Is a Civil War Brewing in America?

RIOTSWatching the riots outside of the University of Illinois at Chicago Pavilion, where a Donald Trump rally was to take place was more than a bit disconcerting.  Police had credible information that a large crowd of protesters planned to storm the stage where Mr. Trump was to speak.  The rally was cancelled. 25,000 people had planned to attend.

Anyone who has followed my articles on the campaign, knows that I am no fan of Donald Trump.  But neither am I a fan of political correctness.  I am a great fan of our Constitution and our First Amendment right to freedom of speech. Tonight, crowds of rioters shut down that right for Mr. Trump.

Barack Obama

He has been called the Great Divider and I do believe that title fits him well. Since Obama has been in office, he has created so much hatred between blacks and whites, the wealthy and the poor. Class warfare was his goal, and he was hugely successful in this endeavor.

George Soros

This evil man has funded most uprisings all over the world. He has admitted to funding Ferguson  and the Baltimore uprisings.  He is a multi-billionaire who hates capitalism!  If you have not read my article on this demonically possessed man, here it is:

 A Vile Man Named George Soros and What He is Doing to Your Children


Far-Left Anarchists With MoveOn.Org and Bernie Sanders Take Credit For Chicago Political Mayhem…

People are angry

Personally, I do not like Donald Trump.  But I do understand the anger of many Americans, and why there is so much support for this brash man. He says what many feel. He is NOT politically correct by any means.

Is there a war brewing?

I have felt for a few months, that things might get ugly before November of this year. I wasn’t sure what might happen. But after tonight, I do wonder if a type of civil war might erupt in America.

We must pray

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must be on our knees for America.  I believe that we are under God’s judgment – and rightly so. The sins of our nation are an abomination to God.  Abortion and Gay Marriage fly in the face of our Creator.  This country was founded upon Judeo-Christian principles. The enemy has had his way in our country, and I believe that God has taken away His protection from us.

I miss the America we once knew. I feel like we are living in a foreign country. I know I’m not alone.

Please help us God.  Instead of Trump’s mantra “Let’s make America great again” I pray that we would be crying out to God  “Let’s make America God’s country once again.”