Why Does Obama Insist On Propping Up Our Enemies?

OBAMA DESTROYER3I have written countless articles on Barack Obama through the years. He is truly an enemy of the State, and continues to solidify this legacy in the last months of his reign.

I would say that the most egregious act by this president was the “deal” with Iran.  He turned his back on both the will of the American people; and more importantly, he put Israel in harms way.  He does these things unapologetically and his arrogance is something I’ve never witnessed in any of our presidents.

Obama has alienated our longtime ally, Israel, so much, that PM Netanyahu has cancelled his trip to the U.S.  It was obvious that the majority of those in Congress agreed with Netanyahu last year, when he pleaded with the American people to not go forward with the Iran deal.  Obama would not even see Bibi during that trip. His hatred for Israel and Netanyahu is blatant.

And now, as the last months of this man’s reign as our president are winding down, Obama plans a trip to Cuba. He and his left wing cheerleaders are speaking of this trip as a noble thing – a wonderful outreach to this Communist country. If we read between the lines, I think that what is being said is that Communism is not such a bad thing.  After all, Obama is a Socialist, and he knows full well that Socialism invariably evolves into Communism.

Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, was an avowed Communist. Does that not speak volumes?  Obama’s puppet master, George Soros, is a known Communist.

Barack Hussein Obama is part of God’s judgment against our country. Over 200 years ago, America was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. Our forefathers looked to God for guidance – it is shown in almost every document, from the Constitution to the Declaration of Independence to the Bill of Rights.

Today, God is mocked by this administration. Babies are slaughtered daily; over 60 million murdered since 1973, and Obama entertains Planned Parenthood frequently in the People’s House.

The SCOTUS made a mockery of the true definition of marriage, and did it in the face of God. The liberal justices have NO fear of God – they don’t believe in Him!

I do pray that Obama will leave the White House in January 2017. There are many who feel that he will create a situation, and then call for Martial Law. I ask God to please keep this from happening.

I have no idea what will transpire with the upcoming elections. Since I do believe that America is under judgment by God, I am not optimistic about the next eight months.

Jesus is our only hope. Stay close to Him.

Shalom b’Yeshua



2 thoughts on “Why Does Obama Insist On Propping Up Our Enemies?

  1. Most frightening, problem is you are absolutely right.
    We will face a very dangerous time over the next eight month.
    We can’t put it past him that he may pull of such a stund.
    Keep up your great work Geri, payer is most urgently needed, you are right.
    The whole world should be on their knees.
    Wilhelmus Heggers Western Australia.

  2. Geri

    Your style, quality and ability are superb, I rarely get to see anything but “trump” lately. I’m not convinced that he or Cruz is ‘my one’. I simply want more of your thoughts and lss Trump, who played the media and the American People like a Stradivarius.

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