President Donald Trump’s First Order of Business: Cleanse State Department and DHS of Muslim Brotherhood


I’m sitting in my living room watching the latest ISIS massacre in Munich, Germany.  Angela Merkel has been so supportive in bringing massive number of so-called Syrian refugees into her country and the rest of the EU countries.  This is the second Islamic terrorist attack on Germany in a week. Last week, we watched in horror as an ISIS recruit ran down and killed 84 people in Nice, France with a truck.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Our administration under Obama and the  liberal European country’s leaderships can be classified as INSANE.

If Donald Trump wins the election in November, I do believe that his first order of business is to fire all people who have affiliations to the Muslim Brotherhood in our State Department and our Department of Homeland Security.

Obama has FILLED these departments and the White House with MB members. Is it obvious by now that he is an ISIS sympathizer?

In Egypt, after Morsi was ousted via military coup; he and all known members of the Muslim Brotherhood were incarcerated.  That organization is banned in Egypt as well as many other Middle East countries. I believe that they should be banned in America as well!  Morsi was extremely close with Obama and Hillary Clinton, and BHO protested loudly after he was taken out by the military and placed in jail.

Let the FBI and NSA do their job

In this crazy world where Islamist terrorists are plotting daily where next to strike, I believe that it is imperative that we allow our government to do its job to keep us safe.  Some would say that is imposing on our privacy. I have news for those people – if we don’t allow the government these liberties, the ones protesting may not have a privacy to protect – not when they are dead.

Second order of business

Arrest BHO and Hillary Clinton for aiding and abetting the enemy!  There is a law suit in Egypt pending against both Obama and Hillary for doing just that!

Please come Lord Jesus!