is descended. I think that he may have been switched at birth in the hospital. There has to be some explanation for his demonic behavior towards his own people.

Donald Trump is no hippie

So, the Lord has blessed us with an “adult” in the White House for at least the next four years. Most of us are very grateful for this. We’ll have a president who cares about the people and we Christians have a reprieve from persecution.

We need to make the most of this time. We need to share the Gospel so that many will be saved.  I read today that Obama says he will still be running the country, but just not from the White House.  I think that the cocaine and pot seriously damaged his brain.

Obama:  Don’t go away mad. Just go away……….FAR AWAY.

I’m so glad that my brain continued to develop, but mostly I am glad that the Lord Jesus Christ saved me.

For that I am eternally grateful!






8 thoughts on “Most Democrats Are 1960’s Hippies Whose Brains Never Finished Developing

  1. Now that Hillary has been stopped, we need set our focus on checking Trump. He had better appoint a VERY conservative Justice to replace Scalia’s bench. Otherwise it’s game over for the country formerly known as the “United States”.

    Remember folks this is a stay of execution. Get to spreading the Gospel while we can do so freely. Because a time may soon coming when it will cost us our freedom and or life to share it.

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    Geri Ungurean posted: ”

    I graduated high school in 1969.  That was a tough time.  Seems that most of us were trying to discover ourselves.  There were protests to the Vietnam war and against the “Establishment.”  I had friends who went to all of the protests. When I asked th”

  3. Good evening Sister Geri,
    I enjoy reading your articles and seeing your view on so many of today’s serious issues. I have read that the Green Party has raised the money to have a recount in 3 states, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. I feel like the outcome of the election was because of the intercession of the believers and I praise The Lord for that however I feel that our prayers are still needed because the enemy is furious and he would like to bring as much confusion he can to this already divided country. If he could actually get the results changed and have President elect Trump not be the nominee he knows that would bring huge unrest and loss of lives. I feel we need to send out a prayer request to push back the powers of darkness trying to change the election results and that the results would not be reversed and that the the elections results would be confirmed once and for all the way they have already been determined. Thank you Sister Geri. My sister was a hippie, I am 58 and she is 64 and has recently received The Lord as her Lord and Savior, praise God! Have a blessed night and my best to you and all your family.
    Brother Robert Norton

  4. Thank God NOT ALL, also might I ask why ‘titled’ people are so looked down upon (Dems, Repubs, Ind’s, etc.) rather than just mixed and messed up “humans”? I ask because when “the world stereotypes” it’s bad enough, but when christians do it it seems so much worse. I’ve NEVER EVER for the life of me understood this, especially since “humanity” calls ‘us’ (Christians)”the worst of the lot”. Lord help us?!

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