The Coming EU Superstate (Revived Roman Empire) Will Usher In Antichrist

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As I was scanning websites for information on the long awaited EU Superstate, I came upon an article written in 2008 by a British editor, Alan Franklin.  This article was published on Moriel Ministries website.

I will post excerpts from this piece along with my commentary (bolded) and other website info.  Please keep in mind that this article was written in 2008, so certain information about the EU has obviously changed since then.


By British newspaper editor Alan Franklin

Major Prophecies in Daniel 2 and 7 indicate that the Holy Roman Empire will be the dominant force in the world when our Lord returns. Twenty five hundred years ago Daniel saw the Roman Empire revived from the dead in the end times.

Those prophecies are today being fulfilled in Europe. I have often spoken about the rebirth of the Roman Empire in the form of The European Union, the superstate of 25 nations that has replaced most of the individual countries of Europe, a country with its own flag and parliament.

Then, in September, came quite a shock: one of those history being created before your eyes moments. The EU, at an astonishing art exhibition sketching the future of the organisation, described itself under the heading : “Roman Empire Returns.”-source

From (from 2004)

The European Union is poised to overtake America to become the premier superpower, according to an EU exhibition launched yesterday in the heart of Brussels.

The pop-art collage mounted in a tent outside the European Commission narrates 50 years of EU history and projects events into the future in an unusually frank display of European ambition.

Segments sketched across 80 yards of canvas predict that the 21st century will be the “European Century” as the EU pushes its borders deep into Eurasia, North Africa, and the Middle East and comes to dominate world affairs through its vast “legal and moral reach”.

Under the heading the “Roman Empire returns“, it says the EU will be renamed “The Union” once it grows to 50 states over the next three decades.
The United Nations headquarters will be moved to Gibraltar as the EU defends the international order against the “American onslaught”.According to this EU exhibition, staged in a brightly coloured circus tent outside the European Commission in Brussels, Belgium-core of the EU – the EU will be renamed “The Union” once it grows to 50 states over the next three decades. The United Nations headquarters will be moved to Gibraltar, a tiny British enclave off the coast of Spain which commands the entrance to the Mediteranean Sea -a very strategic site. This will be as “The EU defends the international order against the American onslaught.” -source (Emphasis mine)

So it seems that the leaders of the EU have been planning for some time to “overtake” the U.S. as the leading world power.  It was decided that Brexit was just the catalyst needed to proceed with these grandiose plans.

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According to slogans at the art exhibition the European Union is poised to overtake America to become the world’s number one superpower and predicts that the 21st century will be the “European Century” as the EU pushes its borders deep into Eurasia, North Africa and the Middle East and starts to dominate the affairs of the world through its enormous “legal and moral reach.” The euro will break the “overwhelming monopoly of the Dollar” by 2010 as India and China switch their reserves in order to punish America for its “stratospheric deficit.”

Is it any coincidence that Donald Trump speaks of China as “Ripping off America?”

Anti-Americanism has long been a keystone of EU policy, largely shaped by countries like France and Socialist governments throughout the continent. The exhibition has Uncle Sam in the role of the villain of the modern world and says: “the lonely superpower can bribe, bully or impose its will almost anywhere in the world, but when its back is turned its policy is weakened.”

I have realized for many years that America was not popular in many nations. I did not know that there has been scheming taking place within the EU to become the largest super power.

This display, with the overall title “The Image of Europe,” was co-ordinated by the European Commission and sponsored by the European Council. The EU’s Dutch presidency said it was aimed at narrowing Europe’s “iconographic deficit” by conjuring up forceful images. (Emphasis mine)

According to the official website, world renowned Dutch architect Rem Koolhaas has pitched his circus tent in the heart of the Brussels EU area “in a bid to communicate Europe to its citizens.” In his depiction of the current 25 states of the EU, Koolas has combined images of porn stars, pop stars and political leaders, saying he was deliberately sketching the schizophrenic condition of Europe today. “We are operating in a field that is polarised by extreme vulgarity, hedonism, shamelessness and market driven modernisation,” he said.

After its period in Brussels the exhibit will be travelling icon-style around Europe and will be translated into various languages. However, although this gives a glimpse of the values driving today’s Europe, where modesty is a thing of the past and extreme vulgarity appears nightly on the Continent’s TV screens, this was not the most amazing thing that happened as the new empire unfurled its tentacles.

On May 1st, no doubt coincidentally the foundation date of the Illuminati,
ten new countries, eight of them former parts of the old Soviet empire and the other two island nations, joined the existing 15 countries to create a 455 million population superstate. This “big bang” entry of new members took in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Slovenia, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Cyprus and Malta. Romania and Bulgaria have been told they will be admitted around 2007, bringing the population to well over 500 million.The 25 member EU has 20 languages and this will increase further as countries like Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania line up to join, with Turkey knocking furiously at the door, with its population of 70 million Muslims.

Turkey has been knocking furiously at the EU’s door? Indeed it has, for many years. There has been much opposition to allowing Turkey into the EU. 

I found this interesting from

On 19 April 2016, Jean-Claude Juncker said that Turkey must meet the remaining criteria to win visa-free access to Schengen area. But Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu argued that Turkey would not support the EU-Turkey deal if EU did not weaken the visa conditions by June 2016.[56] In May 2016, the European Commission said that Turkey had met most of the 72 criteria needed for a visa waiver, and it invited EU legislative institutions of the bloc to endorse the move for visa-free travel by Turkish citizens within the Schengen Area by June 30 2016.[10] The European Parliament would have to approve the visa waiver for it to enter into force and Turkey must fulfil the final five criteria.[57] The five remaining benchmarks still to be met by Turkey include:

Turkey must pass measures to prevent corruption, in line with EU recommendations.
Turkey must align national legislation on personal data protection with EU standards.
Turkey needs to conclude an agreement with Europol.
Turkey needs to work with all EU members on criminal matters.
Turkey must bring its terror laws in line with European standards.[58]
Following the Brexit, the strategy plans of the EU suggest deeper integration between member states and closer and deeper ties with Turkey, signaling an intent to press ahead with plans to provide Turks with visa-free travel which was evaluated as a signal that EU may give compromise to Turkey in remaining benchmarks for visa liberation, namely the anti-terror laws of Turkey, following the June 2016 Istanbul airport bombing.[59] -source

I can’t help but wonder if the forced immigration of Syrian so-called refugees into Europe was a strategic move by the EU.

Vaclav Klaus, the Czech president, said as his country was absorbed : “In a few days our state will cease to exist as an independent and sovereign entity,” not surprising as each new entrant was presented with the 90,000 page Euro rulebook on accession – with every rule having to be adhered to.

Back at Euro HQ, including the new structure known as The Tower of Eurobabel in Strasbourg, France, because it is built to resemble the original Tower of Babel, there are 2,800 translaters trying to ensure that all these people can communicate with each other. Linguists are translating tongues like Maltese into Czech in a mind-spinning 380 possibilities of combinations of any two languages!

I wrote an article on the EU which the reader may find interesting and informational:

European Union Parliament Building Modeled After Tower of Babel

As if they didn’t have practical difficulties enough, those behind the EU wasted no time after gobbling up the ten formerly independent nations in declaring that they had much bigger ambitions. On May 4 came the amazing headline in The Times of London:”Brussels plans to expand its empire again.” This read: “With the largest-ever enlargement of the European Union behind them, European officials are now preparing even more ambitious plans to expand the Brussels empire across North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. “They hope that just as the enlargement (involving the ten countries) helped to entrench democracy in eight former Communist countries, this new policy will stabilise much of the Arab world as well as the still turbulent far eastern regions of Europe.”

Next the European Commission- the executive body-set out plans to enlarge the EU to take in all the Muslim countries lining the Mediterranean, from Morocco to Syria, as well as Israel, Lebanon and all the former parts of the Soviet Union that are in Europe- including Russia! Under something called The New Neighbourhood Policy countries such as Egypt, Algeria, Libya, Ukraine and Russia would become full members of the single market, with open borders for trade and investment, and their citizens given the full right to live and work in the European Union. They will be able to become full members of the Union if they reach certain targets… EU diplomats say that Jordan, Morocco and the Ukraine are the closest to meeting their criteria but that most of the North African and Middle Eastern countries will take longer-perhaps 20 years.

Romano Prodi, the Italian who is current President of the Commission, said: “The goal is to create a ring of friends with whom we share common concerns..” The downside is that this opens the door to hundreds of millions of Muslims getting the right to live and work anywhere in Europe. Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan, three former Soviet republics in the Caucasus region between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, have been told they too will eventually be eligible for the New Neighbourhood Policy, although all want full membership. This reaching out to Muslim countries coincides with warnings that, just as the EU wants to take in Israel, so anti-semitism is spreading throughout its territory.

I have to wonder if accepting Israel into the Superstate is still on the table. Accepting and desiring Arabic States will definitely be a deterrent for Israel to sign up. But don’t forget that Israel will sign the treaty with Antichrist, so we can expect a more liberal government there.  Thankfully, When Antichrist is revealed, we (Christians) will be safely with our Savior.

Crude swastikas and stars of David have for years been daubed on buildings throughout Europe and Israel’s Ariel Sharon has said: “Europe has a problem” (with anti Semitism). He believes things are being made worse by the huge numbers of Moslems- at least 20 million-now living in Europe, where they number ten per cent, or five million, of the French population, which also includes 600,000 Jews, and a much higher percentage of the young population.

Even in supposedly tolerant countries like Sweden an historian has challenged the taboo on criticising Jews. President Chirac’s opposition to the Iraq war paved the way for an open display of anti-semitism among militant Franco-Arab youngsters. Salomon Korn, vice president of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, says there is a risk of a pan-European fusion of hatred against the Jews. Edgar Bronfman, of the World Jewish Congress, added: “Anti Semitism is on the rise in many European countries.”

The spectre of Nazism has not been banished and, as students of prophecy realise, is something the Antichrist will one day play upon and unleash. The EU’s watchdog on racism and xenophobia shelved a report on racism in Europe when it concluded that Muslims and pro Palestinian groups were stoking the flames. Until recent times the far right, still a significant force in many European countries, like France and Germany, had been mainly responsible for anti Jewish hate crime.

Christians who try to declare their beliefs in the brave new Europe had better watch out, however. In Britain a preacher who held up a sign in a town square calling for an end to homosexuality, lesbianism and immorality was “properly convicted” of a criminal offence, according to Britain’s High Court. Harry Hammond, 69, was arrested for displaying an “insulting” sign- despite the fact that homosexuals and their supporters were at the time throwing water and dirt over him. Judges ruled that his behaviour “went beyond legitimate protest.” His tormentors were not arrested.

Christians beliefs are frowned upon by more than the UK. I wrote an article on a brave pastor in Germany, Pastor Olaf Latzel:

Pastor Olaf Latzel of Germany: A Modern Day Paul

In Sweden-so tolerant of everything but Bible-based belief-a pastor served one month in jail this year for preaching against homosexuality.

Many of us in Britain see the beginnings of a police state in the EU. For example, in April Belgian judges banned a party with politically incorrect views which was also anti-EU. The Vlaams Block, a major party with 18 members in the 150 seat Belgian parliament, two MEPs and many local councillors, was declared a “non party” and prevented from fielding candidates in any election.

Yes, I would say that requiring countries to relinquish their armies, economies and borders should be called a “Police State!”

There are plans for EU funding of all political parties, but the largesse comes with a snag. To get it you have to sign up to the EU’s ideals and pass a raft of tests designed to keep politicians on the “right” lines as far as the superstate is concerned. The parties must also be “pan European”-operating across borders, in another step aimed at breaking down the nation state. This is coupled with an assault on press freedom and EU state funding for broadcasters to make programs that are pro EU propaganda.

There goes freedom of speech!

Needless to say, there is no money for stating the opposing view, so yours truly need not apply! This October the European Court quietly brushed aside 50 years of international case law in a landmark judgement on press freedom, ruling that Brussels does not have to comply with European human rights codes.

The Euro judges backed efforts by the European Commission to obtain the computers, address books, telephone records and 1000 pages of notes seized by armed Belgian police-on EU instructions-from Hans-Martin Tillack, then the Brussels correspondent of Germany’s Stern magazine. Hans’ mistake, which ended with him in a prison cell, held incommunicado, was to write a series of hard hitting articles exposing EU fraud and skulduggery, relying on inside sources. The aim was to find the names of those sources and, said one commentator, to “burn” a generation of EU whistleblowers- to make them afraid to tell the press what is going on, in other words.

British MEP Ashley Mote said: “This is a threat to press freedom throughout Europe.the European Commission now has unfettered powers to stop its activities being challenged.” (Emphasis mine)

The European Court of Justice had already decided that the EU can lawfully suppress political criticism of its institutions and leading figures in a ruling after a former leading Eurocrat published a book called “The Rotten Heart of Europe.” When this man was put in court the EU state prosecutor implied that criticism of the EU was akin to extreme blasphemy and therefore not protected speech. This is not the worst of it.

Article 52 of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights declares that all freedoms and rights can be restricted, including the right to free speech- and the right to life! They can also remove your right to a fair trial, the presumption of innocence and the absence of double jeopardy- meaning they can try you twice for the same offence!

This is undeniably Tyranny in its purest form.

The monstrous project that is the creation of the EU began in earnest with The Treaty of Rome in 1957 and now it is Rome which is the base for the signing of the document which officially creates a single superstate- the EU constitution.

Italy is planning to be the first European Union member state to approve the European constitution, having decided not to join the six countries that say they will hold referendums on the issue. The constitution will be signed on Capitol Hill, Rome, where the Treaty of Rome was signed by the six founder nations.

All 25 nations have to sign the treaty before the vast new country can be created, although it is already operating as if the treaty had been signed, taking ever larger slices of national sovereignty away from nation states. The Rome signing ceremony will be the last official duty of Romano Prodi as President of the European Commission and he can move on knowing that the great project which he has pushed for years is almost fully in place.

In future national governments will only be able to act in areas where the EU decides not to. The European Army is already on overseas assignment. The Euro symbol- the stars of Mary-appears on documents, buildings, flags and licence plates through the 25 countries. Europe has a common currency, the Euro, a national anthem- the Ode to Joy-, a supreme court and much else.

Now it awaits just one thing: the supreme ruler who will weld it into the most terrifying institution ever seen on the face of the earth. The Bible calls him Antichrist. Expect his arrival on the scene in the not too distant future.

I believe to the core of my being that we are witnessing the Revived Roman Empire. I also believe that the little horn from the book of Daniel will emerge from the Empire – the Antichrist himself.  He will come in the midst of chaos and promise the world that he is the one who will make things right!

From the book of Daniel:

Daniel 7: 22-26

Until the Ancient of days came, and judgment was given to the saints of the most High; and the time came that the saints possessed the kingdom. Thus he said, The fourth beast shall be the fourth kingdom upon earth, which shall be diverse from all kingdoms, and shall devour the whole earth, and shall tread it down, and break it in pieces. And the ten horns out of this kingdom are ten kings that shall arise: and another shall rise after them; and he shall be diverse from the first, and he shall subdue three kings. And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time. But the judgment shall sit, and they shall take away his dominion, to consume and to destroy it unto the end.”

If you are reading this, and have not repented before God and trusted in the Lord Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins; TODAY is the day of Salvation!  The Great Tribulation will be unlike anything this world has seen – utter destruction and death.  If you truly belong to the Lord, you will not be here to witness this horrific time in history. 

How to be Saved

Shalom b’Yeshua