Ted Cruz: It’s Not About You


Anyone who reads my articles, knows that I was for Ted Cruz until it was obvious to all that he had no chance.  I loved the fact that he professed his love for the Lord.

Tonight I realized for the first time, that Ted Cruz was not about fixing America. He was not about preserving the Constitution. He was not about securing our border for safety for all Americans.  Tonight I realized that Ted Cruz was about Ted Cruz.

I thought that perhaps he would encourage America to vote for Donald Trump, because not voting for him was, in essence, a vote for Hillary Clinton. The ramifications of a Clinton win this November are so disturbing, it is really hard to fathom.  She will immediately place a Marxist/Socialist on the SCOTUS and tip the scales for the progressives.

Clinton will annihilate the 2nd Amendment and a major gun grab will most likely take place.  This woman is a criminal and should be behind bars.

Hillary Clinton will fight against the Christian’s right to adhere to their beliefs from the Word of God.

I have posted this video before, but I feel the need again:

Hillary Clinton will add more Muslim Brotherhood members to our government. Her White House will be filled with radical Muslims.  Perhaps this is what America deserves.  My readers know that I have spoken about God’s judgment against America many times.

As a people, most Americans have turned their backs on God.  Planned Parenthood continues to be funded and we (the tax payers) fund them!  We have no choice.

The SCOTUS decided to “make” law and declared that marriage was no longer just between a man and woman. Their job is to interpret the Constitution as our founders meant those words to mean – NOT to make or change laws.  That is the job of the legislative branch.

There is a part of me, because I love America, that wants to see the Marxist/Socialists kicked out by Conservatives/Consitutionalists.  I’m human just like everybody, and I have hopes like the rest of you.  But I’m a child of the King and I know what His Word says. I know that He judges nations.  I know that our nations’ sins are so egregious.

But I must say that for Ted Cruz to get up on that stage at Trump’s convention (he IS the party’s choice) and not endorse him, was shocking and very telling.  It told me that Ted Cruz cares more about himself than he does about America.

A “no” vote for Trump is a “yes” vote for Hillary.

Are you willing to do that?


21 thoughts on “Ted Cruz: It’s Not About You

  1. I support Trump but I didn’t see it this way. I feel like Cruz will vote for Trump. After the way Trump made fun of Cruz wife, labeled him Lying Ted and all the other I thought it was Cruz love for the country and fellow man that he even went to the convention. He congratulated trump, made a great speech and said we can’t let Hillary win and give Obummer a third term. When he said, vote your conscience on the ballot I thought he was referring to all the other votes not president. It was obvious to me he was saying vote for Trump to stop Hillary, to prevent Obummer’s third term. Look at how many republicans aren’t even there. I think it is a shame Ted was big enough to go and then is crucified for not saying I endorse…….

    1. So you missed his presser the next day when he bashed Trump I guess. He proved that you do not understand Ted Cruz. I was a Cruz Supporter but his lies and support for TPP and H1-B Visa expansion along with hiring Neil Bush and getting 2 million from Goldman Sachs and saying that stopping Muslim immigration until we know what the hell is going on was UnConstitutional etc etc. And it was Ted Cruz who used the Melania Trump nude photos with the terrible caption, “do you want this as your 1st lady” that elicited Trumps response. Cruz is done politically for good.

  2. It is Ted Cruz’ religion that turned me against him! The Dominion Theocracy is as bad as Islam, with much of the same objectives! When his dad claimed Ted was the “ORDAINED” candidate, sent by God, then I knew I was NOT voting for him!
    Then, there is the question of his citizenship—
    And, his wife’s little Golden Sachs problem—
    And, Ted’s many girl friends—-
    No, Ted has done an excellent job in the Senate, but, that’s as far as it goes!

    1. Ted Cruz is no boy scout. Let’s not fool ourselves. If the family is involved in Dominion Theology, then it’s better that he’s out of the race.

  3. On March 3rd, 2016 Senator Cruz signed the Pledge and, when asked if he would still support the Republican Nominee even if it was Donald Trump, Cruz stated “Yes”…and then went on to explain why he would uphold his pledge.

    By not having endorsed Trump as the Republican Nominee, Cruz has proven ONCE AGAIN…and in front of THOUSANDS of Americans…that Trump is RIGHT to call him “Lyin’ Ted”!

  4. alkidya

    Has anyone gone to Cruz’s website today? Go take a gander…www.tedcruz.com.
    He’s posted a picture of Hillary Clinton on it with the caption…”Next President of the U.S.”
    I think he is insane! I was for Cruz but I will never promote him again.

  5. I agree with you! I am so disappointed in Ted Cruz for his refusal to endorse Trump. I was a Cruz supporter and even went to one of his town halls in Iowa. Thank you for posting this. As my blog gets established, I also hope to comment on current events, especially as they relate to prophecy.

  6. ” ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink; but he whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves his conduct, will pursue his principles unto death.”
    – Thomas Paine

  7. During the primaries the thing that most angered me about Cruz was his pandering to Christians, flouting his faith, but then behaving in very questionable and arrogant ways. When Glenn Beck pronounced a Mormon prophecy over him on stage and Cruz did nothing to shut him down or refute him, that cut it for me. Last night was a disgrace for him and I really think (hope) that he has cut his political career short because of it. He’s no outsider, that’s for sure.

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