Don’t Be Fooled by Uprisings in U.S. – Proof They Are Funded by Soros



Remember Hillary Clinton’s lie to the American people after the Benghazi terror attack? The story she gave that the attack was the result of a video was quickly exposed as a bald-faced lie.

Now, the press is blaming Trump for so-called “spontaneous” uprisings and violence. Although Mr. Trump’s rhetoric does not help matters, the violence in the streets have not been caused directly by Trump. These violent uprisings are organized and funded by George Soros, mainly through which belongs to him.

Most of the people you see in these crowds have been bused in from other states and are well paid for their participation. They are “on call” by – ready at any moment to board their buses.

Look on Craigslist. You will see adds for professional protestors!


Anti-Trump MOB FOR HIRE Ad In Chicago Craigslist Days Before Violent Protest – Man Who Attacked Trump Made Short Film Calling For Killings Of Whites And Is An ‘Actor’ With An IMDb Page Dating Back To 2004


By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

A September 2015 story from the nation of Pakistan can offer America a stern warning about what is happening here now in  America in 2016 and what may be coming ‘en masse’ to America this Summer. Called “Investigating Pakistan’s ‘Mobs For Hire'”, we learn that to outsiders it can often look like ‘mob rule’ in Pakistan with frequent attacks and lynchings of religious minorities that go unarrested and unpunished. However, we also learn in the same story that what seems like ‘mob rule’ to the untrained eye is something else entirely; highly profitable organized businesses are running and renting out mobs where ‘anything is available at the right price’.

We’re also told that police are powerless to do anything against these ‘mobs for hire’ and the businesses running them since a ‘parallel system of governance’ has been formed and police are prevented from doing their jobs, with arrests often met by threats against their jobs or the lives of the officers themselves. Social unrest is also on the rise in Pakistan with Islamic radicalism a very real threat to the lives of every minority in the country as society fails and the poor and unemployed happily taking paid roles to disturb the peace, lynch, murder and do whatever else they’re paid to do.

Flash forward to 2016 America. Back in the beginning of January 2016, a very strange anti-Donald Trump ad showed up on the Austin, Texas Craigslist looking for ‘troublemakers’. Submitted by a Chicago producer with a ‘professional reputation’, the ad was taken down soon after Infowars, Investment Watch Blog and several other websites publicized the advertisement. Not surprisingly, a new ad has recently sprung up, another anti-Trump and anti-Conservatives Craigslist ad that, coincidentally or not, showed up in the Chicago Craigslist days prior to the huge violent protest that recently took down a Donald Trump rally.

In fact, ‘mobs for hire’ are a very real phenomenon and big business in America and according to several we have visited online today,one can purchase a ‘flash mob’ for almost any occasion though this Forbes story tells us they are quite pricey. Could one purchase a mob for mass protests that might turn violent?


We also see absolute proof here that there are paid positions for those who seek to become involved in these rebellions, quite an incentive for college students and others who are unable to obtain employment in this rapidly collapsing economy. While Grassroots Campaigns has not yet returned a phone call to ANP requesting more information about them or if they were involved in what recently happened in Chicago or Dayton, Ohio, we’ve gotten more proof that the person who was arrested for charging the stage when Trump was speaking in Dayton is bad news as seen in the screenshot above and video directly below, a short movie which he wrote and directed.

Tommy DiMassimo also has an IMDb page….yes, he is an actor. The video below is the trailer for a movie he wrote called “Red, Black and Blue” in which he plays the role of ‘killer cop’. DiMassimo was released on $300 bond. Keep in mind, DiMassimo wrote this movie. Calling for violence against whites, is this video more proof that things could get very bad very quickly? Should DiMassimo have even been released back upon the streets?

While I have long advocated protest against injustice, I have always condemned violent protest as it only serves as a tool to those who’d like to think of themselves as our ‘masters’, the New World Order globalists. 

Ever the tool of the globalists and specifically George Soros and his ‘color revolutions’ that have taken place around the world, we now have more proof that these ‘rebellions’ are being organized and designed by the very elitists themselves that the ‘rebellion’ seeks to ‘rebel against’. With the NWO globalists staging this rebellion against order, liberty and America in their last ditch effort to overthrow America before a president who would put America first is WILLED into office by the American people, we see that the ‘Summer of 2016’ will likely go down in the history books as the year ‘absolute corruption’ will do anything possible to hold onto their power and control, including race war and martial law with no elections.

In the videos below we take a look at what’s now happening from several different angles including the 1st video which tells us of the Neocons panic over a potential Trump presidency that could be the final nail in the coffin of the ‘new world order’ from Gary Franchi at the Next News Network. In the 2nd video below, we see from Infowars what the mainstream media refuses to publish that is now happening at Donald Trump rallies as Americans of all nationalities, colors and political backgrounds are coming together for the good of the country and humanity. In the 3rd video below, also from Infowars, we learn why Barack Obama has become the ‘divide and conquer’ president and what might be coming next.

Here is the original Craigslist ad mentioned above seeking ‘troublemakers’ from those who dislike Trump. The link below is no longer good after having been deleted once Infowars and other websites exposed this. You can also see the most recent ad from Grassroots Campaigns as well as a list of their clients, including Barack Obama and Joe Biden, below videos.  (This has been removed)

They’re up to nogood!

If (a) the thought of humiliating D.T. on an international stage appeals to you and, (b) being part of the anonymous team of talented and creative anti T. enthusiasts who perpetrate the (in no way violent or injurious) stunt that if properly executed will fulfill that goal and, most importantly (c), in addition to all of that you are very well versed in Photoshop, After Effects, any 3D modeling tools, HTML, web design, copywriting or any combination thereof… I’d love to hear from you sooner than later.

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From now on, when you see these “uprisings” (and they WILL escalate) just know that the crowds did NOT spontaneously appear.  They are paid actors!