Eight Year Nightmare Is Over: Now Back To Our Father’s Business


When Obama first won in 2008, many of us saw the writing on the wall. We knew full well what “Hope and Change” really meant.  It was about Change – not Hope.

When he beat Romney in 2012, it was almost too much to bear.  During the last four  years, BHO showed his true colors by going to bat for the legalization of gay marriage, to firing Military Generals who refused to be his “yes” men. His hatred for PM Netanyahu and Israel was blatant.  His love and attachment to Planned Parenthood was appalling.

If I may borrow an historic quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

“Free at last …….. Free at last…….Thank God Almighty, we are Free at last!”

God has given us a reprieve from persecution

Brethren, we must use this time to share God’s glorious Salvation with the lost.  This is the reason that we (the Church) are still here!  The Lord showed us mercy in this election. Hillary Clinton was determined to force us to change our minds about our beliefs from the Word of God.  Most likely,  many of us would have been jailed. The Lord rescued us.  Hallelujah!

The Word is clear about the future

We know that dark times are ahead. We pray that we will be Raptured soon. Knowing what lies ahead, and understanding the geo-political events we see, especially in the Middle East, should give us a sense of urgency to share Christ and see people saved.

Share the Lord with the Jewish people

Don’t feel so intimidated by sharing with Jews.  I’m a Jew, and if that precious Christian couple had not shared the Gospel with me that night, I would be a lost person bound for hell!

Show the Jewish person love and friendship.  If you enter a relationship full speed ahead about Yeshua, the friend will see himself/herself as your project.  Get to know the person and establish a friendship first.

When you share with Jews, always start in the Old Testament. When they see the Messianic prophecies, and later the fulfillment of these in the New Testament – that will be so powerful.

Let’s plant the seeds

We never know what our testimony has done in a person.  The Gospel was shared with me two times during college, and I rejected it both times. But that third time after a tragedy in my family, it was so clear!   I felt the weight of my sin lift off my shoulders, and I felt the love of Jesus permeating my heart.  The seeds had been planted, but the Lord of the harvest is our God.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get busy for our Father in heaven.  He heard our prayers before this election, and He answered.

Let’s make our Father proud of us while we are still here.